Aluminum Seamless Tube Alloy 2000

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Specification of aluminum tube/pipe


2A12, 2014, 2014A, 2017A, 2024, 3003, 5005, 5754, 5083, 7020, 7075 etc


O F T3-T6

Out diameter:


Wall thickness:



6000mm or as need

We can provide a full range services including: extrusion, anodizing, machining . we  produce aluminium extrusions, aluminum tube, seamless aluminum tube, aluminum bar, aluminum angle, aluminum channels, and industry profiles, in a wide range of commercial alloys, including 1050, 1200, 2A12, 2014, 2014A, 2017A, 2024, 3003, 5083, 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6063A, 6082, 6463, 7020, 7075 subject to temper requirements and product specification.  

Q:The hollow aluminum existing 334*20*1220, two middle circle, one direction is about 500 for the long drum hit, surface hardness is 100HB, what's the way to the middle place into circular drum!
Aluminum tube is a kind of nonferrous metal pipe, which is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is extruded into a hollow metal tube with longitudinal length. English Name: alumin (I) um tube; alumin (I) um pipe may have one or more closed vias,
Q:What's the difference between the 7075 aluminum tube and the 6063 aluminum tube?
The size is different, the quality is different, first of all, 6061 and 6063 are not antirust aluminum series, antirust aluminum series is 505257545083, and so on, the latter f state is rolling state, h112 generally refers to the rolling state of 5xxx
Q:How can copper tubes be plated?
According to the principle of the electrolytic cell, it can be completed! Do this: aluminum cathode of a power supply, a bobbin is connected with the anode, in the aluminum sulfate solution, can be completed! You can check to prevent accidents. Thank you for your attention
Q:Is the Haier refrigerator a copper tube or an aluminum tube?
Stop use, at the junction of aluminum paste and easier to justify, often place the refrigerator for a winter, it is for this reason that the refrigerant leakage!
Q:Requirements of storage and transportation in the process of import and export of 1. aluminium tube, aluminium wire and aluminium foilFor example, the temperature, humidity, packaging and other requirements, storage and transportation quality of goods.2 aluminum tube, aluminum wire, aluminum foil by import and export supervisionAre products subject to the supervision of the import and export quality supervision department, and whether or not the quality system certification is required, whether or not the quality certification marks are added?. StopWe have to do an experiment report, this thing is not easy to find ah, we help out!
This product can replace all kinds of solvent baking sealing products, applicable to all kinds of metal products over long period of rust prevention, aluminum has a good sealing effect. And for the metal copper, alloy steel, stainless steel, steel and other metal materials have excellent adhesion and anti rust properties; for lamps, metal crafts, fine locks, car and motorcycle accessories, such as electroplating tank hardware antirust bright decoration etc.
Q:Is the Bondi tube in the fridge good or the aluminum tube?
Most of the domestic brands are using copper and steel outside the Bondi tube, such a set of bending equipment to about 20000000, the general small manufacturers are not purchasing power. Now the brass also has not used directly, easy oxidation, surface green.
Q:Can aluminum tubes be sprayed or painted? What type of paint is appropriate? Will the paint come off?
Yes, but clean the surface!Processing is generally electrostatic adsorption, and mostly fluorocarbon paint. You can do it yourself.But don't hand paint, preferably spray paint, if the area is small, you can buy (canned finished products) from painting.It's easy to sell on the market!
Q:Shenzhen Jin Rongfa metal materials Co., Ltd., specializing in processing aluminum tubes, aluminum bars, aluminum plate, aluminum processing, oxidation, a variety of anodic oxidation. Sand blast oxidation. Hard anodized, colors, black, blue, red, tyrant gold, rose goldLathe kits and laser marking processing are also provided!
1., a wide range of applications: laser marking machine can be marked on almost all materials. 2., marking efficiency is high: laser marking machine is controlled by the computer, the laser beam can move at high speed, the marking process can be completed in a few seconds, online marking can be achieved. 3., marking precision is high: laser can form very thin beam, in the material surface of the most fine wire width of up to microns, can print all kinds of graphics, trademarks, bar codes, two dimensional code. Laser marking can also improve the appearance, image and brand effect of products, and enhance the market competition ability of products. 4., the use of low cost: laser marking is non-contact marking, not subject to the usual mold marking fatigue service life limit. Maintenance costs are very low in batch processing.
Q:What's the difference between 6061 tubes and 6063?
in order to improve the cutting performance, adding lead and bismuth. In Mg2Si, the Mg/Si ratio is 1.73,
Q:What heat transfer materials, such as metals, copper tubes, aluminium tubes, and glass tubes, can transmit heat more quickly, and I would like to ask what else can be used as heat conducting materials, which are resistant to heat and relatively strong. Good thermal conductivity. What else can I do besides metal?
In addition to metal, high temperature resistance, heat transfer is good for most quartz, graphite, three, two aluminum oxide, zirconia, etc., more common 1000 degrees above heaters, crucibles, etc., are mostly made of these materials. I don't know exactly what you're for.

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