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Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable

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Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable

Cable full name

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant crosslinking of PVC power cable


This product is suitable for power station,subway, tunnel, high-rise buildings, theaters, petrochemical industry etc. and other fixed laying occasions has special fire-retardant requirements. Rated voltage of power transmission and distribution system is0.6/1 kv . Cable product performance in line with GB12706-2002 standards, combustion performance in line with IEC332, IEC754 and IEC1034 standard requirements.


Characteristics of low smoke zero halogen cable: when the fire broke out, spread slowly, low smoke density, high visibility, harmful gas release quantity is small, convenient for personnel evacuation.Combustion gas corrosive small, also avoids the damage to the equipment.The characteristics of low smoke zero halogen cable material in ageing resistance and resistance to ultraviolet light and other radiation performance is greatly improved, so as to prolong the service life of the cable.

Cable bending radius:

Non-armored cable should be not less than 6 times the cable diameter, armored or copper cable shielding structure should be not less than 12 times the cable diameter.

Laying installation

Cable laying should use special tools, such as motorized, guide roller, etc., to prevent mechanical damage during the process of laying, away from heat source.
When cable laying and wear tube, pipe diameter not less than 1.5 times of cable diameter, when multiple cable wear pipe to prohibit the cable extrusion, the area of the cable does not exceed 40% of the total area of the tube.

Operating characteristic

1. The tensile strength is larger than general PVC wire: general PVC wire tensile strength is greater than 1.05 kgf/mm2, and low smoke zero halogen wire and tensile strength is greater than 1.2 kgf/mm2.

2. Has a good weather resistance (-30 ℃ -105 ℃);

3. Has a good softness (hardness 80-90);

4. Non-shifting;

5. Burning does not produce toxic black smoke (will produce a small amount of white smoke);

6. Has a high volume resistivity;

7. Has good resistance to high voltage characteristics;

8. Has good flexibility and viscosity.

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Q:If Not What Do I Have To Look Out For Because Im Looking For A New Power Supply Fan.
there's no such thing as a PS fan. the PSU is self contained, there is a fan in the unit, but you can't replace just the fan. You will have to replace the whole PSU.
Q:I've just bought myself a new motherboard for my 9800 GT but it isn't picking it up and allowing me to install it's drivers. I have noticed an extra plug on the back of the card and wondered if it maybe needed an extra power plug to it? If not, what else could be the problem?
everything should of came in the box, if it was connected correctly it would read the new card. once its running, you'll be satisfied.
Q:I'm using macbook air,and the charger is plugged into it,the battery is full right now,so where is the power source from when it's running?Battery or directly from cable?
I see power cable that is direct power. Mac book charges its laptop battery while working like other laptop as well. As Apple applies some distinctive technologies, they have their own standard in some fields. Then is there anything special to maintain Mac book battery? The key point to extend the battery on laptop's life is quite simple and easy. Most users expect that their battery can be used as long as it can. Mac book users bad habit indirectly result in short battery life no matter the Mac book battery or other common batteries. The following illustrations are obvious to show you how to achieve it. Once you start your Mac book, press the dimming button to lower the screen brightness. Then check the ongoing programs. These operating programs consume a lot power. The next step is to adjust energy saver options. Otherwise, you Mac book will use up the battery power once you leave it idle. More over, CD-driver is another big consumer of laptop battery power. Take out of the CD from the drive if you have no special use.
Q:I need a replacement power cable for an ASUS VH222H monitor ASAP.Would this work?
the end that goes into your computer... compare that to what you see in the package.
Q:One of my ottocinclus is munching on a little brown algae that's on the aquarium heater's power cable. Not dangerous, I guess? I don't think they can actually bite through it and expose the wire...?
No problem, it's just scraping the algae off. Might get though the cable itself in couple of 100 years or so, so nothing to worry about. Ian
Q:I'm going to be running 1/0 gauge power wire in my car. My amp only accepts 4 gauge. Is it better to run 1 the whole way through and use power cable adaptors to fit the amp or run the 1 gauge into a distribution block that sizes the output wire down to a 4?
1 gauge to the d-block, 4 to the amps/caps.
Q:I have a Parrot Boombox bluetooth speaker but am missing the power cable. Can you look at this picture and tell me what kind it is and where I might get one?
maximum all DVD drives drivers are geared up into residing house windows. you are able to examine the producers internet site to ensure if there are any extra drivers accessible. The IDE cable is the flat one a pair of million.5 inches in width and could be plugged into the midsection. skill could be a tannish white looking cable with 4 wires out of it on the left hand ingredient ofpersistent looking from front ofpersistent. Audio cable if there is one is a small oblong cable with a clip to hold in place on the splendid ingredient of thepersistent. Alot of cases interior the previous as quickly as I even have seen this mistake thepersistent has long gone out and had to get replaced. desire this permits
Q:Question says it all.
Yes that is good the bigger your power cable the better. If it is bigger it will cause less resistance and energy will flow much more freely and this will mean your music will sound much clearer i personally run 1 guage to all my amps.
Q:What is the parallel use of the power cable
When using power, standby power, basically no radiation, can be considered negligible
Q:Well I guess the more general question is:Are quot;twin power cablescompatible with 12v accessories and motorcycle batteries to make a safe running circuit?
In principle, yes, but it also depends on the type of bulb (single or twin-fillament). But you better have someone do it for you if you're not familiar with this kind of circuitry. There is risk of shorts and fire, unless you are sure of what you're doing.

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