Brake Pads for Honda Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda etc

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29090


Type:Brake Pads




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Color Boxes, Outer Carton, Pallet


Origin:Qingdao Shandong

HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:100, 000 PCS/Month

Product Description

Semi-metallic brake pads for bus and truck 
1. Stable coefficient friction 
2. No noise 
3. Small wear rate and dual wear 
4. Good performance of heat 
Make for Benz, MAN, Renault, DAF, Ford, BPW, RABA, Volvo brake pads: 
800 items for your choice. 
15days for new moulding. 












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Q:I have 2005 Harley sportser xl 883, Rear brake has a slight squeal noise at very low speed, when brakes are not applied. With rear wheel off the ground, there is a slight drag on the wheel, brake pads look okay, disk is not discolored
Squealing brakes are usually caused by some sort of pad contamination. I had pulsing and slight squealing on my Buell Cyclone brakes. I read online that you should clean the rotor with steel wool or scotchbrite and brake cleaner. Then they said to take the pads out and dress them up on a sheet of medium grit sand paper laid on a flat surface. They had me take the right pad and put it on the left and the left on the right. Oh, you also need to put a very slight bevel on the edges of the pads. It 100% cured the problem and took about 1/2 hour. When it happened again the next season, I replaced the pads with Lyndall Golds and never had a problem again.
Q:Does it simply slow down because the chain is slowing down and it is therefore slowing it down or is there an electric signal that is sent to the engine telling it so stop or WHAT??
When you release the throttle (right hand grip), the carburetor slows down how much fuel is going to the engine. No fuel, no run - the engine slows down. Same as a car. Take your foot off of the accelerator - less gas goes through the carb into the engine - the engine slows down - when the engine runs slower, the vehicle slows down
Q:Motorcycle oil brake does not hit the oil Editor's note
There may be brake oil or brake system in the air, there may be insufficient brake oil, brake pump blockage or damage can not be caused by the formation of pressure.
Q:My friend and I want to get one, but we don‘t want a really big one. I asked this before, but the question didn‘t get posted :(
The question is what kind of riding do you want to do? For around town only, a larger scooter would be great. If you want to ride some on freeways, I would recommend a smaller motorcycle like the Rebel 250 by Honda. good luck
Q:I was wonder what you guys think are the most important features to have on a motorcycle to ensure a safe ride. Everyone probably has slightly different opinions, but in general I want to know the most practical and essential elements.
find something to suction it out, whatever you do, don't drive it. the power steering fluid will damage seals in the brake system
Q:Pedal motorcycle downhill brake failure how to do
Downhill brake failure, can not use the vehicle's own parts to control the speed, the driver should be decisive use of natural obstacles, such as roadside rocks, trees, etc., to the car caused resistance. If you can not find the right terrain, the object can be used, the emergency situation can be the side of the body closer to the mountain to friction to increase resistance, and gradually reduce the speed.
Q:I‘ve been riding on the stock 4 year old pads for 8000 miles on my Ninja 250. I according to the maintenance chart they‘re still okay but how long should I expect them to last?
Q:I‘m trying to replace the rear disc brakes on my 2009 sonata. I picked up a set from autozone, and they are the wrong ones. Brought the old ones in to autozone, and we checked the 2005-2010 pads referenced in the system and none looked like whats actually on the car. Tried every engine/year combo in the system. WTF? Does anyone know if they used different calipers from a different model for some cars in ‘09? I really need to replace these things, but don‘t know what the heck I‘m supposed to put in there. And the dealer is closed, it‘s Sunday
Q:When I gently apply the hand brake on my 78 Honda 550 Four motorcycle I get a loud squealing noise. If I pull it a little harder I don‘t get the noise. The functionality of the brake seems fine. Does anyone one what the problem is, and how I can fix it? Thanks!
either replace your disks and pads or try to refurbish them yourself. some brake parts cleaner wouldn't hurt.
Q:Approximately 3 weeks ago I brought my motorcycle to a repair shop because the front brakes were locking up (already caused one accident with one of my friends). They informed me that the bike was fixed and could be picked up. I jumped on the bike and rode off. Before I even reached 500 ft the brakes locked up again and threw me off the bike at 50 mph causing severe road rash along my entire body and fractures in my foot. My question is: is the repair shop liable for all costs involved, i.e medical costs, repair of the bike, pain and suffering? Here are some random facts:The bike is relatively new with 1200 miles on itI never signed anything waiving my rights for the repairsmy wife was following me in my car and seen the whole accident, now she has nightmares seeing me tumble lifelessly through the air. Should I attempt to seek therapy for her ?

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