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Product Description:

  • Size: 90x 9.6 x360

  • Car Make: KATO

  • OE NO.: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: hi-best

  • Model Number: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • color: black/brown/yellow/green

  • PC: 4

  • rivets: L7.5

  • holes: 12

  • slot: yes

  • chamfer: yes

  • grade: GG/FF

  • test: chase

  • label: according to requirement

  • noise: none

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:cartons,pallet
    Delivery Detail:25 days


    1.yutong bus brake lining
    2.MOQ:50 SETS
    3.23K, 80,000KMS
    5.400 MODELS




    Product Description




    yutong bus brake lining                                   

    1.high quality&good yutong bus brake lining  
    2.material:asbestos&non asbestos
    3.400 kinds for truck,trailer,bus,etc
    4:chase test  



    • light & heavy duty brake lining  

    • Very efficient when braking and low wearing, minimum loss of efficiency on wet surface.

    • Low wear of the rotors.

    • powerful and progressive brake that doesn't fade.

    • Low lost of efficiency on wet conditions. Low to no-noise.

    • Smooth on rotors, very effective for high line tourisms.

    • Produced f or both axels, it can  be applied on the rear axel on competition vehicles of front wheel drive







          19932315.1290.0 SV/41/2 203×19×235 410bpw







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Q:So I‘m taking a riders course on the 19th to learn to ride a motorcycle. I‘m saving for a sportsbike and should be able to buy it some time next month. But the thing is, I‘ve never ridden a motorcycle before! I know that the clutch is on the left and the front brakes on the right hand grips. And the shifters are on the left right? and the back brakes on the right? But my friend was trying to explain how to ride one when it comes to shifting and everything but he sucks at explaining stuff. What is the basic concept of shifting? Like how do you know when to pull the clutch and do you have to slowly release the clutch or what? If you can tell me the basic concept I‘d appreciate it.Thanks
nothing more than the wrong axle, i have had that happen to me in that same fashion also. it is nothing but very frustrating.
Q:i recently boughta car and i was told it need a brake booster
I use to have this same problem when i didn't eat meat, and that's where a lot of your iron comes from, (it comes from other things like some veggies but meat is thee main source) and it is bad to have low iron levels, it slows down your energy and all that good stuff, so just eat meat or some veggies like spinach and broccoli hope i helped :)
Q:Hey there,I want to get my CBT soon, and I have a bike in mind to buy (Honda NSR 125) but I‘m slightly worried. How different is riding a motorcycle to a push bike and can you guys give me any pointers to be aware when riding a motorcycle? Thanks James
The basic mechanics of riding a motorcycle are the same as riding a push-bike, but the machine is much heavier and you will have to get used to using the controls which are a little different (shifting is typically one hand/foot while braking is the other) and using the engine for power. The NSR 125 is a good choice to start, plenty juicy (it's a 2-stroke) without being too powerful or heavy for a beginner. Get started in a vacant car park working on starting, stopping, shifting, low speed; you'll be comfortable inside the hour I'm sure.
Q:whenever i pull the lever for the front brake. It really doesn't do anything. It does work a little but not effective at all. The lever feels tight and stiff. What do I need to fix? I was thinking to change out the pads, will that do the trick? Do i need to bleed the brakes as it feels a bit tight? any input would be appreciated. it's a 1997 suzuki intruder 800.
If you are not confident to fix it, get a professional It might be that you can lubricate the lever pivot, or the pistons on the pad or the handle, if they are stiff or corroded. Or disassemble them and clean them and polish them with fine sandpaper if required and reassemble them with some lubricant. Don't get grease on the pads (though it will burn off quite quickly). You bleed hydraulic lines if they have air in them - that makes the brakes squishy, not stiff. Changing the pads (the braking surface) would not help, though if the back is corroded and sticking it may help. I forget how the pads are assembled; it's been a while since I changed mine.
Q:Motorcycle ran just fine until it tipped over on the right side. It didnt hit too hard but hard enough to bend the rear brake pedal. Now when I try to start it it tries to crank then starts a clicking type sound then nothing but I can still hear the gas trying to move through the bike. Anyone know what this problem could be? It is a 1981 gs450.
clad can be read to mean not As in not silver. It is a gimmick to make you think you are getting something you are not. They are cheap because they are not silver. The only way to get silver cheaper than the spot price per ounce retail is the occasional coin dealer who will sell or give away very low quality silver coins to attract new business.
Q:I heard about these cool Aftermarket Composite Motorcycle Brakes that tend to wear out less than normal brake rotors and are actually pretty good for stopping power. I was wondering where I could find a pair of these for my Harley. I wanted some cool looking colour rotor designs I seen on some of my buddies Harley’s. And also do the rotors come in a package with buttons and pads as well or do you buy everything separately. Kevin
Hey Kevin, I had bought some awesome aftermarket brakes for my old Harley from a company called Matrix brakes about 5 months ago. They have some aluminum composite material and I found it was really great in terms of durability (not a squeak out of them despite driving through torrentious rain this April). One important thing to buy is the brake pads they provide some great stopping power in combination with those rotors. They don’t come in a package of rotors and pads but I’m pretty sure you can call one of their suppliers for a package. Michael
Q:I have a 1978 Honda goldwing gl1000. My brake light wont work but the tail light is on just fine, I have replaced all fuses,bulbs and checked wires. Is there any tipe of sesnsor on this bike that I should replace or check?
Did you check the brakes. Your pads might be worn. many vehicles brake lights don't work when the pads are down to replacing level.
Q:I was putting on a new brake light and might have connected the wrong wires the light wont turn on nor the motorcycle could i have short circuited the battery it still gives 12v when off what can i do to fix it
check to see if you blew the main fuse
Q:What is a good beginners motorcycle?
I'm thinking an alligator mote!
Q:When I gently apply the hand brake on my 78 Honda 550 Four motorcycle I get a loud squealing noise. If I pull it a little harder I don‘t get the noise. The functionality of the brake seems fine. Does anyone one what the problem is, and how I can fix it? Thanks!

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