High Performance Refrigeration Copper Pipe for Refrigerating System

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 Name:High Performance Refrigeration Copper Pipe for Refrigerating


Mainly used in refrigerating system of air conditioners; high precision and pressure-resistant product manufactured through extrusion, rolling, drawing, surface treatment, and heat treatment, usually processed into finned refrigeration pipe and other refrigeration devices.

Type Specificationss:


air conditioner copper pipe


 straight copper pipe,pancake coil copper pipe,capillary copper pipe


GB/T1527-2006,JIS H3300-2006,ASTM B75M,ASTMB42,ASTMB111,ASTMB395,

ASTM B359,ASTM B188,ASTM B698,ASTM B640,etc

















1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required


 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,.


mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required

Price Term

 Ex-Work,FOB,CNF,CFR,CIF etc



 TT,L/C etc

Export to

Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand,Viet Nam,Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Spain,Canada,



2 tons


 Standard export package ,or as required.


Copper pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern 

contractor in all of commodity house pipes, heating, cooling water piping installation

of choice


If you have any question ,please feel free to contact me 

we are sure your inquiry or requirements will get prompt attention


Usage: Mainly used in refrigerating system of air conditioners; high precision and pressure-resistant product manufactured through extrusion, rolling, drawing, surface treatment, and heat treatment, usually processed into finned refrigeration pipe and other refrigeration devices.

Production Equipment

      750-1500kg main frequency induction copper melting furnace, 80MN water seal extruder, LG60 high speed two-roll cold pilger mill, straight-line wire-drawing machine, copper tube/pipe straightener, polisher, 84′ copper coil winding machine, straightening-cutting & pancake coiling machine, thermoplastic packaging machine, 1.2T continuous bright annealing furnace.

 80MN extruder

Continuous bright annealing furnace

Testing Devices

       spectrum analyzer, atomic absorption analyzer, spectrophotometry, analytical balances, metallurgical microscope, eddy current flaw detector, metal tensile testing machine, eddy conductivity instrument.

Hardness tester

Spectrum analyzer

Metallurgical microscope

Metal tensile testing machine

Atomic absorption analyzer


      refined copper — smelting & casting — extrusion — rolling — drawing — straightening-cutting/forming of pancake coil — bright annealing — packaging — finished goods.


GB/T 1527-2006     Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 16866-2006   Dimensions and tolerances of copper and copper alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 4423-2007     Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 5231-2001     Wrought copper and copper alloys chemical composition limits and forms of wrought products
GB/T 5585.1-2005   Copper or aluminium and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes—Part 1:Copper andcopper alloy bus bars
GB/T 17791-2007   Seamless copper tube for air conditioner and refrigeration equipment
GB/T 19850-2005   The seamless round copper tubes for electrical purposes
GB/T 26024-2010   Seamless copper and copper alloys tube for valves on air-conditioning and refrigeration system
ASTM B280-2008   Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service
EN 12735-1:2001  Copper and copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration Part 1:Tubes for piping systems
EN 12735-2:2001  Copper and copper alloy – seamless round copper tube/pipe for air-conditioning and refrigeration system – for equipment
JIS H3300-2009       Seamless copper and copper alloy tube/pipe

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Q:POLL:Copper or bronze?
Q:GREE air conditioning outdoor machine, thick copper pipe frosting, what is the matter?
3, system micro plug will cause thick tube frosting4, improper operation, filled with other types of refrigerant, of course, this is rare
Q:copper carbonate + oxygen (heat) >> ... + carbon dioxide?
copper carbonate + oxygen (heat) copper oxide + carbon dioxide Ans: Copper oxide Cu2O or CuO both are possible.
Q:Explain why the atomic mass of copper is not exactly equal to 64, midway between the mass numbers of copper-6?
Atomic Number Copper
Q:is copper harmful in anyway?
Yes if swallowed it can cause blindness nothing the hospital cant handle. :)
Q:what color goes with copper?
I would go with a copper again, or maybe a bronze/gold or silver. It seems kinda matchy, but it may be too flashy, since most of these polish colors have a super shiny finish. Plus a top coat would make it have more of a shine. So i would actually repaint your nails the same copper you have on your nails, let them dry COMPLETELY, & cut tiny strips of tape, apply them to the nail, over lapping and in all different directions, (3-4 a nail), then paint over all the tape and nails black, then right after, peel off the tape so the copper shines through. DONT LET THE BLACK DRY, it will mess it up. It will look good!!
Q:Aluminum, Water & Copper chloride experiment?
Because Copper chloride is an ionic compound, it will dissociate in water, meaning that it will split into ions. I'm not sure whether it is chemical or physical. It is most likely physical, but the ionic structure will reform when the solvent is dried. When aluminium is added, most likely, a single replacement reaction had occurred. This means that the aluminum switched places with the copper, and formed a solution of aluminium chloride. The copper will precipitate out. This is a chemical change due to the presence of a chemical reaction.
Q:What elements do copper get along with?
Element For Copper
Q:I don't have a copper tube?
Hi... okorder.com
Q:Are copper pots pure copper or copper coated aluminum?
Old (antique) copper pots and kettles were commonly of tin plated copper. Copper is relatively heavy and expensive so nowadays it is often supplied in combination with thin stainless steel on the inside and an aluminium base layer between. Stainless, by the way, is easy to keep clean, imparts a hygenic impression and reacts very little with food. First the copper then the aluminium serve to spread the heat evenly over the base so that there are no hot spots on the stainless. Nevertheless the copper mainly serves the aesthetics and it's common to have stainless on the outside of the base with a sandwiched layer of aluminium to do the heat spreading job. We who respond to your problem give freely of our time to try to assist you. If we succeeded please recognise our efforts in awarding someone Best Answer. This is a gratifying indication to us that our collective effort met with some success.

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