aluminium wire 0.025mm with low price from China

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  aluminum alloy wire is bright on the surface, and its technical indicators are far higher than the product standards. It is also easy to weave. Wires whose diameters are diverse from 0.12mm, 0.155mm, 0.16mm to 0.18mm are applied to varieties of outer conductor braided wires of data cables for shielding. Wires whose diameters are above 1.17mm can be used for copper busbar, electroplate busbar and so on. Customed specifications and packages are available upon request.


Chemical Composition(Max Mass Fraction)/%:



Main attributes:

Model Specification(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation at Break20°C ResistivityDiameter Deviation 
 LHP-0.12  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.15  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.16    ≥310  ≥ 4  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.002
  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.18  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.005
 LHP-0.20  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.006
 LHP-1.17  ≥230  ≥ 10  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02
 LHP-2.8  ≥230  ≥ 12  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02



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Q:Welding problem: the problem of welding aluminum wire with lead
Should solder it with solder? Lead poisoning! In addition, the welding is not tight, and solder (solder paste) is also concerned, and its role is to clean the joints, to ensure the quality of brazing, please change the solder try.
Q:How to judge the quality of aluminium wiredrawing oil / aluminium alloy drawing oil?Industry experts hope to help answer
Flash point (Flash Point), also known as quenching, refers to under specified conditions, minimum temperature flash fire when the mixture and flame contact heating oil escaping steam and air, with C said. Aluminum wire drawing oil consists of oil and water two, oily flash point should be greater than 180 degrees, the water is not water before the flash point is greater than 100 degrees, the water after burning. Low flash point drawing oil is easy to fire, smoke, cause a safety hazard. AMTT aluminum wire drawing oil and Aluminum Alloy drawing oil flash point for high flash point drawing oil (220 degrees -230 degrees Celsius), deflagration phenomenon does not appear in the high temperature drawing process, eliminate safety hazards, non low quality, low price drawing oil can be compared.
Q:What type of cable should be used for direct buried lighting cables?
Commonly used armored forms are: steel tape, aluminum tape armored, steel wire, aluminum wire armored, steel and steel wire composite armor, etc., according to the protective characteristics of cables, choose different forms of armor.
Q:What's the side effect of washing aluminum wire basin with detergent?!
Magnesium and oxygen reaction at room temperature: see magnesium was black, polished with sandpaper is silver white. Do magnesium combustion experiments, to note that the crucible clamp, below the mat of asbestos net. Magnesium is ignited, combustion, produce a dazzling light, the formation of white smoke, put a lot of heat; 2Mg+O2 light - 2MgO.
Q:What material is it fill aluminum pot
Or use the scrap aluminum toothpaste tubes apart to wash twisted into the stick, twist more tightly as possible, according to the size of sand thickness, cut into pieces, riveting in trachoma, wiping point around the white cement or lime putty.
Q:Can I use the wire for the car radio or the aluminum wire?
Aluminum, of course, has a strong aluminum transmission
Q:The difference between traditional resistance welding and aluminum wire welding
The former requires the medium, and the latter does not need to work directly on the base metal.
Q:This cable, which is copper wire, or aluminum wire, thank you all
Look at the price, if it is of good quality, it will use copper wire or even silver plated wire
Q:How to bind overhead wires?
Mainly refers to the overhead line overhead line, set up above the ground, with the transmission line transmission line insulator fixed to transfer power in upright on the ground on the tower. The erection and maintenance more convenient, low cost, but vulnerable to weather and environment (such as wind, lightning, ice contamination, etc.) the influence caused by the fault at the same time, the entire corridor occupied land area is more, easy to cause the electromagnetic interference of the surrounding environment.
Q:Why copper wire instead of enameled wire can cause short circuit?
Copper wire can replace the fuse, but there is a big premise, that is, must pay attention to the current value of the circuit and copper wire allowable current and fuse current.

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