Thinking about getting a solar panel installed but i'm worried about getting the govt. rebates. There is a Federal Tax credit and a State of Florida rebate and i'm wondering what the time frame is for getting the rebates. Has anyone gotten a solar panel installed recently that could give me more info.Thanks!
In case you hadn't heard the state is broke....
I don't see much solar panels on people's houses where I live. I got a long time to go before doing so but I was planning on buying a few solar panels when I retire in the far future. In your opinion, is such an investment worth it? Would you buy them? I realize they are very expensive hence why I said when I retire. Thanks for your opinion
Solar power is still an expensive way to purchase power, as of 2007, it was 38 cents per k...
I used to live from my car and i am soon returning to that way.I want a solar panel to a battery to a surge protector so that i can use a portable wifi box and my laptop at the same time. Also i would charge my phone occasionally.I would like the charge to be enough for several days in case of cloudy weather.I just do not want anything to short circuit or ruin my laptop etc.Is thete a way to get this?What do i need or what exactly should i look into?
laptop don't get enough power....
In nature, green leaves collect light and produce energy. Is this what they copied to make solar panels? If not how hard would it be to make artificial leaves that would power our homes?
Not at all. Good guess but they are completely different processes. Solar panels use chemi...
I have a panel that quot;deep breatheproduces at 4% efficiency, what can it power, It's about 4ft by 2ft
I also doubt your claim of 4% efficiency. That strength solar panel is brand new technolog...
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