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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Wire Description:

Aluminum Wire made from high-quality electrolytic pure aluminum metal with finishing process, with the feature of good performance. It is a plated wire special use for vacuum evaporation coating machine, mainly used in coating automotive headlight, mirror, audio and various small appliances, computers, clocks , watches, toys cell phones, reflective cup, cosmetics caps, glass, Christmas gifts, etc.


Aluminum wire and rods are increasingly being put to use in turneries for the manufacture of precision parts. Apart from the known classic alloys, we also offer heat-treatable materials with chip breaking characteristics and allow susceptibility to building-up edges.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Wire:

Acid and alkali resistant

Good corrosion resistance

Good toughness and high strength.

Easy to bend and easy to shape

3. Aluminum Wire Images

Aluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High QualityAluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High Quality

4. Aluminum Wire Specification



Wire Diameter(mm)


Aluminum content


Magnesium content


Tensile strength


Electrical conductivity % IACS




Resistance rate(MAX)




1)How about the quality?

We are a state-owned company and we have a professional Inspection Team to test the quality before shipment.

2)How about the delivery time.

It depends on your quantity. In general, it is about 25days

3) What is your payment?

TT or LC

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Q:With a broken rod can pine, or drill drilling with curved hair?
May take. The best drilling rod or broken tape and rope protection on thick aluminum wire with large camber after bending, if several times with dry soil, take good.
Q:A thin aluminum wire similar to a thin wire
It shows by wire, aluminum wire and the volume of the same, but the iron density than aluminium, can be used for quality balance of two metal rods, the quality is good, the quality of the aluminum bar is small; can be distinguished according to different material density.
Q:Oneself DIY a charging treasure, the drawings are poor, the final welding, copper wire also has, that master taught me, welding, do not burn dissolved aluminum water?
You'd better take the small circuit board off the board, or it will conflict with the circuit above, and will not play the biggest role of the electric board
Q:Stainless steel soup bucket leaking how to do?
You can find a better welder to repair it.
Q:Why is aluminum wire difficult to react with dilute sulfuric acid by hydrochloric acid reaction?
Hypothesis: Aluminum Sulfate Precipitates attached on the surface of aluminum to stop the reaction to continue the experiment design: take a bar for a period of time, immersed in dilute sulfuric acid, to see bubbles continue to build out, wash or scrape the surface of aluminum white material, aluminum strip again immersed in dilute sulfuric acid, if again bubble formation the hypothesis that.
Q:Why does the reaction between aluminum wire and copper sulfate solution lead to the upper layer of aluminum wire?
The solution of the lower layer, because of the slow diffusion of copper ions, does not react and still retains the blue color
Q:Is it OK to use 6 square aluminum wire for transformer high voltage wire?
No way! Because of the small current passing through the 10kV conductor, the mechanical strength should be taken into account in the selection of cross section, followed by safe overcurrent, voltage drop, and allowable temperature rise. Current requirements: overhead lines should be greater than or equal to 70mm2, the cable is greater than or equal to 50mm2.
Q:Why copper wire instead of enameled wire can cause short circuit?
Copper wire can replace the fuse, but there is a big premise, that is, must pay attention to the current value of the circuit and copper wire allowable current and fuse current.
Q:While wearing a mask, a halitus how to not let the glasses?
But the effect is the same), when put up with the right thumb and forefinger gently pinch, bending aluminum wire naturally and paste on both sides of the nose, with the face is flat, breathe when gas could not run up, then a frame at the top, to call an insurance..
Q:How to use and maintain straightening and breaking machine
Straight wire straightening machine is known as machine, its purpose is to include steel wire, wire, cold drawn wire, galvanized wire, triangular wire diamond wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire and wire material through the straightening cylinder or straightening straightening machine after cutting, automatic straightening and cutting operation process.

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