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Product Description:

Physical Characteristics

(1) with a brittle

(2) has a pyroelectric

(3) the refractive index of 1.533 ~ 1.541, 0.009 difference in birefringence dispersion 0.013

(4) has a strong piezoelectric quartz (Piezoelectric property), that is, will produce sparks when struck friction force, which is the method of flint to make fire.

(5) Common quartz inclusions are: the crystal (Hair crystal) - mainly rutile; grass into the crystal - mainly tourmaline; water bile crystal - liquid inclusions in quartz; green quartz - containing blue rutile needles; milk quartz - causes cloudy water from the fine pores; green quartz - by plate-shaped chlorite or debris may sometimes be green needles of actinolite; Aventurine (Aventurine) - quartzite green or reddish-brown interior contains fine mica sheets, also known as Yao quartz, commonly known as Aventurine. Frequently Smoke black to dark brown smoky quartz, mainly because these rocks contain large amounts of radioactivity have relations uranium, thorium elements.

Material property characteristics

1, scraping not spend

Quartz content of up to 94% of its quartz, quartz is the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, high surface hardness of Ta Mok's hardness 7.5, much larger than the kitchen knife used shovels and other weapon, is not it scratch injuries.

2, do not pollute

Quartz is manufactured under vacuum Biaoliruyi, dense non-porous composite material quartz surface pH of the kitchen has an excellent corrosion resistance, daily use liquid substances do not penetrate the interior, long placed simply liquid surface clean and bright with water or other cleaning agents can be erased with a cloth that can be used to scrape the surface of the blade retentate when necessary.

3, with no old

Dan Guangze bright quartz surface is the result of more than 30 channels of complex polishing treatment process will not be scratching knife blade will not penetrate a liquid substance, no yellowing and discoloration and other problems, routine cleaning simply rinse with water can be, easy. Even after prolonged use, the surfaces like countertops with beautiful new clothes, no maintenance and upkeep.

4, fuel vain

Natural crystalline quartz is typically refractory, its melting point up to 1300 degrees, quartz completely flame made of 94% natural quartz, are not caused by exposure to high temperature combustion, but also with artificial stone countertops unmatched high temperature characteristics.

5, non-toxic and non-radiation

Quartz stone surface is smooth, flat and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure allows bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic!

Quality quartz crystallization using a selection of natural quartz mineral, its content of more than 99.9% SiO2 and miscellaneous manufacturing process to purify the raw material does not contain any heavy metal impurities may lead to radiation, 94% quartz crystals and other the resin additive makes quartz is no danger of radiation contamination.

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Q:need some facts about quartz?
Optical flats, radio crystals, lenses, lab ware (fused quartz), jewelry, piezoelectric devices, filter frits, abrasives, halogen lamps, optical fiber for telecommunications, telescope mirrors.
Q:How does a Quartz clock work?
i love her. shes really beautiful, i love her voice (mostly in songs), personallity, the fact that she's pink, and i love any rose quartz episode. i even want my wedding ring to be rose quartz because of her.
Q:Where can I find quartz?
granite..quartz too brittle
Q:What type of rock is a quartz?
Quartz.dll okorder.com
Q:Cabinets, quartz stone countertops, joints polished?
According to the installation of 500# mill line after the requirements of the first serial number, and then open the polishing, do not cause the polishing lines form a concave convex shape in the interface; dislocation interface, polished transition section should lengthen the distance, the longer the better, and at the time of grinding by the ruler to check the straightness; marble polishing, after each abrasive polishing or grinding, should carefully check to see the smooth polishing, grinding, grinding after a cover should be produced before a trace of abrasive; polishing marble should pay attention to the control of water consumption, water shortage is easy to produce smooth surface of marble burning stereotypes; when polishing along the line direction stretched as far as possible, the longer the better, it can avoid the ripple; marble polishing faster; using high speed Polish power tool
Q:Compared to quartz stone, which is more suitable for making countertop?
What kind of material used for window sill is more cost-effective, I heard that DuPont's good advice, where to buy, and fidelity and cheap.. if the two are true, quartz stone will be better and more expensive, is currently on the international table popular trend,
Q:why is there gold in some quartz and not all quartz?
1) You don't wind a quartz watch. You're talking about setting it. 2) It should be fine. Most newer quartz watches let you set the date without disturbing the time by pulling out the crown only to the first click. _
Q:Anyone have any info on the new quartz space heaters?
Milky quartz contains no calcium. The reason that this type of quartz is white is that it contains microscopic droplets of water. These droplets disperse the light the same way that clouds disperse the light and appear white.
Q:How to cleanse cluster of quartz crystal's negative energy?
Simply put: Quartz is very hard, Calcite and Gypsum are not. To expand, Quartz is a giant covalent lattice of SiO2 tetrahedrons. Each tetrahedron is covalently bonded to the next meaning the whole structure is both regular and very tough - the Si-O covalent bonds take a lot of energy to break! Calcite CaCO3 is not only very soft, but not as chemicaly stable as quartz (infact it reacts with acid), similarly Gypsum CaSO4.2H2O is an incredibly soft mineral, so soft you can scratch it with your fingernail! Now, Imagine all three of these chemicals are broken down into sand, and picked up by the wind and thrown against say a basalt rock face. Well, it's pretty simple to imagine whats going to do the most damage. If the rock being eroded is harder than the eroding particles it's going to take a very long time for it to be worn away. Soft Gypsum and Calcite grains will simply have no or very little effect on a rockface. Quartz however is harder than steel, and this means it's going to do the most damage to whatever it's hurled at by the wind. Now it's not like a bullet or anything, but millions of grains and billions of years with good wind and you can see the results all around you - most desert erosion comes from quartz sand.
Q:what is Quartz Nozzles?
Quartz sandstone (a sedimentary rock) under heat and pressure will produce the metamorphic rock QUARTZITE.

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