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Copper sheet
1.Model: C11000 T1 T2 T3 T4
2.Thickness: 0.05MM to 2.00MM
3.Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,

Copper Plate

Our Products are widely used in lead frame material, solar photovoltaic ribbon, transformers, radio frequency cables, copper clad alaluminum, heat exchangers, electronic stamping and other industries
Model: C1100, T2, TP2, TU2, and other kinds of grades
Thickness: Range from 0.05MM to 2.00MM
Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,
Piece weight: 5000kg max

Industry species:
1, Radio-frequency cable: The length can reach 6000meters in 0.2mm thickness
2, Transformer: Patented trimming, ensure the edge in right angle
3, Photovoltaic copper belt: 100%conductivity, 45 hv
4, Copper cladding aluminum: Applied in wire
5, Electronics: Clean surface, steady tolerance, neat ribbon, used for electroplating and high speed punch
6, Heat exchanger: Applied in nuclear power plant and submarine industry

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Q:In addition to the commonly used DBC, what are the processes of ceramic CCL?
DPC technology, which uses vacuum sputtering to copper plating, is a step closer to other processes. The utility model has the advantages of high precision, good flatness and good combining force (relative range of use), and can pass through holes.The disadvantage is that this technology can only produce thin sheet (thickness of 300 m), and its higher cost, limited production, resulting in regular shipping time is not in time. Currently on the market the use of this technique in Taiwan Tongxin
Q:What about the quality of printing business cards, copper plates and paper?
300G copper paper business card is no problem, it is better to cover a sub film, the effect will be better. But for the current business card market, the paper business card should be the lowest end of the business card. If there are no special requirements, copper paper is the most economical.
Q:What should be done after stamping the copper?
If you are using its sealing properties, usually should be annealed to reduce its hardness, the concept of copper is relatively vague, the national standard marked "T1/T2/T3".
Q:1 mm copper plate with what method of welding is not deformed, and to leak proof?
Solder is an important industrial raw material for connecting electronic components in welding line. It is widely used in electronic industry, household electrical appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, maintenance and daily life.
Q:How much copper temperature?
Products are widely used in high load, intermittent or rolling movement, such as automobile and motorcycle production lines, hydraulic turbines, reservoir work / accident gate, plastic machinery, etc.. Various types of copper alloys can be supplied according to the working conditions used.
Q:What is a carved copper plate?
Copperplate engraving is engraving directly on copper plates with a carving machine. We use copper engraving machines to carve copper plates. With the carving procedure.
Q:Ask the copper plate for annealing and help!
Softening annealing temperature of brass H62 plate: 600~700 degrees. Holding time, empirical formula T=30+A (D-2) T----, holding time A-----, holding time coefficient (4 / mm), D---- parts effective thickness (mm), thickness less than 2 mm parts, holding time is 30~40 minutes. Copper plate T2 belongs to industrial pure copper. The annealing temperature of pure copper is 500~700 degrees. (the annealing temperature of high purity copper is 400~450 degrees). The holding time is referred to brass.
Q:Why did Conany ask people to touch the copper plate to see if there was potassium cyanate in his hand?
Because potassium cyanate and copper chemical reaction, there is a phenomenon to detect whether there is potassium cyanate.
Q:What's the difference between double adhesive tape and copper paper adhesive?
Also known as coated paper coated paper printing, this paper is coated with a layer of white pulp, paper after pressure. Light and made of paper. The surface is smooth, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution, thickness, flexibility of small, and has good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties. The absorption of ink and receive very good condition. The product is mainly used for sample coated paper printing pictures, cover, Ming Xin piece, exquisite and color trademarks. Copperplate printing pressure should not be too large, to use offset printing ink resin based ink and light. To prevent back and dirt, can be used with anti dirty agent, dusting and other methods. The authority of your
Q:Is copper copper in futures?
Impurities in crude copper such as iron and zinc, which are more active than copper, are dissolved together with copper to form ions (Zn and Fe). Since these ions are not easy to precipitate compared with copper ions, it is possible to prevent them from precipitating on the anode as long as the potential difference is properly adjusted. Less active impurities than copper, such as gold and silver, are deposited at the bottom of an electrolytic bath. The copper plate, called electrolytic copper, is of high quality and can be used to make electrical products. Deposited at the bottom of the electrolytic bath is called "anode mud", which is rich in gold and silver, and is very valuable. Removal and reprocessing are of great economic value.

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