aluminium wire with high quality for bending usage

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Product Description:

1、 Structure of  Aluminium Wire Description

Aluminum alloy wire is bright on the surface, and its technical indicators are far higher than the product standards. Aluminium Wires whose diameters are above 1.17mm can be used for copper busbar, electroplate busbar and so on. Custom specifications and packages are available upon request

2Main Features of the AA5052 Aluminium Wire

  (a) Perfect temperature operation

(b) Long life

(c) Good chemically resistance

(d) Excellent thermal stability            

3 Aluminium Wire Images

4.  Aluminium Wire Specification



Model Specification(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation at Break20°C ResistivityDiameter Deviation 
 LHP-0.12  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.15  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.16    ≥310  ≥ 4  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.002
  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.18  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.005
 LHP-0.20  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.006
 LHP-1.17  ≥230  ≥ 10  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02
 LHP-2.8  ≥230  ≥ 12  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02


5FAQ of  AA5052 Aluminium Wire

 a.What is monthly capacity

 ---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

----Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.

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Q:What are the processes for LED production?
Pressure welding: the electrode is connected to the LED core by aluminum wire or wire bonder, which is used as the lead for the current injection. LED installed directly on the PCB, the general use of aluminum wire welding machine. (making white TOP-LED requires wire welding machine)
Q:Why not use copper, iron, aluminum wire instead of fuse?
Wire is a safety device for electrical wiring and electrical equipment
Q:What is the difference between pure copper and aluminum in welding machine?
It is almost, aluminum is soft as copper by the beat.
Q:My family always switch zero line insurance burning is going on?
Are you sure the burning line is zero? I can responsibly tell you: zero line is not insured! Because we use voltage is 220V, once the breakage of zero line (fuse) then the voltage by line voltage (voltage between the live wire and zero line) to phase voltage (voltage between two FireWire), which is the 220V voltage multiplied by the square root of 3 times = 380V
Q:Why aluminum wire immersed in copper sulfate solution, static?
Because the activity of aluminum is greater than copper, it can displace copper from the salt solutionChemical equation: 2Al+3CuSO4=Al2 (SO4) 3+3Cu
Q:The difference between aluminium wire and tin wire and zinc wire
Lead solder lead solder difference: Tin appearance luster see: lead solder surface look bright white;
Q:What is the best heat transfer in three objects, aluminum wire, plastic and wood block?
Give you a table right after the thermal conductivity, can also be applied to other materials of the metal heat conduction coefficient table query (W/mK) is defined as: heat transfer coefficient per unit length, each K can transmit much of W power unit is W/mK.
Q:This cable, which is copper wire, or aluminum wire, thank you all
The wire is thin, the aluminum wire is very thin and the strength is not enough, so it should be copper wire.
Q:How to bind overhead wires?
Mainly refers to the overhead line overhead line, set up above the ground, with the transmission line transmission line insulator fixed to transfer power in upright on the ground on the tower. The erection and maintenance more convenient, low cost, but vulnerable to weather and environment (such as wind, lightning, ice contamination, etc.) the influence caused by the fault at the same time, the entire corridor occupied land area is more, easy to cause the electromagnetic interference of the surrounding environment.
Q:What is aluminum wire? What's the difference between aluminum wire and stainless steel?
Aluminum wire is pure aluminum pulled into the wire, the material is aluminum, stainless steel is containing nickel chromium, titanium alloy steel, there is no difference between comparability, material difference is too big, not the same

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