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Ceramic Brake Pads Duralast

Ceramic Brake Pads Duralast

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Product  Discription:

OKorder is offering high quality Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our brake pads are available in a wide range of styles and materials, and are guaranteed with a full warranty. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of brake pads, and our products are utilized the world over, with OKorder annually supplying a full range of products to European, North American and Asian markets.


Product Applications:

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are use in many transport, construction, and agricultural applications. Our brake pads are suitable for trucks, transport vehicles, construction equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles.


Product Advantages:

OKorder's Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are available in a range of styles and applications. Our supplier has over 15 years of production experience and offers 1,800 different brake pad models. Our R&D department is able to develop 10 new items per month; we are currently supplying heavy-duty applications for trucks, buses and engineering vehicles.


Main Product Features:

·         Asbestos, Non-asbestos, Semi-metallic, Nao, Ceramic, Carbon Fiber 

·         OEM services available

·         30,000km - 60,000km Guarantee

·         Full Warranty

·         Shimmed, chamfered and slotted OE Designs

·         Positive mold

·         Ultra-quiet, low dusting

·         Rubberized multi-layer shims

·         Responsive braking and longer pad life

·         Sensor wires included on those vehicles with OE sensor wires

·         QS9000, IS09002 and TUV certified


Product Specifications:

Crossing Reference Number




























































Position: Front Axle

PAGID: C1004

VALEO: 541679

WVA: 29108/29109/29163

FMSI: D1203-8323


Rate: EE&FF

Test: Link & Greening



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from OKorder.com?

A1: All products offered by OKorder.com are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, OKorder.com adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q3: Are all brake rotors the same?

A3: Premium rotors deliver less noise, longer life and more consistent safe braking. In independent testing by a major name in brakes using identical disc brake pads and both a premium rotor and an economy rotor design, the data consistently proved that the economy rotor takes the brake system below manufacturer specifications during critical testing. The research showed that using their premium rotors reduced noise by 50%, extended pad life by 25% and allowed the vehicle to stop sooner! The economy-tested vehicles had 20% less stopping ability than the premium-tested vehicles. A 20% decrease in stopping power can convert to over 6m in real life.



Q:I am looking to buy my first bike. I have a guy offering to sell me his 2002 Ninja 250r for 1000 dollars. It has 16,000 miles on it, needs a valve adjustment, needs mirrors, and needs turn signals. Since I don‘t know too much about bikes, I was wondering if this is a good deal to buy the bike at 1000 and then do the repairs. He told me the bike does run and that the above things are the only problems. What else should I look for or should I not even bother with the bike?Thanks guys!
Needs Mirrors and Turn Signals? Did he Dump it? It could have a tweaked frame if he did--Bon do and spray paint can cover a lot. Are the pipes and cases and covers at all scraped? (Pipes may be only be on one side of bike, I'm not sure.) A 250 is actually a little Small. If the seat fits you, get a 650--a bit more power that can get you out of a tight spot, where a 250 might Not. Better for Freeway, too.
Q:Suzuki motorcycle brake system is not generally there are problems?
No ah, Suzuki car I also ride a lot, not the case
Q:What happen if your e zip scooter brakes dont work?
The same as for any vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle etc) You won't be able to stop in time and will most likely crash into something. Get the brakes fixed pronto.
Q:how do I replace the front and rear brake pads on a yahama v star motorcycle?
I really can't be stuffed typing that much information. If you don't get an adequate answer, then contact me, through my page, and i'll talk you through it.
Q:I know that the silver wing has 3 piston front and a 2 piston rear. I only have one hand (sill have my right hand) but I still like to ride and I want to buy one. So My question is that I want to put the back brake on the left side and the front brake on the right side. I know this can but done I just want to know how to do it and what parts I will need to do it. So where are all the motorcycle mechanics at !!
The front brake is already on the right side handlebar Ride Safe
Q:Pedal motorcycle which side is the front brake which is the rear brake
First; to see what car, pedal motorcycle left rear brake, right front brake
Q:About 3 weeks ago I totaled a motorcycle. At low speeds, thank goodness, my husband locked up his brakes, so without time to respond I side swiped him, hit a telephone pole, then went down. Naturally it totaled the bike and I luckily escaped with only severly sprained knuckles and bruises. I just bought another bike today, and I‘m not scared of the bike itself per se, I‘m just really nervous. My husband says it‘s normal; that he was nervous after his first accident, how does everyone else feel?
It's perfectly normal and sensible to be nervous in your situation - riding a bike is a very dangerous thing to do, and your brain is telling you that you've been hurt once before, so you should be careful or refrain from doing this again. If you are keen to ride again, then I think the old addage of if you fall off your bike, get straight back on and ride it again really applies. I don't want to try to influence you either way, but the longer you leave it, you are telling these fears that you have kept safe by not riding, so they must be right, thus making it harder to get back to it. Do you feel obliged to ride for your husband's sake? If you are contemplating riding again for any other reason than your own desire to ride, it is not the right choice. Again, it's not for me to say what you should do, but I wish you well!
Q:When riding my motorcycle, I usually will slow down using the front and rear brakes, and by downshifting through each gear. I do this in traffic so if a light turns green suddenly I will still be in a gear to accelerate.If I am on an open road and want to stop, can I just pull the clutch lever in and coast instead of downshifting (while using the brakes of course)? Would this damage the clutch at all? I‘ve heard it damages car manuals but I want to see what a motorcycle would be like.
It might not hurt it - but it wont be GOOD for it. you don't say what kind of bike you have - most modern bikes have clutches that run in the engine oil bath (exceptions - Ducati - most BMW - dry clutches). When you coast - engine at idle and say 70 mph in high gear the differential in clutch plate speed may be about 3-400 rpm. The oil film between the plates will be shearing and getting hot due to the different clutch plate speeds. Might just tend to burn and shear down your oil as much as anything. If you want to coast - try nudging the gear lever down into neutral between gears - and then let the clutch out. DO NOT shift down into 1st gear at 60-70 mph or you might blow the clutch plates - because they go up to high rpm.
Q:I‘m considering buying a motorcycle after graduation and would like to sell my car, or at least leave it home in MD. But, I plan on living in Brookland with some friends and would much rather prefer getting around town in a motorcycle. Are permits cheaper? Is parking easier? What about storing a bike at an apt or garage?
it will either push in or screw in, make sure you open the bleeder first(this step stops you from pushing dirt back through the system, possibly causing damage). when complete bleed brakes

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