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1.Structure of Alumiunm Window and Door 

Aluminum Window and door can be used for many buildings ,have many types : aluminum sliding , hung window , casement window ect ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low-e glass .it's very beautiful , durable and new design .

2.Main features of Aluminum Window and Door 

1)Door material:0.8 or 1.0mm aluminium 
3)Glass:Double glass Aluminum Window and door Specification 
4)Service:2 years after service

5)Beautiful , durable and best design ,sound prooof .


 3. Aluminum Window nad Door Images 

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net

Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net                                4 Aluminunm Window and Door specification 


Sliding Door TypeCloset Doors
GlassDouble glass
CertificateISO9001 & CE
AccessoriesLock and Handle
MaterialAluminum Alloy
SizeAll size available
Packaging and DeliverySafety and Quickly


Aluminum Window and Door Manufacturer with Best Design 











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Q:Do you have radiation on the marble windowsill?
Smell and radiation is two different things, there is no radiation to detect the professional equipment to know that the smell may be the smell of decoration materials, can only open the window breathable
Q:Aluminum doors and windows are good or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is good, which is more market?
Aluminum package doors and windows are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows to upgrade the product, but the price is relatively high, the general family application is still very small, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows believe that your home for the best choice for doors and windows the best choice. To sum up, aluminum wood for high-end market, broken bridge is more suitable for the general market.
Q:What is the height of the building windowsill?
The width of the door opening of the room and the auxiliary room shall not be less than 0.90m. The width of the entrance of the balcony door shall not be less than 0.80m. The width of the doorway in the bathroom should not be less than 0.70m. The height of the door opening shall not be less than 2.40 M, do not set the window of the door height should not be less than 2.10m.
Q:What is the height of the kitchen windowsill?
General kitchen windowsill height is consistent with the height of the cabinet to protect the normal switch windows, the general height of the cabinet is the general cabinet 600-750mm, then the height of the windowsill can be slightly higher, generally between 700-900mm.
Q:Is the window plate having the specified thickness?
The size of the sill plate, the measurement should be noted that the size of the actual window than the actual large, increase the width of the exposed wall and the length of both sides of the ear. Such as the size of a single window, usually in the length of two more than 3 to 5 cm can be, commonly known as "ears"; In addition, the front also to explore a few centimeters, that is, the actual window width than the windows under the wall thickness, 3 cm. Window plate width = actual window width + widened width 3.5CM; Window plate length = actual window length + ear length (3 ~ 5CM) X2 side;
Q:How to choose the bridge aluminum doors and windows? All need to pay attention to what?
Vice box is also called box, frame. The window frame is fixed on the wall and the frame for the installation of the doors and windows is generally used for the 70 series and the following profiles. If the windows need to be covered with windows (windows), the windows need to be tiled around the windows, and the tops of the windows need the ceiling. Need to increase the box, because the 70 series and the following profiles are relatively narrow, open doors and windows will be obstacles. The advantage of installing the sub-box is that the doors and windows installed on both sides of the gap will be, not beautiful, and coupled with the sub-box can cover all the cracks, the function is equivalent to the windows and doors of the dumb, but the need for additional sub- of.
Q:What is the concept of building side windows?
The side window is usually made into a square, the experiment shows that the amount of light, the lighting port area is equal, and the window low elevation, the square window the highest amount of light, vertical rectangle followed by horizontal rectangle at least, but from the illumination uniformity , Vertical rectangle in the room into the deep direction of the best uniformity, horizontal rectangle in the room width direction is better. In summary, the side window lighting is characterized by the illumination along the depth of the room down quickly, the distribution is very uneven.
Q:How to decorate the windowsill at home?
In the design of the balcony, the main consideration of the following four points: 1, the best choice of window plate for stone table, because compared with the wooden windowsill plate, stone with waterproof, sunscreen, no cracking characteristics. 2, the balcony floor laying and the room floor can be consistent with the laying of the expansion of the effect of space. 3, balcony ceiling has a variety of practices. Grapevine ceiling, painted glass ceiling, decorative false beams and so on. When the balcony area is small, you can not use the ceiling, so as to avoid downward pressure. 4, in the closed balcony, the window of the mouth of the most likely to seepage, usually practice the window is extended to stay 2cm gap, and then fill with cement, it is best sealed with a special blowing agent to avoid seepage phenomenon.
Q:What is the height of the windowsill in public works in construction?
1.1 meters, the staircase rest platform railings height, there are horizontal sections are required to reach 1.1 meters
Q:Aluminum alloy airtight window price
The airtight window is provided with two glass sliding window guide rails and two window guide rails, and the sliding window frame and the screen window are embedded in the upper and lower frame of the outer frame. Which is characterized in that the elastic window is fixed between the middle of the outer rail of the outer frame and the middle of the frame, and the two screens are located on the outside of the sliding window. The outer and upper right and upper sides of the outer frame are provided with left and right corresponding tenon and groove, The inside of the left and right frame are divided into inner and outer grooves, and the left and right frame are inserted into the left and right frame, The groove is fitted with a resilient sealing strip projecting outwardly and folded toward the inner side wall of the outer frame and fixed on the inner side wall, forming an arcuate slope on its outer surface, the left and right frame of the sliding window The corresponding side is provided with a slope. Its advantages are anti-dust, mosquitoes and other significant role, anti-theft performance, good air tightness, easy assembly, low supplies.

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