AuAuto Brake Pads for Nissan Almera/Primera 41060-4U125

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50000 set/month
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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Toyota HIACE

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Pads










Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:According to the customers′ requirements

Packing:Neutral Packing/Genuine Packing/Customer′s Request

Origin:Dezhou, Shandong, China

HS Code:8708301000

Production Capacity:200, 000 Sets/Month

Product Description

We promise to provide the highest quality products for every customers! 

You give me a chance, I'll give you a satisfactory service

Our Advantage

1> We have rich friction material formula system for every car series. 

2> Most of our raw material are imported from Japan, German, France and Netherlands. 

3> We have all the craft, process and technology in brake pads producing line in the world. 

4> We have big bench test instrument to promise the braking performance of our products. 

And every our new formula are tested by installing on our local taxi. 

5> We can produce as your samples. 

6> We can supply you with OE quality brake pads. 

Detailed Specification

1. Non-asbestos disc brake pad

2. Material: Semi-metalic/ceramic

3. Certification: TS16949/ISO9001

4. Packing detail: Inner packing: Heat shrink bags/boxes; Outer packing: Cartons

5. Comfortable braking performance: No noise, no dust, less wear loss, less fade, better recovery

6. Minimum order quantity: 200sets

7. Port of shipment: Qingdao or Tianjin

8. Supply ability: 30000sets per month

9. Delivery time: 7 working days after receive the deposit

10. Payment terms: T/T






















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Q:scooter Vs. motorcycle?
Any bike with 50cc or more is (legally anyway) a motorcycle, but regardless of engine displacement, you can be killed on any two wheeled vehicle be it a Vespa, Honda, Harley, or Schwinn. Perhaps you feel that you are not ready for the Honda CB350s and just have not made that connection in your head yet. My opinion is don't let fear limit your options. Take a motorcycle safety class and then you can make a better decision of what to ride. If it's just a displacement thing and you have already stated that you like Vespas check out the Vespa GTS 250. Honda and Yamaha also have 250cc scooters. If 250cc are not enough, there are larger displacement scooters on the market as well. Yamaha Majesty 400 Honda Silverwing 600 Suzuki Burgman 650 I use a Honda Reflex scooter to commute to work. Is the Reflex better or cooler then the above bikes? I Do Not Know, but the Reflex is my choice of scooter, and I am happy with that choice. It is my hope that you will be as happy with the bike you choose to ride as I am with the one I choose to ride. Ride Safe
Q:Do large motorcycle manufacturers produce all of the parts used in assembling their motorcycles?
If you eat a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg then you'll be fine. Foods which are high in iron include: Leafy green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, peas, kale, sprouts, etc) Beans (baked beans, pinto beans, kidneap beans, etc) Chickpeas Lentil Nuts (walnuts, cashew nuts, etc) Breakfast cereals Foods which have been fortified with iron - soy products, tofu, bottled water. Dried fruits such as apricots Consuming foods which are HIGH in vitamin C helps iron absorbtion which is probably where the orange juice thing came from. Eating peppers, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, etc whilst also eating any of the high iron foods WILL help the absorbtion. Drinking any kind of fruit juice too - not just orange juice. I wouldn't recommend taking iron supplements either unless you're really low in iron. Taking them whilst not actually low in iron can actually have reverse effects.
Q:What does a motorcycle need to be street legal in MN?
i have a black and blue one from vidal sassoon and ive been usin it since christmas and my hairs fine
Q:Motorcycle Cruise Control?
I feel like it would have good and bad things about it. It would add a more realistic feel and would be pretty darn cool but they would have to be computer determined and that could lead to issues.
Q:Best anti theft equipment for motorcycle.?
I own the roadlok for my 2006 Gsxr-1000. While I KNOW nothing will prevent a determined thief from stealing your bike, the only thing we can do as riders is make it as difficult as possible. The plain and simple fact is, thieves are lazy, and they would much rather steal a bike without a roadlok. The Roadlok becomes a part of the rotor, and a thief would much rather just move on then now have to remove/ replace the brake rotor once stolen. If stolen for parts, its also once less thing they can now sell. Lo-jack and other locators are great methods of recovery, but there is a difference between RECOVERY and PREVENTION. Of course, the marrying of these two methods is ideal but often not done. Prevention in the form of disc locks (not a roadlok), while being inconvenient to carry around and use, has the potential to damage the motorcycle and you as a rider. Unlike disc locks, a motorcycle with a roadlok cannot roll once the lock is engaged, making it much less convenient for a thief to try and roll your bike away or maneuver it into a flatbed. Also, I use Gieco motorcycle insurance and I love the fact that I get a discount on my insurance. (NO OTHER LOCK OFFERS AN INSURANCE DISCOUNT!!!) i only have to carry around the pin and slide it in to lock up my baby. AGAIN!!!! i KNOW nothing will stop a thief, but lets make it a little more difficult while also looking good! Hope this helps, Cheers!
Q:Is building a motorcycle a good idea?
i am also 16 but i rebuilt a truck not a motorcycle, i think its a great project, go for it!!! Its tons of fun
Q:Squeaking Noises from my motorcycle?
Some brake levers do make this quite click sound on some bikes,normal,but with two wheels i'd get that squeak seen to.Don't want something failing at speed,just one thing does the squeak stop when you pull the brakes in!
Q:Weird motorcycle braking?
Hi Andy, It is possible that your piston's are seizing or sticking in the brake caliper cylinder's. If you do not know how to free them off I would recommend that you take the bike to a dealer or bike repair shop as soon as possible. If you leave it, it could cause uneven wear on your brake discs or even cause an accident. Hope that helps you Andy.
Q:How long did it take you to learn to ride a motorcycle?
Similar to Candid Learned to tie MY shoes at three Chris. I was riding a pedal bicycle before I was 3 years old. I was riding on the streets before I was 10. First motorized bicycle was a Puch in England. Seconds to learn the throttle, otherwise no different than a pedal bike except easier. Back home I bought a brand new 1964 Honda CA110. No more than 10 minutes to learn clutch and gears. Learning is easy if you do it step by step. And yeah, we are all still learning. Which is why I wear Cowboy Boots rather than laced.
Q:how do you bleed brake lines on motorcycles?
fill master with fluid open bleed valve on caliper pull lever in half way tie with string gravity will let the fluid flow from the master to the open bleed valve. ( a hose attached to the valve will allow you to collect it) I just catch it in a container throw old fluid keep topping the master cylinder up as it flows through when you get a clear stream at the bleed valve with no air bubbles lock off the bleed valve top up master cylinder untie lever. should now have brakes

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