CECOX High Voltage-192V 10KWH Floor Stand Battery

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5000 pc/month
192V 10KWH
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Item specifice

Product Specification:
192V 10KWH
Nominal Capacity:
Nominal Voltage:


Product ModelHV-BOX1-192
Product Specification192V 10KWH
Nominal Voltage 192V
Nominal Capacity50Ah
Cell TypeLTP
Standard Charge Voltage 219V
Max Charge Current1C
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage4 Levels Battery Management Protection
Max Discharge CurrentCAN
Protection Level4 levels Battery Management Protection
Communication InterfaceCAN
Cycle Life>=6000 Cycles (80% DOD)
Charge Temperature Range0~65℃
Discharge Temperature Range -20~65℃
Parallel FunctionSupport 10 Units in Parallels
Installation Method(Floor Mounted Type)
Test Condition :80% DOD, 0.2C charge & discharge @ 25 ℃


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Q1: Are you a trading company?
A1: Yes, we are a professional trading company that can help customers find the most suitable products and provide the most suitable solutions.

Q2: What's your product range?
A2: We can provide you with mainstream and reliable products in the market, including lithium batteries, photovoltaic modules, inverters, etc

Q3: Why choose us?
A3: Reliable-- Our certifications like ISO , TUV is our commitment to quality and safety for our lithium batteries.
     Flexible--We can integrate market resources for you and provide you with the most suitable purchasing plan.

Q4: Are these products guaranteed
A4: Yes, they have 12-years product warranty and 25-years performance warranty.


Q5:Can your company provide samples?

A5:Yes, our company can provide samples for you.

Q:How should the battery be well maintained?
So the proposed owners if the vehicle long-term stop, but also 2 to 3 months for the battery for a charge.
Q:What kind of battery is divided into?
Ordinary battery: ordinary battery plate is composed of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap.
Q:80ah how much battery storage capacity?
0AH storage is 80AH ah If the actual storage capacity will have to see the brand. I have seen 100AH only 24 pound. This is not even 60AH.
Q:What is the meaning of the battery above 12v65Ah?
12V is said to be the voltage, 65Ah is the current. (A is the unit of current. H is the time unit .1 hours.)
Q:What is the difference between a maintenance-free battery and a conventional battery?
As a result of maintenance-free batteries using lead-calcium alloy grille, the amount of water generated when charging less water evaporation, coupled with the shell with a sealed structure, the release of sulfuric acid gas is also very small, so it compared with the traditional battery, With no need to add any liquid, the wiring pile head, wire and body corrosion less anti-overcharge capacity, starting current, power storage time is long, by the car people welcome.
Q:What battery does the van use?
The battery is mainly composed of tube positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery compartment, battery cover, pole, injection liquid cover and so on. The electrode of the exhaust type battery is made of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is lower than the energy (that is, per kilogram of battery storage power), short life and routine maintenance frequently. Old ordinary battery life of about 2 years, and the need to regularly check the height of the electrolyte and add distilled water. However, with the development of science and technology, lead-acid battery life becomes longer and maintenance is also more simple.
Q:How to determine the battery is good or bad?
Instrument test: the general use of battery discharge tester, the test instrument two positive and negative clamp were holding the battery positive and negative electrodes, press the test button to observe the test instrument instructions.
Q:How to deal with waste batteries?
Laboratory recycling method: ordinary dry battery is cylindrical, the outer cylinder made of zinc, the zinc cylinder is the battery negative; tube central carbon rod for the positive; tube for the manganese dioxide, ammonium chloride and chlorination Zinc.
Q:What are the advantages of maintenance-free batteries?
Maintenance-free battery because of its normal charging voltage, the electrolyte only produce a small amount of gas, so throughout the use of the need for the addition of distilled water, in the normal charging system, do not need to remove the charge from the removal. But in the maintenance of the proportion of its electrolyte should be checked.
Q:Maintenance-free battery how to detect it?
When using a maintenance-free battery, it is easy to think that maintenance-free is the idea that no maintenance is required. Maintenance-free Although maintenance costs and times can be reduced, but for the appearance of the clean-up is essential, so that "maintenance-free" more point to the battery inside.

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