Ceramic Pickup Spare Part Brake Pad WVA29246

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1.100% Asbestos-Free Formulation.
2.Deliver High Stopping Power, Reliability And Safety.
3.Optimize The Performance Of Vehicle's Braking System.
4.Offer Extended Life And Minimum Disc wear,Noise-Free ,Least Dusty.
5.High Quality Carbon Steel And/Or Cast Iron Backing Plates For Excellent  Bonding

With The Friction Material.
6.Stylish Packaging For Excellent Emphasis Of The Sales Value  




CertificationISO9001 TS16949
MOQ50 sets
Delivery35-45 days
packingsone set in one packing box with our brand or yours











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Q:Motorbike(motorcycle) braking tutorial for beginner help ?
The MSF course is designed for complete beginners and often has idiots teaching it. Braking is different with different bikes. Is it a cruiser, sport bike or something else that you are riding?
Q:The world's first motorcycle.
Motorcycles are also called machine bikes. Was invented by Germans Williamheim Daimler in 1885.
Q:motorcycle shifting questions and braking?
Firstly... If you have very little idea on how to ride a bike.. You shouldn't even be riding a 600cc Motorcycle.. Its one sure way to crash it and waste all that money you spent to buy it... Let alone cause injury to yourself Motorcycles for beginners should be 250cc or less! But to answer your question.. Whilst braking yes you may downshift while slowing down.. that way you can be in the correct gear when your ready to go again.. You may also downshift whilst stopped its no problem.. But Id say shifting while moving is better.. That way your the gears inside your gearbox are rotating as this makes it easier for the gears to 'engage' With regard to the clutch.. Depends how much you need to slow down... If you only need to slow down a little bit then no need to pull in the clutch... If you need to slow down a great deal and you can feel the engine 'struggling' then its time to definitely pull the clutch in and drop it down a gear if available.. Or if you need to stop for traffic or a red light.. you may as well pull it in because your going to stop anyway.. If you drive a manual car... riding a motorcycle is not much different... You will be able to understand the concept of braking, throttle clutch and gears much eaiser..
Q:How to repair the motorcycle after the brake is not so good, with sandpaper polished several times friends
You go to the soft point of the brake pads, to be able to pinch the move can be, are generally the color
Q:Motorcycle brake system to how maintenance, please advise?
Do not deliberately to maintain what, pay attention to the brake pads and brake oil on the line, no change.
Q:How is the motorcycle?
The clutch did not tune well .... tune off the clutch just fine! The The
Q:how to bleed motorcycle brakes when previous type is unknown?
Just use the recommended type and pump it through till only new, clean fluid comes out. You'll get a lot less mixing if you can suck all the old fluid out of the reservoir and refill it with new before you start bleeding.
Q:How will I know if my motorcycle brakes is still in good shape?
Compared to what? Not clear your frame of reference, or context of the question. How did they behave when new? Any mushiness at all in the lever, or pedal, would be cause to take action. Fortunately, usually the fix is quite simple. Bikes are great to work on, everything is right there. Consult a torque table for proper values on the caliper bolts. Remove the bolts, and calipers, and examine the pads directly. If they are thin, replace them. If not, don't. This is not a bad thing to do occasionally, on general principles. Pretty simple, and doesn't require exotic tools other than the basics plus the shop manual and torque wrench. I personally would NOT want to mis-torque a caliper bolt... Bleeding the brakes systems on most bikes requires clear tubing, brake fluid, 8mm socket, and little else. A rubber mallet to tap the calipers (to drive out air bubbles) doesn't hurt. Takes less than 30 minutes per caliper, details can be found elsewhere. I used to do this at least seasonally on all my bikes. ABS, LBS, and similar complicate the situation somewhat.
Q:Motorcycle Clutch And Braking - Confused?
You don't have to be slowly pulling it in the entire time you are braking. You can brake before you use the clutch as long as you are going fast enough, and you can have the clutch pulled in all the way while braking before you are at a complete stop. It is all up to what you think is easier and more comfortable!
Q:Front disk brakes on motorcycle?
The manufacturer makes the fluid resevour so that it will have just enough to operate the brakes from new to old without the need to add any fluid. So, unless you or someone else has added fluid you will not need to remove any. Instead, you will need a caliper spreader like the other poster has mentioned. Should be an easy job.

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