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What's the difference between the angle valve and the red mark?
The same structure, the quality of the same, it just wants you to sub cold hot water installation, red for hot water, blue for cold water, to facilitate identification of hot and cold water.
What tools do you use for angle valves for LPG cylinders? Lower
General design is by hand, hard twist on the line.But it is not by hand, with forceps.
Home toilet on the angle valve of Water Leakage, I changed a replacement, but after the emergence of a strange phenomenon, is the home of the water becomes super small, this is not only the main valve angle valve, the valve on the toilet, but why he changed after the whole house all the leading water becomes very small? Why? Why?To see clearly, oh, not the main valve, oh, put awayThe main valve has been switched many times, and the other one is very strange. When the other taps are changed, the place of the angle valve will hum
That and the angle valve does not matter, you check whether the installation of angle valve, the main valve is closed, not fully released, or the total valve problems. Try to open the main valve several times.
What's the water inlet for the basin and the sink?
Angle valves are normal use of GB 4 points interface, it is recommended to buy a little angle valve (copper, thickening), if the poor angle valve if broken, then the family will have flooded the water.
How about a triangle valve for water pipes?
Yes, there are four in chargeSix in charge ofEight in charge ofThe above three tubes are commonly used in home decoration products.
Angle valves are made of stainless steel or whole copper
General use of lead brass is better, easy processing, corrosion resistance, cost is lower than stainless steel
Water heater angle valve, toilet angle valve, faucet angle valve, how to choose ah?
My family has more than 2 Gao Bo filter angle valve. 4 points to 4 points, engineering the price of 40 yuan, the transfer does not increase
Is there any difference between hot and cold angle valves?
No difference. Most of the materials are the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is hot water, which is cold water.Angle valve mainly plays four roles:Switch out water outlet;