Brake pads OEM auto parts for Car and bus Volvo

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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
Delivery Detail:30days after receive deposit payment.


Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:This is the motorcycle's ABS brake anti-lock system.
It is unqualified anti-lock solution is not no but there are tools and brake oil and then you will have to air or you will get the brakes later will be poor or not directly brake repair motorcycle repair master
Q:On the issue of women 's motorcycle brakes
Now the front brake are disc brake, disc brake is extremely sensitive, novice should not be controlled, easy to make brake lock. If the high-speed running too hard to use the front brake is a very dangerous thing (front wheel lock the direction of loss of control made of rollover, dropping! Special attention: to prohibit the use of brake before deceleration.) After the brakes are mostly pot to kill. Easy to control should not be locked. Because it is after the brake, even if the moment is not prone to rollover lock, so the entire brake deceleration system of the main kill the car, usually with the most brakes.
Q:What is the brakes?
This is a more abstract problem because of each have their own advantages. Disc brakes effect better rainy days with the muddy road is not the drum brake is not very spiritual but durable.We are generally riding drums are enough
Q:Does the motorcycle brake system have something like a butter hole?
That nothing is dispensable.
Q:Motorcycle rear brake has abnormal sound
It is estimated that the hub eccentricity problem
Q:new chopper motorcycle. needs brakes?
Same as my answer to your other question J&P Cycles. Are there no brakes on the bike now? Also, careful with that Rev Tech motor. They don't have the best reputation for holding together. Check out Performance Machine they make the best brakes around.
Q:Will the motorcycle does not move, the oil supply system is normal, the circuit is normal, that is, how is the matter, seeking expert solution
Oil pipeline gas, or may be the spark plug problem
Q:The color of motorcycle brake fluid is already brownish. Should I change it?
Yes, change it. manufacturer's recommendation is every 2 years. Remember that brake fluid eats paint so don''t get any on your paint and if you do, clean it up immediately with lots of water. Replace it with the same type of brake fluid that is in there. The DOT type should be on the master cylinder cover. This is NOT a place to go for synthetic unless that is what the bike shipped with. (DOT 3 and 4 and interchangeable).
Q:how to bleed motorcycle brakes when previous type is unknown?
All good answers, sofar, except for draining it dry. You cpould, but you don't want air in the sysytem either. Flush the new fluid through until you are certain all the old is out.
Q:BRAKE LOCK What is the meaning of the brake lock on a motorcycle?
This is the pedal motorcycle lock rear wheel, when using this button, you must first press the right foot with the rear brake pedal, and then pull out the pull button, and then release the rear brake, then the rear brake Will brake the rear wheel, the role is when the car parked on the slope, you can prevent the car, the operation if you do not step on the brake after pulling the button, is not working, you must first step on the rear brake.

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