Artificial Quartz Stone

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Specifications of Artificial Quartz Stone


1) Size: 1410mmx3050mm, 1610mmx3250mm, 1520mmx3050mm, 1520mmx2440mm

2) Thickness: from 12mm to 30mm, according to your demand.

3) Packing: Wooden case

4) Colors: Various colors for chosen, especially we can adjust the color according to your sample.

5) Terms of payment: T/T (30%deposite,70%before ship) or L/C 



Features of Artificial Quartz Stone


It is durable and maintainance free, further more, it does not contain any pollution and radiation, thus is an environmental friendly building material.

High hardness, the Moh's hardness reaches to 6-7.

Resistant to scratch, wear, shock, rupture and compression.

Excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and stain resistance.

Not being distorted, split, and being resistant to discoloration, fading.

Durable and maintenance free.

Environmental friendly building materials not contain any pollution and radiation.



Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail: wooden pallet
Delivery Detail: According to your order quantity.






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Q:The difference between the cabinet table and quartz single flower bifloral
A single flower represents the surface of quartz stone quartz cabinet table in addition to color only one color, fresh, old-fashioned quartz quartz stone surface except the cabinet table represent the background has more than two colors, more flowers;
Q:How to identify quartz stone
Is in a vacuum condition quartz crystal (94%), (6%) resin and trace pigments and other materials made large size plate through the heterogeneous polymerization, the quartz crystal up to 94% of the body as the main structure, which is harder, closely, with other decorative materials and incomparable wear resistance, pressure resistance and high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti permeability and other properties.Quartz crystal is in the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, the surface hardness of up to 7.5 Mohs hardness, shovel knife tool is far greater than the people's daily use, even with a paper knife sharp on the surface across, will not leave marks. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, not due to high temperature exposure lead to combustion, also have high temperature characteristics of quartz content of artificial stone other incomparable.
Q:Is the stove for quartz stone good?
Now the artificial stone has this, the general table of artificial stone, artificial stone is divided into three generations, the first generation of no artificial stone surface gloss, poor visual beauty; second generation artificial stone also called crystal stone, the surface gloss is very high; the third generation of artificial stone is also called Jade, the surface coating technology smooth surface, airtight, anti-aging ability is higher. There are some table made of stainless steel products
Q:What is the difference between marble and quartzite?
The geological term for quartz, usually of low temperature quartz (alpha quartz), the most widely distributed mineral in the quartz group. Broad quartz also includes high temperature quartz (beta quartz), quartz and so on. The main component is SiO2, colorless and transparent, often containing a small amount of impurities, and become translucent or opaque crystal, hard texture. Quartz is a kind of mineral resource with stable physical and chemical properties. The crystal is an oxide mineral of three square system. Also known as quartz block silica, mainly the production of quartz sand (also called silica) raw material is quartz refractory material and firing ferrosilicon raw materials.
Q:Cabinets, quartz stone countertops and cabinets must be installed between the pad?
Must pad, to prevent surface fracture, especially quartz stone, because it does not like acrylic countertops can also fracture repair, once broken will only block table are replaced; although both belong to the artificial stone, like natural stone will have radiation, but the former because it contains a large number of SiO2, the hardness is much higher ratio of acrylic. Pad to use aluminum alloy pad, along the direction of the extension of the cabinet laying (ie, general 600mm wide direction), wooden easy to tide mildew.
Q:Consult ambry mesa, quartz stone and toughened glass, which kind is OK?.
Quartz stone is mainly produced with resin as raw material, have certain flexibility, not easily broken, cracked, even a slight flaw, with fine sandpaper or 100 clean cloth can be repaired, if broken or cracked, professionals can also re repair.Toughened glass is hard and brittle. Once it has cracks or breaks, it will be crushed and can not be repaired. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose the countertop for the cabinet.
Q:What is the use of stainless steel in the cabinet table or quartz stone?
1, the kitchen is humid, stainless steel table under the pad is too easy to deformation, deformation can not be repaired, scratches can not be repaired.2, stainless steel there is a drawback is not good-looking, the vision is too cold.3, 202 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel, stainless steel in the true sense, will rust after a period of time. Stainless steel mesa a little cold feeling, take care of relatively easy. Scratches cannot be removed. Welded joint. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Q:Is quartz stone mesa radiation?
Quartz stone is not containing heavy metal sources, it is mainly made of pure natural quartz ore, but also through a series of processing after purification was used to suppress the quartz stone, the vast majority of heavy metals have been filtered out of the purification process, even if the remaining influence of a handful of particles on the human body can be ignored, that is to say no impact. Quartz stone has national inspection reports, green health building materials.
Q:What is the difference between synthetic stone and quartz stone?
Ordinary man-made stone feels "powder" a little, no quartz stone thicknessQuartz stones have small bright particles, and ordinary man-made stones are white points, and the distinction between them is obviousQuartz stone color is pureNo plastic on the surface, no air on the frontNo irritating tasteSmooth surfaceAfter striking with a sharp weapon, there is no obvious mark2 pieces of each other knock not brokenSoy sauce and so on, after 24 hours can be washed clean, no obvious tracescan't burn sth.Regular products have quality system certification, quality inspection reports, security signs, maintenance manuals and so on
Q:Will the laundry on the balcony be made of marble or quartz?
Quartz stone is better, corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. Relatively healthy, quartz stone, SIO2 substances will not be subject to acid base corrosion, hungry wear, and artificial marble generally contains calcium hydroxide, long time will be corrosion, but also prone to scratches
We are mainly engaged in developing and producing high-quality quartz glass products and CFQ tubes applied for light-sources, disinfection, chemical tubes, communication and heating equipment, and they are supporting materials for LSI. Our major products include 200-460mm large OD high purity quartz tubes with OH<20ppm, other quartz tubes with OD range from 2 to 200mm, ozone free quartz tubes, UV-stop quartz tubes, twin quartz tubes, (fishing lamps) bulb shells, quartz boats, quartz for vertical furnace, quartz pedestals, quartz tanks, clear quartz crucibles.

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