• Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coils with Prime Quality and Best Price System 1
  • Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coils with Prime Quality and Best Price System 2
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Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coils with Prime Quality and Best Price

Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coils with Prime Quality and Best Price

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$390.00 - 800.00 / m.t. get latest price
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 m.t.
Supply Capability:
10000 m.t./month

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1.Structure of Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Description

Hot-dip galvanized steel coils are available with a pure zinc coating through the hot-dip galvanizing process. It offers the economy, strength and formability of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of zinc. The hot-dip process is the process by which steel gets coated in layers of zinc to protect against rust. It is especially useful for countless outdoor and industrial applications. Production of cold formed corrugated sheets and profiles for roofing, cladding, decking, tiles, sandwich walls, rainwater protective systems, air conditioning duct 


2.Main Features of the Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

• Excellent process capability

• Smooth and flat surface

• Workability, durability 

• Excellent anticorrosive property

• High strength

• Good formability

• Good visual effect

3.Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Images

 Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coils with Prime Quality and Best Price



4.Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Specification

Standard: ASTM, JIS,EN

Grade: CS, DX51D+Z,SGCC, SS 230~550,S220GD+Z~S550GD+Z, SGC340~SGC570

Thickness: 0.1mm~5mm

Width: max 2000mm

Coil weight:3-12 MT

Coil ID:508/610mm

Surface structure: zero spangle, regular spangle or minimum spangle

Surface treatment: Chromate treatment, Oiled/dry, skinpassed/non-skinpassed

Packing: Standard seaworthy export package

Technology test results:


Yield strength

Tensile strength

Elongation %


Common PV




d=0,intact,no zinc removal

Mechanical interlocking JY




d=0,intact,no zinc removal

Structure JG




d=0,intact,no zinc removal

Deep drawn SC




d=0,intact,no zinc removal





d=0,intact,no zinc removal




5.FAQ of Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet 

We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely: 

1.What advantages does your company have

Cement : Annual capacity of 400 million tons, No. 1 in the world 

Fiberglass:  Annual capacity of 1 million tons fiberglass, No. 1 in the world. 

Composite Materials — Carbon Fiber: Annual capacity of 10,000 tons PAN precursor and 4,000 tons carbon fiber, No. 1 in China 

Composite Materials — Rotor Blade: Annual production capacity of 15,000 pieces, No.1 in China, Top3 worldwide

Glass: CNBM owns about 20 modern float glass product`ion lines,  With annual capacity of 10 million square meters glass.

Light Weight Building Materials:  Annual capacity of 1.65 billion square meters of gypsum board, No. 1 in the world. 

Commercial concrete: Annual capacity of 0.35 billion cubic meters, No. 1 in the world. 

Refractory Material: Annual capacity of 40,000 tons casting refractory, No.1 in the world.


2.What advantages do your products have

Firstly, our base material is of high quality, Their performance is in smooth and flat surfaceno edge wave good flexibility.

Secondly, high quality zinc ingoats, 97.5% zinc,1.5% silicon,1% others, the same zinc coating measured by metal coating thickness or by zinc weight

Thirdly, high precision: Tolerance strictly according to ASTM or JISG standard even more rigid.

We have full stes of testing equipment(for t best, cupule,chromatism,salt spray resistance, etc) and professional engineers.


3.Could you let me approach about your company in Dubai?

Located at Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, CNBM Dubai Logistics Complex is adjacent to -Jebel Ali sea port-the largest port in UAE and Al Maktoum Airport-the largest airport in the world, which covers an area of 50,000 square meters, including an fully enclosed warehouse by 10,000 square meters, an open yard by 25000 square meters, and 13 standard unloading platform. CNBM Dubai Logistics Complex formally put into operation on August 1, 2013. Dubai Logistics Complex will commit itself to build the most professional and most influential building materials distribution center of China’s building materials industry in the UAE and throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

Q:How are steel coils used in the manufacturing of industrial filters?
Steel coils are used in the manufacturing of industrial filters as a primary material for constructing the filter frames and support structures. The coils are typically cut, shaped, and welded to create the necessary framework that holds the filter media and allows for efficient filtration. The strength and durability of steel make it an ideal choice for withstanding the pressure and demands of industrial filtration processes.
Q:Hi All,I was wanting to know,on the quality bikes such as Trek,Giant etc is the aluminum frames as strong as the steel frame bikes? I have heard conflicting reports on this,so thought I would ask here for more input.Thanks!
Dustin You are close, but not quite right. Steel is a great frame material, It can be heavier than its aluminum counter part, But, steel often provides a much nicer ride. Aluminum tends to be a very stiff and rigid ride that many do not like. I have had frames made of all materials. I can say that I have never met a frame material that I did not like. Check the weight of the frames you are looking at. If there is more than two pound (or so) difference then the aluminum frame would be my choice. Soccerref
Q:What is the thickness of a steel coil?
The thickness of a steel coil can vary depending on the specific requirements and application. Typically, the thickness of a steel coil can range from a few millimeters to several centimeters.
Q:Can steel coils be coated with anti-tampering materials?
Yes, steel coils can be coated with anti-tampering materials. These materials are commonly applied to steel coils to prevent unauthorized access or tampering, ensuring the integrity and security of the contents within the coils.
Q:What are the factors to consider when selecting steel coils for a specific application?
When selecting steel coils for a specific application, several factors need to be considered. Firstly, the desired strength and durability requirements of the application should be assessed to determine the appropriate grade of steel. Other important factors include the thickness and width of the coils, as well as their surface finish and flatness. The intended use and environment of the application, such as exposure to corrosion or extreme temperatures, should also be taken into account. Additionally, cost considerations and availability of the desired steel grade should be considered during the selection process.
Q:I am getting a barn soon and I was debating between wood, and steel. I think steel would look nicer [painted of course] and I was wondering which is cheaper. Any extra info would be great. Thanks x
The okorder
Q:What are the safety precautions to be taken while handling steel coils?
When handling steel coils, several safety precautions should be followed to minimize accidents and injuries. Some of the key safety measures include: 1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wearing appropriate PPE, such as safety gloves, steel-toed boots, and protective eyewear, is essential to protect against potential hazards like cuts, impacts, and eye injuries. 2. Proper Lifting Techniques: Using correct lifting techniques, such as bending the knees and using leg muscles instead of the back, helps prevent strains and back injuries. It is also important to seek assistance or use lifting equipment when dealing with heavy coils. 3. Secure Storage and Handling: Coils should be stored in a stable and secure manner, ensuring they are properly stacked and restrained to prevent them from tipping or falling. Adequate space should be provided between stacks to allow safe movement around them. 4. Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspecting coils for any defects, such as sharp edges, loose straps, or damaged packaging, helps prevent accidents. Damaged coils should be repaired or replaced, and any loose materials or debris should be removed. 5. Proper Handling Equipment: Using appropriate handling equipment, such as coil lifters or forklifts, ensures safe transport and manipulation of steel coils. Operators should be trained in the correct use of such equipment to minimize the risk of accidents. 6. Communication and Signage: Clear communication among workers and proper signage indicating potential hazards, load capacities, and designated walkways can help prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment. By following these safety precautions, the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage associated with handling steel coils can be significantly reduced.
Q:What are the common methods of protecting steel coils from corrosion during storage?
Common methods of protecting steel coils from corrosion during storage include applying a protective coating or film, using desiccants or moisture-absorbing materials, implementing proper ventilation and climate control, employing corrosion inhibitors or VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors), and ensuring adequate packaging and sealing to prevent exposure to moisture or contaminants.
Q:I wanted to get a cheapo ring and I found one I like, but it's stainless steel. Is that bad? Will it get dull and tarnished fast?
Stainless steel will never tarnish so you don't have to worry about it. It's a better choice than silver, for silver,you'll have to clean it with either a cleaner product or toothpaste. Oh yeah, and stainless steel has that cool and modern look.
Q:I have a bottle like this* Can u make hot chocolate in it. Can i heat it.I wanna take hot Chocolate to school
Stainless Steel Water Can

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