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1. Product Description for Aluminum Window and Door


ProfileAluminum :6063-T5, thermal-break and non-thermal-break can be choice
Thickness :1.4mm-4.0mm profile thickness.
Can be customized
Surface Treatment :Powder coated / Electrophoresis / Anodizing / PVDF etc)
Color :white,gray,black,silver etc 
any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND
Can be customized
GlassType :Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / LOW-E Glass / Tint Glass etc
 Thickness :Single: 5/6/8/10mm..., Double: 5+6+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc…
Color :Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Green, Gray, Blue etc…
HardwareBrand :China Brand, German Brand, Australia Brand ,Italy brand etc
Color :White, Black, Silver etc…
Sealant :EPDM, USA glass silicon etc…
Other Parts Can Be AddedMosquito net, stainless steel screen, rolling louver, etc…
Inside shutter
Grid, Decorative design
PackingAir bubble film+wood crates / carton+plywood / can be customized

 2. Photo for Aluminum Windw and Door



3. Our Services

One-Stop Solution


1, Own factory : We have our own factory. Products would not go through any dealer.

                          Better quality control & lower price .

2, High Quanlity & Reasonable Price

3, Customizable - meet your any requirements

4, Easy to Install as the good system design !!!

5, We can send engineers to help you do the measurement & installation












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Q:How to distinguish between the true and false aluminum windows and doors
See the profile of a good structure of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profile geometric angle of precision, the profile will not bend twist, angle correct. And the thickness of the surface, such as your custom model of the 60 models of broken aluminum doors and windows, 60 refers to the thickness of 6 cm, and this 6 cm for the full broken bridge aluminum material, wear a small proportion of less; Of the broken aluminum doors and windows, will use the virtual support 60 profiles, with a strip to hold up the thickness of the aluminum material is relatively small.
Q:Rainy sunroof how to deal with water?
This is a frequent problem of construction. Although the wooden frame is black, the problem is still in the window outside the stage. Medical treatment is the root cause, it is recommended to use 107 glue and the cement, the window frame and wall connection gap embedded in the same time, outside the stage to make it into the high outside the low slope, so the windowsill will not water, water Will not flow into the window frame inside. Good-looking and does not look good, anyway, on the outside wall. If done well, it will not be seepage again.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the installation of what is the difference
Finished window: The installation is not much difference, are fixed by the size of the hole, the use of long nail connection, and then fill the gap between the elastic blowing agent, hardened after the repair Qi Qi call plastic.
Q:What kind of material is good for windowsill stone?
Small windowsill or marble is good. If it is too wide, or with quartz stone it.
Q:Sliding window is not a fixed window?
This is not strict rules, generally do not need to install this fixed window, if any, will usually be installed in the kitchen
Q:Is the window plate having the specified thickness?
The length of the window plate in the depth of the wall according to 60mm on each side, the window plate thickness calculated in accordance with 35mm.
Q:How to install a wooden windowsill board
In the same room, the windowsill plate should be mounted at the same height and maintained horizontally. Width of more than 150mm of the sill board, put together should wear dark band. Window plate at both ends of the height difference between the tolerance of not more than 2mm; both ends of the window from the length of the difference between the allowable deviation of not more than 3mm.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows compared to its advantages where?
Reduce the heat conduction: the use of heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy, the thermal conductivity of 1.8 ~ 3.5W / ㎡ k is much lower than the ordinary aluminum alloy profiles.
Q:Why the windowsill under the beam?
Under the windowsill should be called "pressure top", the general width and wall width, length is greater than the window hole 400mm, that is, one side to the wall 200mm, mainly used to reinforce the window under the brick wall, fixed aluminum window nail nail in the windowsill Above the top of the concrete, so that aluminum windows are fixed above and below the concrete, the side of the window is only fixed on the brick wall.
Q:What is the height of the bay window to the ground?
For the floating window of the height of the ground, the state has the relevant provisions. According to the "Civil Building Design General" GB50352-2005 provides: ordinary residential windowsill should not be less than 0.9m, if less than 0.9m, should take protective measures, such as the use of fence or in the lower part of the window set the equivalent of railings height of the protective window , Protection height of not less than 0.9m.

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