Transparent Quartz Plate

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1000Pcs m.t.
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10000PIECE m.t./month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of Transparent Quartz Plate

Packaging Detail:Standard Export Packing to Avoid Breaking (bubble wrap packing inside, wooden packing outside)
Delivery Detail:3-15 days


Specifications of Transparent Quartz Plate bubble,high purity
3.ISO 9001:2000 ISO 2004
quartz plate/quartz sheet/quartz wafers

The Max Size we can supply is 1000*2000mm quartz plate. And  if the width is not more than 205mm,the max length we can supply is 3000mm.



Further processing of Transparent Quartz Plate


Flame polishing, optical polishing, grind, general polishing. two sides polishing, one side polishing and the other side grind. Can also process the square quartz plate with six sides polishing.



Material properties of Transparent Quartz Plate


High purity

High durability

Both sides polished

Flame polished the edges

Working temperature: 1100°C=2012°F



Size and shape of Transparent Quartz Plate


Thickness: 0.5-50mm

MAX Size:1000mm×2000mm(square)

Round, Square, Rectangular and Various shapes available.





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Q:what is the difference between quartz sand, silica sand, mining sand and river sand?
Quartz and Halite Compare: Quartz and halite are both minerals and have a white streak. The different possible impurities result in similar mineral colors, such as pink or white. They are also binary compounds. Contrast: Quartz (SiO2) is a silicate and is covalently bonded. Halite (NaCl) is a halide and ionoicly bonded. Quart has a hardness of 7, and halite 2. Pure quartz is clear, while pure halite is white. Quartz is much more abundant than halite. Graphite and Diamond Compare: Graphite and diamond are polymorphs of carbon. Both (in their pure form)are composed entirely of carbon, but the atoms of carbon are bonded differently. Contrast: The difference is because of the crystal structure an bonding between carbon atoms. In graphite, the atoms form stong bonds to form a hexagonal sheet or plate. Between these, however, bonding is very weak, and so graphite is soft and easily broken apart. Diamond, though, has carbon atoms bonded strongly in all directiions, so it is very strong and hard. Graphite has a hardness of 2, while diamond has the highest at 10. Graphite is dark grey with a dull luster, while pure diamond is clear and sparkles.
Q:physics problem asking to find the wavelength of a light when inside quartz.. please help!?
A real piece of QUARTZ will scratch GLASS.---Most Gemstones have this ability,that's why they are valued, for their hardness, they look good for many years, not able to be scratched by normal wear and tear. (Diamond is THE hardest BTW)
Q:Is Quartz or Rose Quartz worth any value?
Right, iceland spar is calcite. It is much softer than quartz and will not scratch glass, but quartz will. A steel knife will scratch calcite but not quartz. The paper will tell you it is calcite if you draw a line on the paper and when you put the sample on top of it you see two lines.
Q:Can a quartz convert solar energy into electricity?
Quartz typically breaks in an uneven fracture, which is just an uneven and haphazard break. It can also break in a conchoidal fracture, which is a curved break that resembles broken glass.
Q:How could quartz be found in an sedimentary and metamorphic rock?
Real Quartz Crystal
Q:Is quartz a source of energy? If so, how does it work/where does the energy come from?
If you are talking about naturally occurring crystalline salt, the name is halite, formula NaCl. Quartz is SiO2. In mineralogy, we classify minerals according to two general types of properties (or families) - 1. crystal structure, eg sheet silicates such as biotite or cyclosilicates such as axinite, and 2. chemistry, eg silicates such as quartz.or chlorides such as halite. Halite and quartz are both minerals but other than that they have no relationship.
Q:Is the quartz valuable?
Your question is a false dichotomy... quartzite (metamorphic rock) is composed of quartz (mineral). Quartzite is formed when a quartz arenite (sandstone) is metamorphosed under high temperature and pressures. The original quartz grains recrystallize, creating an interlocking mosaic . This explains why, at the microscopic level, you are having difficulty distinguishing the two. They are identical!
Q:Is this Rose Quartz real?
Pure quartz consist of SiO2. The molecular weight of SiO2 is actually Si= 28 O2= 32 combined this gives you a total of 60 g/mol so you would then take 1.30g / 60 g/mol = .02167 so since there are 2 Oxygen atoms then you multiply= .02167 x 2= .04333 Then you take .04333 x 6.022 x10^23 = 2.61 x10^22
Q:What is the specific heat of rose quartz?
Either he doesn't know what he's talking about, or he's trying to scam you. Quartz watches are a relatively new thing, having been first invented only about 30 or 40 years ago, and they do not need to be wound up because they all run on batteries. They always say Quartz somewhere on the dial. Elgin is a very old name in watches and a very few of the really old windup ones are worth money as antique collectibles. If possible, and if you really are interested in it, take it to almost any jewelry store (NOT a department store counter) and they can probably tell you for free if it is worth anywhere near what your friend is asking for it.. Or, you might even take it to some local antique dealers for an appraisal. They usually know quite a lot about such things.
Q:How many oxygen atoms are in 1.80 g of quartz?
Our company has advanced production lines, strong technical force, and USES the unique production technology, production of various specifications of the transparent quartz glass products. Company main products are high purity, low hydroxyl quartz tube, quartz glass tube (rod), filter uv quartz tube, etc. Products are mainly used in the production of automotive bladder hernia headlight, metal halide lamp bladder, uhp lighting. Our company production of quartz glass by vacuum removing hydroxyl hydroxyl furnace processing, hydroxyl content can be up to 2 parts per million

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Location Jiangsu,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Above US$10 Million
Main Markets The americas, Europe, Australia and Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001

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Nearest Port Lianyun Port
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
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Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
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