Aluminium Square Pipe-AA 6082

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Aluminum alloy





square, round, flat, angle ,etc


Anodizing ,Powder coating, Electrophoresis, etc

Deep processing ability

Drill hole ,stretch bending, milling, welding, fabrication, etc


Windows & door , LED panel, heat sink , curtain wall , solar Panel Frame, rail & fence , ladder ,etc.




According to your requirement ,such as shrink wrap, plastic bag, kraft paper ,etc.


15-20days after sample confirmed & down payment.

Loading port

Quanzhou, Xiamen

Shipping term


Payment term

T/T,30% advanced deposit, the balance paid off before loading, or consulting


1,Using our moulds ,no fee

2,Using customer drawing, opening mould, usually over 4tons then the moulds fee can be refunded

3,Mould cost is negotiable base on the order quantity

Q:I do not know compared with copper tube, durable, long time will appear trachoma?
The aluminium material used in refrigerator is because:Aluminum costs lower prices.Now the processing of aluminum tube material (such as molding, surface oxidation treatment, copper aluminum joints, etc.) have reached a relatively advanced level.In the assembly design, are basically installed in a relatively hidden and protected place.
Q:Aluminum seamless aluminium oxidation welding line how to do?
Tubes are generally divided into seamed tubes and seamless tubes, general is seamed, there is also the welding line, the surface treatment of high demand, there may appear welding line, this is a decision process of aluminum tube itself, can not be 100% to avoid; the other is seamless aluminum, if it is truly seamless
Q:Brass or aluminium tube for internal and external air conditioner?
Some manufacturers for the cost on the tubes, each also has been used before, Rui tubes, not how many years
Q:How do you usually process hollow aluminum tubes? I want to make aluminum tubes myself
I wonder how many holes you have to process the workpiece? And the wall thickness of the workpiece? If it's all right, deep boring is the most professional,
Q:How to weld aluminium pipe
3, WE53 low temperature aluminum strip for Aluminum Alloy 7 series of welding, welding temperature in 380-400 degrees, the advantage of welding does not need any auxiliary welding flux, thus preventing some residual flux in the process of welding, and the welding strength is very high, can solve the 3 line Aluminum Alloy and castings. Die casting or welding.
Q:How to bend thin aluminum tube without flat
This is a difficult technical problem, you can try to make a special tool, a special diameter and elbow radius, aluminum tube filled with dry fine sand, aluminum tube heating,
Q:The length of the aluminum tube is about 180mm, the diameter is 19mm, and the wall thickness is about 1mm. It should be bent into the radian of R300. No deformation
Provide two ways for youThe 1. is what they say is to fill in the sand, the deformation rate should be within 5%, but the efficiency is slow2. is a new type of mandrel bending machine, direct cold bending, deformation rate of 5%, high efficiencyPS: do not use mandrel bending machine, because the mandrel and tube friction, tube wall will be thinned, roundness will be very serious deformation (because your pipe wall thin because), if the tube through objects or liquid, will form dirt
Q:What is the difference between the 6061-T6 aluminum pipe and the common aluminum pipe?
Alcoa 6061-T651 has excellent processing properties, corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing after deformation, color film is easy, excellent oxidation effect and excellent characteristics of good.Al-Mg-Si series alloy, medium strength, with good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Especially the tendency of non stress corrosion cracking, which has good weldability, good corrosion resistance and cold workability, is a widely used and promising alloy. It can be anodized, painted, or painted with enamel. It is suitable for building decoration materials. It contains a small amount of Cu, so the strength is higher than 6063, but the sensitivity of quenching is higher than that of 6063. After extrusion, the air can not be quenched, and it needs to be solved again by solid solution treatment and quenching aging so as to obtain higher strength.
Q:I have 6 60CM long diameter 5MM aluminum tubes, which are used on the model. I want to take it home. It is too small for me to take a plane. Can I take it with me? For advice, fly from Nanjing, transfer in Xi'an, check security two times.
In general can not carry only checked, you can specify at check-in, see if you can carry, if not, the airport where there are special packing, good consignment packaging.
Q:0 `# U5 T4 J* Z+ M+ P& F5 "| _# G& _ now refrigeration accessories vendors, sales are not heat shrinkable aluminium outer protective sleeve, is coated with a layer of red things, do not know how long can use aluminum `# O4 ` (C (g$Q8 u b heat shrinkable tube can be used for long v$! D/ J'B. Q;}; C']
Three or four years!! We usually do it here. We need to replace it with copper tubes...

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