aluminium wire AA5052 0.05MM-0.95MM for mesh

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 Descriptions Of Product Aluminum Wire

ProductPure aluminumCorrosionresisting aluminum alloy
Standard and steel gradeGBS301S331S5356S311
Gauge Φ(mm)0.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.0
Welding wire chemical composition(%)Cu0.05~0.20≤0.10≤0.10≤0.30
ApplicationYH-301Good plasticity,primarily used for gas welding and argon-arc welding of corrosion-resisting pure aluminum
YH-331High strength,good corrosion resistance,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy
YH-5356Outstanding corrosion resistance,high strength,exceptional versatility,,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy,especialy for 5083 aluminum alloy
YH-311Outstanding corrosion resistance,exceptional versatility,primarily used for welding and MIG welding of aluminum alloy,especially good for 4043 aluminum alloy ,Not recommended to use for welding of magnesium alloy. 

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Q:How to judge the quality of aluminium wiredrawing oil / aluminium alloy drawing oil?Industry experts hope to help answer
As the aluminum wire drawing, Aluminum Alloy drawing process in an important auxiliary aluminum wire drawing oil quality, directly affects the quality of the finished products and finished aluminum wire drawing line safety. Many small and medium enterprises, cheap purchase non-standard manufacturers of aluminum wire drawing oil, on the surface looks cheap, the actual use of more expensive! And good aluminum wire drawing oil / Aluminum Alloy pulled out of the wire drawing oil light, good oxidation resistance, not easy to fire, but also conducive to environmental protection factory. As an ordinary cable factory production, technology and procurement staff, how to judge the quality of essential oil / Aluminum Alloy brushed aluminum wire drawing oil. Below I simple to explain
Q:Is the polyurethane plastic made of transparent wrapped aluminum silk easy to yellow?
If you want permanent resistance to yellowing, you can only use the aliphatic, but the price of this raw material is high.
Q:The difference between fan copper wire and aluminum wire
The resistance of aluminum is larger than that of copper, and the heating will be great. But the exhaust fan power is not very large, but it is not a big problem,
Q:Stainless steel soup bucket leaking how to do?
Nongda with aluminum plug hole or the like and foil side glue on the line
Q:Can the cement in the iron pot be removed?
Most housewives wash pot only wash do not wash the bottom surface is wrong, because the bottom covered with inverted vegetables when he returned alone, if not always wash residue at the bottom, bottom thickness gradually thickening in the course of time, the effect of cooking heat, so must be positive and negative, washed and then placed on a stove fire drying to remove water, next time also convenient.
Q:Can I use the wire for the car radio or the aluminum wire?
Hello, the antenna is not used to conduct electricity, but to receive electromagnetic waves, the best aluminum, iron easy to rust
Q:Aluminum welding interface with black ash, foaming, dissolved aluminum wire is not good, what reason, how to solve?
In the case of blistering and black ash, it is estimated that the welding material or weldment is not clean and contains moisture and other organic impurities!
Q:How can the soft copper wire of power cord be connected with the hard wire?
Copper aluminum joint (specially connected copper wire money)
Q:What is spraying aluminum wire?
Line spray is the filamentous materials in spraying flame melt, and by high pressure airflow blown onto the other surface technology.
Q:With a broken rod can pine, or drill drilling with curved hair?
Don't change the basin immediately after you take the bend. Die was heard, a middle branch xylem of my pinusthunbergii digging light not only bark alive.

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