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Product Description:

1. Product Description

1. CCAM wire copper clad aluminum magnesium is a composite wire consisting of an aluminum core and magnesium alloy wire clad with copper.

2. Even though the material is 85~90% aluminum, the wire has high frequency;

3. Copper clad aluminum and magnesium alloy CCAM wire is widely used in applications requiring the conductivity of copper while retaining much of the weight advantages of aluminum.

2. Product Characteristic

1. CCAM wire copper clad aluminum magnesium is a composite wire consisting of an aluminum core and magnesium alloy wire clad with copper.

2. Even though the material is 85~90% aluminum, the wire has high frequency;

3. Product Specification


Conductor Characteristic







Copper Percent in Volume(%)








Length Comparison based on same Diameter and same weight








Tensile strength(Mpa)









4. Our Service:

1. We can quick delivery by producing day and night;

2. We are the source; we produce by using our own wire drawing machine so that we are good at knowing how to improve productivity, so the lower cost, the lowest price;

3. Our team member have 10 years in the wire industry to ensure products quality; 

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