Tin-platted Copper-clad Steel Wire

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1. Product Description:

Tinned copper clad steel is made by covering a coating of tin on the surface of copper clad steel wire by hot dip method, the metallic cohesion is perfectly between the layers, and there will be no flaking off during the heat treatment or mechanical workout. The TCCS is the best new clad metal wire instead of tined copper wire. Producible scope: the diameter is from 0.10mm to 1.20mm; the conductivity is from 15% -30%

2. Product Characteristic:

shiny, excellent electrical conductivity, bearing being bended, good tensile strength, excellent welding and corrosion, with light specific gravity, can save resources of copper.

3. Product Specification

Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Number:  CCS

Surface Treatment: 

Coated Type:  single wire

Function:  shielding

Wire Gauge:  0.10mm-2.00mm

Conductivity:  16%

Copper content:  4%

Surface of ccs:  tin plated

4. Application

Main Application: flexible coaxial cable, a variety of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable, network cable, data transmission cables and so on. Tinned copper clad steel can be used in the above cable: cable conductor, braiding and shielding, the single wire conductor and other conductors. Applicable to a variety of electronic components lead wire, such as capacitors, resistors and so on.

5. Reference Picture

Tin-platted Copper-clad Steel Wire

Tin-platted Copper-clad Steel Wire

Tin-platted Copper-clad Steel Wire

Q:the quot;rite-tempthermostat was ripped from the wall, and the brown wire, and red wires - both not labled are disconnected...where do they connect? please help....rite-temp thermostat model 8050c
The Green wire generally is fan The red wires are hot to the AC and Heater The yellow wire is AC The white wire is common. Brown may be used for AC instead of red Hook the Green to the G terminal The Red wire to the Rh terminal The brown wire, I believe is Rc terminal White to W OR c (HOW EVER IT'S LABELED) Yellow to Y
Q:What good would it do to change my spark plugs and wires would it be a good idea for a 86 year of a car they've never been changed before I was wondering would it help the car out thanks for the help
sure it would help it. it would give it more power, easier starting and easier on gas
Q:I have seen 2 wire detectors and horn strobes, and 4 wire detectors and horn strobes. What is the difference? The 2 wires are cheaper.
2 Wire Vs 4 Wire Smoke Detector
Q:I wanna know how does the temperature affect the resistance of the wire.
Cold wire is a better conductor of electricity than hot wire. Atoms are closer together when cold, making it easier for electrons to jump from atom to atom.
Q:the wires are all cut off. which 2 do i connect and which is which and what is what?
Starting with the Instrument panel fuse 20amp, wire is yellow (+) coming from fuse block to the cigarette lighter. Coming out of the lighter is the black (-). If you have a test light find the yellow wire, turn the ignition on to accessories and with the test light grounded the light should come on. Then find the black wire connect the two. If you still can’t get it you can run a 12 gauge wire from the cigarette lighter fuse and then run a separate 12 gauge wire to a good ground on the car. If you are messing with live wires try not to let them arc. If your not getting any power check your fuses. Or don’t smoke.
The wires you describe control the relay that starts the AC unit. The main power wires are heavy duty (black and red if this is a 220 volt unit). The light guage wires are low voltage AC and connect to the thermostat. DO NOT joint the red and white wires. There will be a terminal for the red wire. You will have to find out which one it is. Try to get the wiring diagram for your unit from the Internet or call a service professional.
Q:I am changing an outside light with a inside wall switch there is 2 cables going to the outside box. ( 3 wires -white w/red line wire and black wire and green ground wire ) other cable 3 wires is white wire and black wire and green ground wire.On the inside switch is 3 wires white wire a black wire a green ground wire.for some reason it is not working, can any one tell me how to wire and or test for power. thank you
In a normal 120V system you will have Black(hot) White( neutral) Green or bare copper(ground). So the green wire are wired together with a pig tail to the ground on the switch (if grounded) the white wire, if neutral, should be wired together also and no connection to the switch. The black wire should be wired to the switch and the other black wire to the other side or pole of the switch. But I think you are wiring to an existing switch, meaning it controls another light already. In that case the three wires will be White(hot) Black(to the existing light) green or bare copper (ground). To find out check the switch wires white to ground If you get 120V on the white that means you do not have a neutral at the switch, or what is commonly called light wiring. With out a neutral the out side light will not work. So you have to pull wire to the switch to get a neutral. Good Luck.
Q:I'm installing a remote start system in my car, but I can't find the tach wire. Does anyone know what harness it is located in, and what color the cable is? I've looked over the diagrams, but I can't seem to find the cable that runs to the tach guage.
Tachometer blue wire AC under the distributor or side
Q:which color is the positive and negative wires on the speakers of a 1993 F-150 one is red and one is black..
Normally okorder /... 1993 Ford F150 Truck Car Radio Wire Diagram Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Green/Yellow Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Black Car Radio Ground Wire: Red or Black Car Radio Illumination Wire: Blue/Red Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A Car Stereo Antenna Trigger: N/A Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Orange/Green Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black/White Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Green Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black/White Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Pink/Green Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Pink/Blue Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Pink/Blue Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green/Orange
Q:Hello, I have a 4 year old Trane XR12 unit. Recently the compressor fan is noisy, and now stops when when under power after 5-10 min. The main fuses and breakers are fine, the fan spins freely when turned, the contactor pulls in fine, the dual capacitor checks out. But, the wiring of the capacitor does not match wire diagrams. Could this have caused the fan motor to prematurely fail?..............................Terminal: C red wire, FAN brown wire, HERM has both orange and purple. Schematic shows the purple wire should be with red wire on common C. The purple also leads to fan.
Hi, I looked at the schematic on-line. If you still have the original fan motor in the unit then you are correct. The center terminal on the capacitor should have the red wire from the T1 terminal of the contactor, the red wire from the compressor, and the purple wire from the fan. The FAN terminal should have the brown wire from the fan. The HERM terminal should have the orange wire from the compressor. The black wire from the fan and the black/blue wire from the compressor should lead back to the T2 terminal of the contactor. Again, that is if the motor is the original motor. If it was replaced at some point in time, the wiring colors can change from manufacturer to manufacturer, in which case it's possible that the new motor is wired correctly. There should be a diagram on the motor to show you the correct wiring configuration.

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