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OKorder is offering high quality Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our brake pads are available in a wide range of styles and materials, and are guaranteed with a full warranty. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of brake pads, and our products are utilized the world over, with OKorder annually supplying a full range of products to European, North American and Asian markets.


Product Applications:

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are use in many transport, construction, and agricultural applications. Our brake pads are suitable for trucks, transport vehicles, construction equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles.


Product Advantages:

OKorder's Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads are available in a range of styles and applications. Our supplier has over 15 years of production experience and offers 1,800 different brake pad models. Our R&D department is able to develop 10 new items per month; we are currently supplying heavy-duty applications for trucks, buses and engineering vehicles.


Main Product Features:

·         Asbestos, Non-asbestos, Semi-metallic, Nao, Ceramic, Carbon Fiber 

·         OEM services available

·         30,000km - 60,000km Guarantee

·         Full Warranty

·         Shimmed, chamfered and slotted OE Designs

·         Positive mold

·         Ultra-quiet, low dusting

·         Rubberized multi-layer shims

·         Responsive braking and longer pad life

·         Sensor wires included on those vehicles with OE sensor wires

·         QS9000, IS09002 and TUV certified


Product Specifications:

Crossing Reference Number




























































Position: Front Axle

PAGID: C1004

VALEO: 541679

WVA: 29108/29109/29163

FMSI: D1203-8323


Rate: EE&FF

Test: Link & Greening



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from OKorder.com?

A1: All products offered by OKorder.com are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, OKorder.com adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q3: Are all brake rotors the same?

A3: Premium rotors deliver less noise, longer life and more consistent safe braking. In independent testing by a major name in brakes using identical disc brake pads and both a premium rotor and an economy rotor design, the data consistently proved that the economy rotor takes the brake system below manufacturer specifications during critical testing. The research showed that using their premium rotors reduced noise by 50%, extended pad life by 25% and allowed the vehicle to stop sooner! The economy-tested vehicles had 20% less stopping ability than the premium-tested vehicles. A 20% decrease in stopping power can convert to over 6m in real life.



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Q:Motorcycle front brake when the brake will lead to the front wheel slip, left and right swing?
Tire pattern is not good
Q:ABS brake system in what motor?
A Honda six-cylinder water-cooled motorcycle equipped with ABS
Q:Bicycle lap and brake system?
Line disc brakes and V brake universal, no longer repeat that. Oil disc brakes are often part of the brake itself, can not be replaced, so the oil dish can not be like a disc as free to replace the brake, but to the oil dish this grade, the brake itself is not bad, so do not need Deliberately pursue. The disc is an important part of the disc brake, the advantages of a good disc is a light weight, the other is the surface smoothness is very high, such as XTR discs, it seems to be attached to the brake pads, but that is not rub disc , And the poor brake discs ride up often will be unnecessary consumption of a lot of power. Finally talk about V brake and disc brake choice. In fact, disc brakes and V brake is not a distinction between grades, but have their own characteristics: V brake light weight, easy to adjust, brake power, but in a water environment, greatly reduced performance, and there may be overheating failure (but Very rare, because the long downhill is not where there is), in the intense bumps when the feel is not very good; and disc brake, although a little heavier, maintenance adjustment is more complicated, but in any weather have a good brake Performance, not afraid of overheating, in the violent environment can also be mastered. Therefore, in the low-intensity XC, V brake is still a very good choice for large-intensity off-road is generally the world of oil dish, in fact, many professional mountain bike players in the sunny day when the game or choose V brake, in the rain Match the disc when the game is selected. Personal advice, if you love mountain riding, and the budget is sufficient, you can directly select the oil dish, if the budget is more tense, you can first use V brake, and then directly on the oil dish, after all, is still a tandem of tandem.
Q:What is the meaning of a motorcycle?
Two gas steel, the brakes are disc brakes
Q:Why is the motorcycle before the disc brakes brake it?
So the front wheel need to withstand greater braking strength, so the front wheel is generally used disc brake
Q:One of my friends happened when I was out of a car.
The testes have two main functions. The testes are made of a complex process to produce sperm, which is fed into the vagina by the sexual propulsion system. Another equally important function of the testis is the production of testosterone, the male hormone. With this hormone, the male sexual function can play.
Q:Motorcycle knowledge?
Simply put, the drum brake is the use of brake drums within the static brake pads, to friction with the wheel rotation of the brake drum to produce friction to reduce the wheel speed of the brake device.
Q:The color of motorcycle brake fluid is already brownish. Should I change it?
Yes, change it. manufacturer's recommendation is every 2 years. Remember that brake fluid eats paint so don''t get any on your paint and if you do, clean it up immediately with lots of water. Replace it with the same type of brake fluid that is in there. The DOT type should be on the master cylinder cover. This is NOT a place to go for synthetic unless that is what the bike shipped with. (DOT 3 and 4 and interchangeable).
Q:How is the motorcycle?
Our motorcycle engine is used in the oil separation, because after a period of time in the park, the clutch above the oil traces of protective layer off, so you start, pull the clutch, hanging gear on the kind of feeling out, no problem. If you do not often ride, it is recommended that you come to the next three to launch. As for your flame, I suspect that the carburetor parked for a long time, there are oxides, to clean just fine. The car is put bad.
Q:Motorcycle disc brake locked! Will Bleeding free the piston?
I have worked on Viragos and with the age of you 500, may I suggest an overhaul of the caliper. The reason the piston is stuck is because of all the gunk on the orings. Pump the piston out of the caliper and clean all the corrosion on the canals holding the orings. I use dental probes to scrape off the gunk. Use soap and water to wash. On assembly use new break fluid for lubrication. You will notice that the piston moves easier after the overhaul.

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