Quartz Stone with Multi Color Series

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Product Description:

Shinning Series of Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone with No Radiation and super hardness

1) No Radiation

2) High Quality

3) Super hardness

4) Extreme Duability

5) Non-Toxic

6) Fashion Color







93% natural quartz(purified), namely quartz and granite powder


7% additives, consisting of resin and color pigments


Pure Color Series


Pure white, black, beige ,yellow ,brown, red, blue, etc,


Solid Color Series


Solid color with conspicuous quartz granules


Multi-Color Series


Multi-Color with conspicuous quartz granules


Shining Series


Solid color with quartz granules and glass scraps


Pearl Series


Solid color with quartz granules and natural shells


Zircon Series


Solid color with quartz granules and natural zircon




12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm




2440*760mm, 3050*1500mm, 3050*1600mm, 2450x1250mm,3050x1450mm and 3250x1650mm, 3000x1400mm, cut to size according to request




Made by natural quartz under high technology,


(1) The color, the texture and the decoration effect is as real as natural marble and natural granite.


(2) High intensity, less thickness and light weight for constructing and sticking easily.

(3) The aspect is unification especially for large area construct.

(4) High surface rigidity, resistance abrasion, comparing beauty with natural granite.

(5) High resistance aging, close to natural granite.

(6) No toxic and environment friend.





Ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops and also perfect finish for wall paneling, reception desks as well as floor of commercial buildings.

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Q:Marble and quartzite are the basic differences between them
The marble density is relatively large, hard texture, anti scratch performance is outstanding, good wear resistance, and the texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, the most commonly used types of price of only a few hundred yuan a meter, which belongs to a mesa material economy. High grade marble mesa, the price also has thousands of yuan.
Q:Where is the difference between single and double quartz?
Quartz is a kind of physical and chemical properties of mineral resources are very stable, quartz stone quartz stone plate manufacturers are currently on the plate produced a short, the main component of the high content of quartz plate is more than 93%, so called quartz stone.
Q:Why is the cabinet stone quartz mesa expensive than marble?
The marble radiation is not environmentally friendly, non-toxic non radiation quartz stone quartz stone, seamless splicing, marble mosaic seam. Not all marbles are cheaper than quartz. The whole cabinet, quartz stone mesa 400 above a metre of price, can look for ambry factory to make ambry, [man-made stone processing factory] do mesa.
Q:Do you have any man-made stone or quartz stone with this length?
The price is not to say a roadside store cupboard with those actually home what the Home Furnishing square inside buy price a lot of the poor do not know you in which city are you also did not say is better or the ordinary quartz stone common more than 400 - this is the worst of the board do.
Q:What is the heat resistance temperature of quartz stone?
The company has high-quality mineral resources and geographical conditions richly endowed by nature. The spirit of "quality first, customer first, the credibility of the first principle, rely on the product quality of life, the risk for myself, to give customers the convenience, it won the praise of customers. The general manager of the company with all the staff sincerely welcome a person with breadth of vision calls, letter, visit the guidance.Quartz sand specifications: 2 eyes, 2~4 eyes, 4~6 eyes, 6~8 eyes, 8~10 eyes, 10~20 eyes, eyes, 20~40 eyes, 40~70 eyes, 70~100 eyes, 100~140 eyes and more than 140 eyes to 400 eyesFeatures; the appearance of a polygon, globose, pure white, high hardness, iron content, high refractoriness, sewage interception capability, acid resistance etc....
Q:Is the stove for quartz stone good?
Quartz stone is under vacuum conditions in the quartz crystal, resin and trace pigments and other materials made large size plate through the heterogeneous polymerization, the quartz crystal up to 94% of the body as the main structure, which is harder, closely, with wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti permeability and other properties decorative materials incomparable. Rich color combinations which have natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. But because the technology is not mature, the world only a few manufacturers can produce quartz stone countertops, and quartz stone countertops price is also very expensive.
Q:Is quartz stone mesa high temperature resistant?
Do not place the hot or hot pan directly or permanently on the tableHot pots, hot pots, or other high temperature appliances and utensils directly from the stove or oven or microwave can damage the table.
Q:Decorative materials, crystal cast board and quartz stone what is the difference between them? Thank you,
Quartz plate: quartz stone surface smooth, smooth and scratch free, dense, non porous material structure, so that bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic!High quality quartz by the natural quartz crystal minerals, the SiO2 content is more than 99.9%, and in the manufacturing process to purify, any radiation may lead to heavy metal impurities containing raw materials, 94% quartz crystal and other resin additive made of quartz stone there is no risk of contamination.
Q:Method for using quartz stone polishing agent
The use of hard wax (a wax, wax) will be put on friction at the start of the polishing machine ball of wool, and then coated with polishing wax wool ball on the table to walk back and forth, but in the use of a wax polishing, corner of the place is not easy to reason.
Q:Can quartz rock be waxed on the surface?
Do not put wet towel and wet sponge for a long time.Keep the quartz stone table clean and dry. Don't let the countertop have water for a long time. Don't put wet towels and wet sponge on the table for a long time. The surface of he quartz stone board is treated by special treatment such as nano polishing. Long term immersion may change some characteristics of quartz stone board surface, and it is easy to aging.
Covering an area of 300 acres or so, we have 100 most advanced production lines. We have research and production professionals, 58 senior engineers and more than 3,200 employees. We have a machinery and equipment research center, a machinery and equipment manufacturing plant, a quartz plate production line, quartz plate R&D centers and marketing centers to independently research and develop multi-standard, multi-family and multi-color high-grade quartz plate products.

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