AA5052 aluminium wire for package and bending

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20000 m.t./month

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1、 Structure of  Aluminium Wire Description

   Aluminium wire is widely used in ballasts automotive electronics, refrigerator and air 

conditioner compressor motors, television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens, various transformers, and other kinds of electronic coil motors, electrical appliances.


2Main Features of the AA5052 Aluminium Wire

   Core number:one
Shape materials:Round
Tensile strength:110MP-130MP


3 Aluminium Wire Images


4Aluminium Wire Specification


 AA5052 aluminium wire for package and bending



5FAQ of  AA5052 Aluminium Wire

 a.What is monthly capacity

 ---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

----Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


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Q:What kind of welding machine is used for welding aluminum wire?
Can the use of imported equipment, try the inverter movement, but should not welding, this requirement is almost not up to
Q:Welding problem: the problem of welding aluminum wire with lead
About M51 low temperature wire with M51-F welding wire flux operation video, this should be a good solution to this problem you said, and the relationship is not as you said and aluminum materials, but by welding the wire itself to decide.
Q:Do choose thick aluminum wire? 1.5mm, 2mm, 1mm
1mm but aluminum wire and powder clay hardness difference is still likely to cause large post production after the inconvenience it is recommended to use the clay into a strip of aluminum wire to use as a
Q:The inside of the dress is usually made of aluminum or iron wire
It's aluminum. It's covered with a transparent rubber sleeve. It's for waterproof, oxidizing and polluting clothes. It can be made at will. It's usually used in collars and hem, bags and so on. Iron is also available, but generally less, because it is easy to oxidize
Q:Pure copper wire for 1 points and 2.5 copper clad wire which is better?
Copper is good, I guess the 1 of your family is to change the electricity, the rest of the bar, in order to clean up, use 3*1.0 (RVV)
Q:Why does the reaction between aluminum wire and copper sulfate solution lead to the upper layer of aluminum wire?
The solution of the lower layer, because of the slow diffusion of copper ions, does not react and still retains the blue color
Q:What is the iron chromium aluminum wire
Iron PTCRs aka electrothermal alloy, has high resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance is small, the use of high temperature, under high temperature, good corrosion resistance, especially suitable for use in containing sulfur and sulfide in the environment, and the price is low.
Q:What is spraying aluminum wire?
Line spray is the filamentous materials in spraying flame melt, and by high pressure airflow blown onto the other surface technology.
Q:While wearing a mask, a halitus how to not let the glasses?
Pull the upper edge of the mask to the nose cap and pass through the nose. Use the glasses on the respirator and press the respirator. When you breathe, feel the air flow down, so that will be fine
Q:With a broken rod can pine, or drill drilling with curved hair?
Don't change the basin immediately after you take the bend. Die was heard, a middle branch xylem of my pinusthunbergii digging light not only bark alive.

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