Clear Quartz Plate

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Packaging & Delivery of Clear Quartz Plate

Packaging Detail: export package
Delivery Detail: 7-10 days


Specifications of Clear Quartz Plate

SiO2>=99.99% Diameter :25-200 mm thickness:0.5-2mm thickness tolerence:+/-0.05mm

Quartz Wafers:

Diameter: 25-200mm

Thickness: 0.5-2mm

Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Raw Material: Quartz

SiO2: >=99.99%

Color: Transparent, Colorless

Shape: Round


Material Properties of Clear Quartz Plate

1. High Purity

2. High Durability

3. Both Sides Polished

4. High Corrosion Resistance

5. High Thermal Shock Resistance

6.Working Temperature Long Time: 1100 centigrade




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Q:What is special about quartz the mineral.?
Sandstone doesn't turn into quartz. Sandstone is made of indiviidual grains that usually include quartz, but also a lot of other minerals. When sandstone is weathered it breaks down into the mineral grains which are released to the environment and move away as sand. The quartz grains are more resistant to weathering and destructino than many of the other types of mineral grains, so as the sediment moves, it becomes more rich in quartz (because the other minerals are destroyed).
Q:Is my Seiko Quartz desk clock (999.9 35.4oz) made of real gold? How do I know if it's Seiko or real gold?
Because quartz is SiO2, silica, and silica is part of ALL rocks. It's just the proportions of silica and Fe/MgO3 minerals in rocks that differ Dr.
Q:How can i separation quartz from clay for example kaolin (kaolinite,quartz,...)?
Take it to your local jeweler and explain your dilemma, I'm sure they will oblige.
Q:Looking to purchase a Quartz Infrared Heater?
Calcite And Quartz
Q:will heated sugar and water mix make an acid to dissolve quartz?
greenish colouration of quartz is uncommon, it may be a beryl, if slightly brown-orange it may be rutile. as quartz is commonly the last mineral to crystallise it often contains inclusions of other minerals
Q:Can quartz watches be stored next to each other?
Are you asking why is quartz common in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks? Quartz is a very simple, common, and durable mineral. It forms in felsic igneous rocks because Si02 comprises a large part of felsic igneous melts. It is hard and resistant to weatehring, so it tends to accumulate in sediments after erosion (eg, beach sand) and ultimately is the main component of many sedimentary rocks. Take a combination of those factors, and you've got quartz present in many metamorphic rocks. Look up Bowen's Reaction Series, and you will see that quartz is the last mineral to crystallize from an igneous melt, and therefore the most stable in surficial conditions.
Q:how would you differentiate btw fragments of clear polystyrene glass and quartz?
If you have a lot of high quality quartz you might be able to sell it to a jeweler. Another idea--in addition to okorder--is to put an ad out in the paper.
Q:Where can I buy ROSE QUARTZ in NYC (New York City)?
Quartz are pricier (Depending on where you are) but they are more durable too since their man made stones. Just had Silestone installed in my kitchen. I love the island (Black Canyon) I hate the “wall” counters (Doradus). The black sample I got before buying looks black. The counters look “milky” almost grey. I am trying to resolve this with the installer and Cosentino, but both claim since it has natural materials, there will be some color variation. They make excuses instead of fixing the problem. I should have saved myself time, aggravation and $30 a sq foot and gone with a black granite instead of the Doradus. If you like Quartz, my advice would be to stay away from blacks and more “solid” colors. Get something busy.
Q:~*~Non-Exspensive Quartz Crystal~*~?
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Our company has advanced production lines, strong technical force, and USES the unique production technology, production of various specifications of the transparent quartz glass products. Company main products are high purity, low hydroxyl quartz tube, quartz glass tube (rod), filter uv quartz tube, etc. Products are mainly used in the production of automotive bladder hernia headlight, metal halide lamp bladder, uhp lighting. Our company production of quartz glass by vacuum removing hydroxyl hydroxyl furnace processing, hydroxyl content can be up to 2 parts per million

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Main Markets The americas, Europe, Australia and Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001

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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
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