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Brake pads OEM auto parts for Car and bus

Brake pads OEM auto parts for Car and bus

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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
Delivery Detail:30days after receive deposit payment.


Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads


Q:Rainy day brake useless, the faster the brake, is not the wrong brake pads?
The best way is to go to the maintenance point, find the master to see, here I can only suggest that you replace the brake pads, check their own
To stop yes you do, to slow down no you don't.
Q:New to motorcycles. I just got a new chopper and need a few things but I need more general information on what they are/what they do. I do not have the wiring to any part of my cycle. And I know nothing about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction or any good literature to look at when inquiring about wiring my cycle? I have an ultima frame, revtech 88 engine, ultima transmission, jesse james parts, weld rims and venom tires. Thanks guys and let me know. Im new!
the previous answer was from a no nothing! get yourself a copy of motorcycle electrics made painless from paisano publications,the same people who print easyrider magazine. I could help you more if i new some more specifics like if you are using a magnito or an electronic ignition. do you have a brake light switch from your front brake or just a rear brake light switch. are you using turn signals? Are you using electric start? Me myself I keep ,it simple with a kick start and head light,tail light and brake light off my rear brake.6 wires on my bike! easy stuff! E mail me I build choppers all the time glad to help ya out!
Q:What is the glue on the brake pads?
When you change the brake pads, the brake effect is certainly not good before, will feel the brake is relatively soft, then we must step on the foot brake to eliminate the gap between the film and the brake disc. In addition, the need to run 200 km to achieve the best braking effect, just change the brake pads to be careful, pay attention to follow the car not too tight.
Q:I do not have a motorcycle license yet, but I plan on taking the safety course this summer. My dream bike is the Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS, but I know its a terrible idea to start out on a 650cc. The drivers school that I plan on going through lends you a 125cc while you are in class, but going from a 125 to a 650 is suicide especially since I wouldn‘t consider trainers school actual road experience. My mom has a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 500r and I think she might let me ride it if I go through drivers school, but she still will probably tell me to ride a 250 first. I checked Craigslist for a CBR250r Honda and the cheapest I could find one for was $3,200. I can‘t see myself purchasing a trainers bike for that much money especially since I do not have very good sales experience and probably would not be able to sell it back for much. What are my options as far as working my way up to a 650. I would consider purchasing a 300 ABS but I‘m too worried about investing in a bike that might not be my dream bike.
Get the trouble codes read to find out why. Asking us to guess which of the many possible codes are set on your car is a fruitless endeavor. This is why computers store trouble codes, to TELL you where to start your diagnosis rather than asking for wild off the wall guesses.
Q:So i changed the front pads of my sportbike..introduction: (at beggining the front brake lever was too low almost touching the handle to brake. When i changed the new pads, nothing really changed so i put a little top inside the regulation of the lever just to put it upper, so when i brake dont go too down )the problem.So after changing the pads, the bike got really braked,the wheel dont turn, and after a while it virtually stopped the bike too sudden, and got overheated on the disc rotors..i had to bleed them but after a little ride it happens again the bike brakes itself, and become really hard.the funny thing is that overnight the brakes got released itself and the wheel turns again.. until i brake a couple of times when it gets stucked again..What is it =(what i did wrong?whats the solution thanks!!mech experts 10 pts.
I have had this happen before. What has happened is that the pistons which push the brake pads have come out of the caliper too far, and jammed. You can pull them out and clean them up, which is ok if you have the time, inclination and tools. I have done it before, but last time I put it into the shop and I think it was $160 to fix.
Q:Motorcycle rear brake has abnormal sound
This kind of grumble sound should be the sound of the valve system, the mandrel engine if the idle speed will be low in the idle when similar to this kind of grumble sound, but generally the fuel door will disappear. If you confirm that the sound is the engine came out, then most likely their voice. Check the oil pump fuel supply is normal, there is no less than the situation, re-adjust the valve clearance, not too large or too small, if necessary, you can replace a set of valve stem and the upper and lower rocker try, There may be a certain speed, the valve stem will have irregular changes, causing such a similar friction sound. This situation is not necessarily a component damage, and more like a result of the manufacturing process is not high caused by a benign (not necessarily damaged) sound.
Q:so i just started riding an 03 dynawide glide harley.any tips on braking, as in , when to use my back breaks and when to use my frontsfor now im heavy on the breaks and only use the fronts when im already going slow or sitting at a light. any newbie advance will be appreciated
You want to use about 80% front brakes and 20% rear brakes. You do not want to push the rear brakes too hard and take a chance on locking the rear wheel up. If you lock the rear wheel up and start fish tailing, ALWAYS keep it locked till you come to a stop. All the safety schools will teach you this, as if you let off the rear brake, it will snap back in a straight line so hard that you may go high side off the bike. I recommend you take a rider safety course! They are AWESOME and are free by your DMV.
Q:Ok so its a 2000 Kawi zx6r with 2000 miles i live 2 and a half hours from the bike, so going to see it is a lil high on gas i drive a four door ram. Bike has 22k miles on it and its bone stock cept the exhaust. Guy bought it from a bike shop 3 years ago and has done nothing to it. It has never been dropped! But i need to change the oil, get new brake pads, and also get a new gas cap (broke key off in it) hes asking 2200 for it when the kelly blue book is 25-27ish. Is this bike worth it? This is also my first bike and i have all the cash, My gear head friends think its kinda bad deal. Help me out friends please i really really want a motorcycle
Totally buy it bro. Motorcycles are totally rad, and the ZX6R is for sure a good choice.

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