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HZ-S221 is a kind of copper and zinc brazing alloy, and available for gaseous flame brazing, high frequency brazing, furnace brazing, resistance welding etc. HZ-S221 has good welding performance, and it is widely used for brazing of copper and copper alloy, steel, copper nickel alloy, gray cast iron, cemented carbide etc. It could replace H62 filler metal and be used as wire of brazing brass. HZ-S221 is a special brass brazing filler metal that contains tin and silicon. While tin improves fluidity, silicon controls evaporation of zinc, and eliminates gas hole to get an excellent welding process. Because of good corrosive and toughness, HZ-S221 is often used by surface welding worn parts of metal, such as bearing valve sealing surface, propeller. HZ-S221 brass wire should work together with copper gas welding flux when oxyacetylene gas brazing.


Item Number:HZ-S221

Chemical Composition (%):Cu 59-61, Sn 0.8-1.2, Si 0.15-0.35, Zn Remain,

Melting Point:890-905°C

Recommended Temp.:910-945°C

Advantages and Usage:For brazing copper and copper alloy, steel and cast iron in the method of flame brazing, furnace brazing and induction welding


Caution:1.The surface of oil and oxide on the work pieces should be cleansed carefully before brazing .

2. Preheat the work piece to 400 to 500°Cbefore brazing.

3. Matching flux should be used together when brazing.

4.Neutral flame or slight oxidizing flame could be used when flame welding. Appropriate decrease welding temperature, increase welding speed, reduce residence time of molten pool in high temperature to lessen the evaporation and oxidation of zinc.

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Q:The same thick copper wire and copper strip. Is that conductive well?
For DC, conductive material is the same length as the resistivity, section size, the conductor made the same material, the resistance value is the same, the conductor length, the smaller the cross-sectional area, the greater the resistance value; if the resistivity of the materials are not the same, the resistance rate of small resistance. A good conductivity, all kinds of copper in substantially less resistivity;
Q:High marks for instruction! Wire industry related standard for broken copper wire
In 2002, the European Union promulgated the product standard EN 13602 for copper wires for conductors. Its full name was copper and copper alloys - cold drawn round copper wires for the manufacture of electrical conductors. The promulgation of this standard, as a unified standard of the European Union and the national standards of Member States, has replaced the original national standards of Member States, such as DIN 40500 and BS 4109, which we are very familiar with.
Q:What's the appearance of sandpaper, rough aluminum wire and rough copper wire surface with sandpaper?
All of the above products after grinding will appear ecru, grinding to a certain extent, will appear the effect of wire drawing
Q:Do all electric machines use aluminum wire instead of copper wire now?
Because of the low melting point of aluminum, the main problem is the short time heat resistance of the equipment. For the motor equipment, the short-time heating is higher, so it is technically impossible to avoid
Q:How to use copper wire lead and crochet Chuan Xingyue?
In front of the hook small and deep words, then wear into the hole, pull out the line can be, very simple, do not bother, if you have to use copper wire, it is to copper wire on the bend, hook line, wear beads on it
Q:Can household copper wire be cut by fire?
Finally, it is concluded that the flame temperature of the candle is close to the melting point of copper, and the oxidation rate of copper wire is accelerated at high temperature. The heat released by oxidation leads to the melting point of copper wire and reaches the melting point.
Q:Wire, copper wire, why some copper wire can be easily twisted together, and some twisted together and bounced back to the original state?
Of course, it is very easy, can be twisted together well, pure copper is very soft, and that twisted together and bounced back to restore the status quo, is a genuine shoddy products.
Q:Is the copper wire strong or the steel wire firm?
Relatively reliable, but the choice should pay attention to the material, and now the domestic like the magic mold, electrical and many other electric hoist are used in the ring chain, very popular with everyone.
Q:The net is inserted into the crystal head. Do you want to leak the copper wire first?
Under normal circumstances, the line is not exposed, and this is a standardized approach.Of course, in many cases, the amount of grasp is not very accurate, as long as some slightly exposed head. The crystal is no problem, just not pretty. For a long time it is possible to cause dirt inside the crystal head, resulting in poor communication.
Q:Ordinary wire is made of iron wire? Or made of copper wire? Which of the two materials is better?
But copper prices are much higher than iron, so considering the cost performance, many lines choose iron or aluminum as transport materials.

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