aluminium wire AA3003 0.05MM-0.95MM for mesh

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Resistance Alloy Wires is used for electrical heating element. Xingtai produced high-resistance electrothermal alloy products for the high-purity, low impurity resistivity stability, temperature coefficient small, superficial body Sexual good, and the higher intensity and high temperature performance and good processing may welding nature steels varieties specifications complete. Widely used in metallurgy, industrial stoves, household appliances, machinery and electronics manufacturing industries do heat resistance material.


1.FeCrAl Electrictrical Resistance Heating alloys with high electrical resistivity, temperature coefficient of resistance is small, high operating temperature. good corrosion resistance under high temperature, and particularly suitable for use in a gas containing sulfur and sulfides, low price, it is widely used in industrial electric furnace, household appliances, far infrared device ideal heating material.

FeCrAl type:1Cr13AI4, 0Cr21AI4, 0Cr21AI6, 0Cr25AI5, 0Cr21AI6 Nb, 0Cr27AI7Mo2 etc.Series electric flat belt, electric fire wire


2.Nickel chromium alloy with iron resistance electrothermal high resistivity, surface body sexual well. At high temperature and high intensity, and a good performance and processing may welding nature widely used metallurgical, electrical, mechanical components and electrical manufacturing industries for doing heat resistance material. Ni-Cr Type:Cr20Ni80,Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr20Ni30, Cr25Ni20 etc.Series electric flat belt, electric fire wire.

Product size:

wire dia.0.05—12mm; flat strip thickness 0.03—5mm,flat strip width0.2—500mm.



Main property :


Ni composition %≥77.5
Max temperature 1100
Resistance RateμΩ·m(20°C)1.07-1.09±0.07
 Densityg/cm3 7.10
 Extensibility %≥20


Cr composition %23.0-26.0
Max temperature 1250 c
Resistance RateμΩ·m(20°C) 1.42±0.07
 Densityg/cm3 7.10
 Life celerity °C/h ≥80/1300


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Q:What material (iron plate? Aluminium plate? Aluminium plate? Plastic board? Stainless steel plate? Can prevent the radiation of routers and light cats?
Grounding does not take into account time and reliability, any metal is OK, but in home it is necessary to protect the radiation of routers and light cats
Q:Can solder aluminum wire with tin wire?
Had better not, according to the chemical terms, if welded, all metal, and the water vapor in the air to form a galvanic cell, it will accelerate corrosion
Q:Put the aluminum wire into the ferrous sulfate solution. What color changes on the surface of the aluminum wire?
The aluminum wire is put into the solution of ferrous sulfate. The bubbles are produced and the gas is hydrogen
Q:The difference between aluminium wire and tin wire and zinc wire
Lead solder is lead (the EU ROUHS standard lead to a 0000PPM in the standard 500PPM) like tin lead solder, silver or copper metal elements use: lead solder is used for welding lead products for components are lead soldering tools used in components set by hand wipe lead area for lead company home products: lead left hand black marks lead yellow traces of lead solder like copper containing gold
Q:LV how to solder, seek expert advice, please everybody
Loading wire to welderThere is a knack for correctly loading aluminum wire (also applicable to steel wire), which is very important for loading aluminum welding wires and avoiding welding failures. Hold the wire shaft safely with one hand to make sure it won't let loose. Once you open the cellophane wrapper, hold the loose end of the wire with the other hand before you put it into the drive wheel. Inexperienced people usually fail to grip the loose end and cause the entire bundle of wires to start loosening. If this happens, it will not be remedied and welding operations will be greatly affected - you will have to buy another bundle of wire.
Q:How to remove the wok of the grease and bottom ash
The washing powder or clean water into the pot after the first precise use of cloth dipped in water to wipe it again, after a while and then brushed aluminum. Iron pot of the group of imitation aluminum wire (such as electric wire like) eraser, stained with washing powder, water wipe, no oil pollution. Our kitchen has not been cleaned for 5 years, it's dirty, and we have many ways to do it. Finally, we use this method to clean the kitchen. It is as white as new. You can try it,
Q:While wearing a mask, a halitus how to not let the glasses?
But the effect is the same), when put up with the right thumb and forefinger gently pinch, bending aluminum wire naturally and paste on both sides of the nose, with the face is flat, breathe when gas could not run up, then a frame at the top, to call an insurance..
Q:Household insurance box wire generally more thick?
The melting point of lead is very high, even if the load calculation, with wire fuse do is very safe, aluminum wire, copper tungsten wire is not, relatively low melting point, it is safer to.
Q:With a broken rod can pine, or drill drilling with curved hair?
May take. The best drilling rod or broken tape and rope protection on thick aluminum wire with large camber after bending, if several times with dry soil, take good.
Q:LED from chip to epitaxial, substrate, and then to the final packaging process
The substrate refers to the sapphire, crystal rod, or silicon, which is sliced and cleaned, and there is no other process. Also called substrate.

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