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Product Description:

Quartz Stone

1.No color torlerance.

2.Hard for any scraches.

3.Fashion color for projects.



1.More than 93% natural quartz powder. 

2.More healthy for human and non-toxic.

3.Hard enough surface for any scraches.

4.Non-radionative and easy cleaning.

5.Fashion colour design for any projects.

6.Capacity of production:30,000M2/month.

7.Slab size available:3050X1400X10-30MM,3050X1600X10-30MM.

8.Kitchen top size:96"x26",96"x36",110"x26",96"x52"

9.Cut into size:12"x12",18"x18",24"x24" or OEM

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Q:What is the difference between quartz and acrylic countertops?
How many joints will the quartz stone table have?Fracture repair: acrylic table can repair damaged cracks, so that no traces can be seenProperties such as stone quartz stone countertops, Venice glass brokenChemical pollution: acrylic mesa most afraid of strong acid base liquid, such as clean toilet spirit can not spill to the table, easy to cause chemical burns, quartz stone, more resistant to pH
Q:What material is available on the bathroom counter?
The ceramic is a between metal and glass items belong to brittle goods; the current state of the thickness of the ceramic is also no uniform standard, most of the businesses in order to save costs, the thickness of which is not safe; this leads to ceramic easily crack or broken, broken ceramic water especially sharp, easy to scratch the skin even so hurt; in the process of using carefully. If the family has children's users, please do not choose, have heard inferior toilet seat broken, what is the result?! Therefore, the best choice of large brands of ceramic products, big brands in quality and service is relatively secure.
Q:Will quartz rocks become deformed or discolored for a long time?
This entry lacks the information bar, adds the related content, causes the entry to be more complete, but also can update rapidly, hasten to edit!PVC flooring is a new kind of lightweight ground material which is very popular in the world. It is also called lightweight material". Quartz floor is a member of the PVC floor, 50 years ago, Lijie RIKETT Norway company invented the world's first quartz sand floor, from the floor to the world industry has brought a new concept of application, quartz floor was born.
Q:What kind of glue on the countertop?
Marble glue。Marble glue based on unsaturated polyester resin, suitable for all kinds of stone cracks between bonded or repair the stone surface and cut marks, commonly used in various types of adhesive joint, mend and positioning and all kinds of stone stone works.
Q:Is marble good or quartz stone good?
The quartz stone cabinet table top is uses that natural quartz stone, then passes through the artificial processing, after carries on the polishing to it and then makes the cabinet table top. Compared with other countertops, quartz stone is not easy to scratch, no pollution, no maintenance and maintenance and other advantages, the most important is the quartz stone countertops can also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no radiation.
Q:Is it the quartz or stainless steel stove that is popular now? Which is practical and which is good?
Quartz stone, which is composed of more than 90% of silica crystals, a small amount of resin and other vacuum extrusion, with lens particlesAdvantages: quartz stone looks beautiful and generous, good gloss. The main component of quartz stone is silica, feels smooth and cool. Quartz stone countertops made of super hard composite quartz material, hardness is the highest in all kinds of table is now on the market can see straight, no trace is left with a knife, with the excellent performance of ultra high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-toxic and so on.Disadvantages: due to the hardness is too high, can not be combined with aluminum and other materials artificial stone, so stitching seamless
Q:The quartz stone table is cracked. Can it be repaired?
The cost of repairs is generally high, but also in the case.If the user is not used, resulting in quartz stone fracture, the need for paid fees to repair.If it is the installation and manufacturers reasons, generally within the scope of warranty.Of course, if the broken trace is very serious, there is no way to repair, and the specific situation, to find dealers to deal with.
Q:Can quartz rock be waxed on the surface?
Quartz stone countertops has many advantages with beautiful color, hard wear-resisting, health and environmental protection, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging ", although it does not need special care, but the daily maintenance is very necessary.
Q:Why is the cabinet stone quartz mesa more expensive than marble?
Not a thing, really than ah ~ ~ the same product than the price is better than ~ ~ personal view that the quality of the table or better, quartz stone is more appropriate, no seepage color, not broken. If you say to do cheap quartz stone, then, you are cheap. Marble is cheaper
Q:Table cabinets with good resistance to stone, or quartz? What's the difference?
Resistance to the United States stone is better, because it is relatively strong water resistance, corrosion protection ability
We cover an area of 40 acres, with 16000 square meters of plant area and 1200 square meters of office building space. We are a professional quartz stone, artificial marble and countertop manufacturer, with annual production more than 1,000,000 square meters. We have obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and SA8000

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 35%
South America 4.5%
Eastern Europe 4.5%
Southeast Asia 4.5%
Oceania 8%
Western Europe 4%
Northern Europe 5%
Southern Europe 4.5%
Domestic Market 30%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;SA8000

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
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