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Steel price per ton for hot rolled steel

Cold Rolled Steel Coil China Price Per Ton for Hot Rolled Steel

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
100 m.t.
Supply Capability:
18724 m.t./month

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Hot Rolled
Surface Treatment:
Steel Grade:
Q195,Q215,Q235,Q215B,Q235B,RHB335,HRB400,200 Series,300 Series,400 Series,600 Series,SS400-SS490,10#,20#,A53(A,B)
Steel coil or According to requirements
Outer Diameter:
Net Weight:
17-25 mt


Hot Rolled SteelA rolling process at temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit is use to create hot

 rolled steel. Steel products in Massachusetts that have been processed in this manner will have a

blue-gray finish that feels rough to the touch.


Our Advantage: High quality steel products from 1 class mills in China

                              Reasonable price

                              Professionalism of the products

                              On-time delivery

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Standard and Grade :


Hot rolled steel coils 





Commercial quality

G3131 SPHC




A1011 CS Type A,B,C




10111 DD11

Drawing quality

G3131 SPHD


10111  DD12

Deep drawing quality

G3131 SPHE


A1011 DS Type A,B


10111 DD13


General structure


G3101 SS330


G3106 SM400A

G3132 SPHT1




A283 GR.C

A570 GR.30~40

A1001 SS GR.30~40




General structure


G3101 SS490

G3106 SM490A


A570 GR.45~50

A607 GR.45~70

A1011 SS GR.45,50


J1392 050X




Steel price per ton for hot rolled steel

Steel price per ton for hot rolled steel

Steel price per ton for hot rolled steel



Packaging Detail

The packing of coil consists of anti-damp paper ,PVC film ,hardboard paper , steel box , strapped with steel strips, fitted with locks and edge protectors and guarantees the optimal condition of the delivered goods. Each coil can be additionally fitted with wooden/steel skids(eye of the side) or wooden pallets(eye of the sky)

Delivery Time

  within 30 days of receipt of  LC original or prepayment

Steel price per ton for hot rolled steel



Our Services



FCL, 25 metric tons per 20GP, can be assorted with different sizes.

LCL for trial order is acceptable.

Price Term



T/T, 30% advanced payment before production and balance before shipment; OR Irrevocable L/C at sight.

Delivery Time

within 30 days of receipt of LC original or prepayment


1. How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw

material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products

flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

2. How long can we receive the product after purchase?

Usually within thirty working days after receiving buyer’s advance payment or LC. We will arrange the factory manufacturing as soon as possible. The cargo readiness usually takes 15-25 days, but the shipment will depend on the vessel situation.



Q:Will a 1 inch thick A36 steel target withstand a 7.62x54r round?
It sure will. It will also be a major pain in the back side to move it to where you can safely shoot at it.
Q:I've been looking for lots of info on this steel. Cold Steel uses it now in their knives replacing the AUS-8 steel. I was hoping somebody had a knife with this steel who could give me some real first hand knowledge not just numbers. Thanks!
I carry a french knife that has been made the same way for 400 years , the manufacturer is called Opinel,...they fold up and are carbon steel and for what I do are very period correct for anything from 1700's through 1800's...any way they are very good and come in like 5 different sizes.... check and see if they have a web site....
Q:How are steel coils used in the manufacturing industry?
Steel coils are used in the manufacturing industry for a variety of purposes, including the production of various steel products such as automotive parts, construction materials, household appliances, and machinery components. These coils are often processed and formed into desired shapes through techniques like cutting, bending, and welding to create finished products that are durable, strong, and suitable for various applications in different sectors.
Q:What are the different coil cutting methods used for steel coils?
There are several coil cutting methods commonly used for steel coils, each with its own advantages and applications. These methods include shearing, slitting, and laser cutting. 1. Shearing: Shearing is a widely used method for cutting steel coils. It involves applying a high force to a set of blades, which cuts through the coil in a straight line. Shearing is ideal for cutting thick steel coils into smaller, more manageable sizes. It is a cost-effective method that can be used for high-volume production. 2. Slitting: Slitting is a process that involves cutting a wide coil into several narrower strips. This method is commonly used for steel coils that need to be transformed into various widths, such as those used in the manufacturing of automotive components, construction materials, and electrical appliances. Slitting machines use a set of circular knives to make precise cuts, ensuring minimal material loss and high accuracy. 3. Laser cutting: Laser cutting is a more advanced method that uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through steel coils. This process offers exceptional precision, allowing for intricate designs and complex shapes to be cut with ease. Laser cutting is suitable for thin to medium thickness steel coils and is often used in industries that require high-quality cuts, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Each of these coil cutting methods has its own advantages and is chosen based on the specific requirements of the steel coils being processed. Factors such as coil thickness, desired accuracy, production volume, and the complexity of the cuts needed are all taken into account when determining the most appropriate cutting method.
Q:Just two sentences on a detailed description on what the steel industry is
The steel industry is an industry that produces steel. It is one of the largest industries in the world, with China as the leading steel producer
Q:How are steel coils inspected for paint adhesion?
Steel coils are inspected for paint adhesion through various methods such as visual examination, tape test, and cross-cut adhesion test. These tests involve visually inspecting the surface for any paint defects, applying adhesive tape to check if the paint adheres properly, and making cross-cuts to assess the adhesion strength.
Q:Can cold rolled galvanized steel coils be acid washed after oxidation?
Hot rolling is made of slabs (mainly continuous billets) as raw materials. After heating, strips are made from roughing mills and finishing mills. From the last finishing mill stand out of the hot strip laminar cooling through to the set temperature, the coiling machine rolled strip steel roll cooled, according to the different needs of users with different finishing line (flat, straightening, transverse or longitudinal, inspection, weighing, packing and marking etc.) processing and become steel, flat steel product volume and slitting.
Q:How are steel coils inspected for surface finish using profilometry?
Steel coils are inspected for surface finish using profilometry by measuring the surface topography using a profilometer. The profilometer scans the surface of the steel coil and records the deviations from the ideal surface. This data is then used to determine the roughness, waviness, and other surface parameters of the steel coil, providing a quantitative assessment of its surface finish quality.
Q:What are the common methods of storing steel coils in warehouses?
Warehouses employ various methods to store steel coils, taking into account factors such as coil size and weight, available space, and resources. Here are some commonly utilized techniques: 1. Block stacking: Coils are stacked directly on top of one another in a block formation. Typically, they are arranged in rows and columns, with wooden or rubber blocks inserted between layers to maintain stability and prevent damage. 2. Racking systems: Racks are frequently employed to store steel coils efficiently. These systems encompass different types of racks, such as cantilever racks, coil racks, and structural racks. They provide an organized framework for storing and accessing coils, maximizing space utilization. 3. Coil cradles: Designed specifically for steel coils, coil cradles consist of multiple cradles or saddles that securely hold the coils in place. By stacking these cradles, warehouses can optimize vertical space usage. 4. Coil pads: Coil pads are flat platforms made of materials like wood, rubber, or foam. They are placed on the warehouse floor, serving as a base for directly stacking steel coils. Coil pads distribute the weight evenly while protecting the coils from floor contact damage. 5. Slit coil storage: Specialized storage systems are employed for storing narrower and lighter slit coils. These systems often include racks or shelves equipped with dividers or separators to maintain coil organization and prevent unraveling. It is crucial to observe safety precautions when handling and storing steel coils in warehouses, regardless of the storage method. This entails ensuring proper weight distribution, utilizing appropriate lifting equipment, and adhering to industry-specific guidelines and regulations.
Q:I am thinking of buying a stainless steel necklace, but I need to know if it will discolor. My brothers ring turned brown, but he forgot what kind of metal it was. Also answer if I can wear it in the shower because I wear my other necklace in it.
First check if the Stainless Steel is solid or just some base metal plated with SS. SS has many SAE steel grades(304,316,316L,etc) but in general most will not rust if you do not immerse in sea/salt water over long period. Some can tone to grey over time but IMO that will only add more aesthetic value to the necklace. Yes, you can shower wearing SS because sometimes I also do that wearing my SS dive watches.

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