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Product Description:

Product  Discription:

OKorder is offering high quality Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our brake pads are available in a wide range of styles and materials, and are guaranteed with a full warranty. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of brake pads, and our products are utilized the world over, with OKorder annually supplying a full range of products to European, North American and Asian markets.


Product Applications:

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are use in many transport, construction, and agricultural applications. Our brake pads are suitable for trucks, transport vehicles, construction equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles.


Product Advantages:

OKorder's Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are available in a range of styles and applications. Our supplier has over 15 years of production experience and offers 1,800 different brake pad models. Our R&D department is able to develop 10 new items per month; we are currently supplying heavy-duty applications for trucks, buses and engineering vehicles.


Main Product Features:

·         Asbestos, Non-asbestos, Semi-metallic, Nao, Ceramic, Carbon Fiber 

·         OEM services available

·         30,000km - 60,000km Guarantee

·         Full Warranty

·         Shimmed, chamfered and slotted OE Designs

·         Positive mold

·         Ultra-quiet, low dusting

·         Rubberized multi-layer shims

·         Responsive braking and longer pad life

·         Sensor wires included on those vehicles with OE sensor wires

·         QS9000, IS09002 and TUV certified


Product Specifications:

Crossing Reference Number




























































Position: Front Axle

PAGID: C1004

VALEO: 541679

WVA: 29108/29109/29163

FMSI: D1203-8323


Rate: EE&FF

Test: Link & Greening



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from OKorder.com?

A1: All products offered by OKorder.com are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, OKorder.com adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q3: Are all brake rotors the same?

A3: Premium rotors deliver less noise, longer life and more consistent safe braking. In independent testing by a major name in brakes using identical disc brake pads and both a premium rotor and an economy rotor design, the data consistently proved that the economy rotor takes the brake system below manufacturer specifications during critical testing. The research showed that using their premium rotors reduced noise by 50%, extended pad life by 25% and allowed the vehicle to stop sooner! The economy-tested vehicles had 20% less stopping ability than the premium-tested vehicles. A 20% decrease in stopping power can convert to over 6m in real life.



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Q:Learning to ride a motorcycle?
In my humble opinion :) you should take a course first. It will be the best investment in staying alive you'll ever make followed closely by the right gear. A riding school usually has a variety of bikes that you can try and you can see which style would suit you. Also it's much easier to buy a bike and try it out at a dealership if you can already ride. You can't depend on a friend to test one for you because every bike (like helmets) is a very personal fit. Now about cc's you have to also know that cc's are NOT indicative of horsepower. A 600 cc bike can have less HP than a 250 which has more torque. I started on a 250 and I DIDN'T have any problem keeping up with highway trafic. I wouldn't want one for long road trips but it was a great starter bike for about a year until my riding skills became embeded. Good luck and keep the shiny side up.
Q:Do all motorcycles have about the same braking ability.?
Rockbase is more correct than the other person. First, front brakes are roughly 70% of your stopping power and 30% is your rear brake. However, other factors come into play due to little items such as LAWS OF PHYSICS: grip and make-up of tires (friction), breaking system (friction and thermodynamics), type of bike (wind resistance), and so on. I have a study done on numerous bikes (all types) that includes stopping distances etc. The thing to remember here is that these numbers are the BEST of the distances when a pro is riding and KNOWS when he/she is to stop. Reaction time is typically 1 to 2 seconds so hence you should be 3 to 4 seconds behind a vehicle and always have an out.
Q:Is it alright to ride a motorcycle without a front brake?
Q:If I put lower handle bars on my motorcycle will I need new brake and clutch cables?
Q:Which of the motorcycle has a CBS brake system
Wuyang Honda Jiaying 125 equipped with CBS Honda Flying Dream 125t-23a pedal CBS brake system
Q:What Motorcycle had the left Brake and Right Shift?
Early sporties, most English bikes, a few Italian bikes as well. Couple Japanese small models had a through the tranny shift lever- could be right or left shift lever that way for various markets- mid 1960s Yamaha 80cc comes to mind. Kawasaki or Marushu later Kaw 650 twin copy of BSA had right shift. Currently? Maybe a Italian domestic model somewhat smaller based on Duc 250, 350 single? Indian Enfield classic bullet for domestic market- was article about the new 535 for US market getting shift lever switched for the American market- but 'Domestic' tranny available on special order, couple demonstrators brought in with right side shift, left side brake using the 'domestic' tranny. German motorcycles had a few small models with right side shift- but BMW, DKW were left shift, right brake, so were the NSU and later MZs from east-- but a Steyr model had right shift, might have been a English license originally or meant for English market.
Q:my motorcycle wont turn on?
check to see if you blew the main fuse
I am going to second the suggestions made by JoeH. Also take a look at Cycle Trader. URL below One segment of the motorcycle world not addressed by the manufacturers is the beginning rider. So many are swayed by the image of sport bikes. Terrible machine to start on. Most cruisers are too big and the forward controls on many are hard to get used to by a beginner. Heck, I have been riding a loooong time and I don't like them. Upright seating position, windshield, saddle bags, a torquey engine, belt drive (no maintenance and cheaper than a shaft drive), and ABS brakes is just the ticket for a beginning rider. Around 500cc of displacement in a 2 cylinder arrangement. That would make for a easy to learn machine.
Q:How does a Rotary Encoder function?
You buy it from the store and use it in the desert. You could recharge it in the basement.
Q:Engine Braking vs Regular Braking?
if you maintain the bike properly.oil changes etc bike will last 100,000 miles more for a bigger bike the correct way to slow down is to change gears down as you slow using the engine the brakes in unison that way you are always in the correct gear for the speed your doing if this wears the brake pads. or the clutch plates. or the engine a little more than just grabbing clutch brake changing down multiple gears to guess what the engine revs speed should be big Farking deal. you may even get an extra 5,000 miles out of the engine but getting it wrong once could cost you a lot more people been riding bikes for a lot of years they say change down use engine braking your front rear brakes Im guessing they know what there talking about on the point of braking. in an emergency stop. the front brake is the only one that will stop you in a hurry. I practice stopping using only the front brake. I can just about stand the bike on the front wheel if the rear wheel isn't touching the ground much engine braking rear brake ain't going to help stop

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