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Mine isn't so I'm just wondering what it would do.
the power noise will bleed through the lines.......which means u would have interference noise in ur system.....and even alternator noise(were buzzing/ringing high pitch whine increases with engine speed) sometimes.......
I am building my first computer and i was going to order a 750GB HDD to back up a 60GB SSD but it is a bare drive. Are there any cables/cords/connectors that i need to buy or should they all come with the motherboard?
as long as the hard drive is compatible and you have the data and power cable for the two you should be fine
I'm new to PCs and I recently bought a Dell Optiplex 745 desktop PC but it came without cables. I thought I had the correct power cord but it turns out I gave it away to friends. I have the power cable that you plug into the wall which has the standard PC kettle plug (the correct one for PCs not an actual kettle plug) that you'd usually plug into an adapter then into your PC but I'm not sure if you can just plug it in without the correct adapter. I have Googled but cant make head nor tail of it all. And by adapter I mean the cable with the little box that you usually plug into a device such as a PC, laptop or Xbox 360 before you connect the cable to the mains.Thanks.
It all comes down to the amount of output that the pc is set to take. I would think that you would be fine without the adapter, assuming it already works. If you do decide to do this make sure you set up a surge protector, dont just plug it into the wall. A power surge could fry the internals and brick the pc.
I have dell optiplex 755 @ Q6600I bought a new graphic card, HD4850it requires 2 IDE power connections,but my computer has just SATA connections.I saw sata-to-ide converter in the internet,but in my country there isn't any store that sells it.What should I do ?
You need a 4 pin molex. Yes most video cards have either a 6 pin PCI-E or 4 pin molex connector. What he doesn't have is a 4 pin molex from the power supply. His power supply only has SATA connectors on it. The only thing you can do is order one online. That shouldn't take too long to get in. I attached a link to one below. You can also just try replacing the power supply as most new power supplies come with a 6 pin PCI-E connector as well as SATA and 4 pin Molex.
What is the cable bucket in the power cable installation project?
What is the lighting type busway ah, long experience. Lighting distribution box dedicated busbar?
Recently I bought a EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS. When it came in, the card fits in my case but has 2 cables to plug in. I only have 1 cable to plug them in connected to my power supply. Should i only plug in 1, or is it nessesary? Is there an extra one I just dont know about? Please answer!
You need to get a power cable splitter that goes from two to one. It should have come with the card, if not any local computer store should have one.
At the end of every work day I shut it down in the normal way (through the Start Menu) and then every morning I return to it and it won't turn on no matter how many times I press the on button or if I hold it down.The only way I can get the computer to turn back on is to remove the power cable for 10 minutes and then put it back in and hold the on button for about 10 seconds. This is a bit of a pain but also quite worrying as the computer is new.I wonder if my computer is broken or if this is an intentional feature. If so how do I turn it off?It might help to know that even when I have shut it down there is an LED on the back that stays on. In fact it stays on for 5 minutes even if I take the power cable out!I have a Dell Vostro 260S PC. It runs Windows 7 64-bit and the processor is an Intel i3Please help techies.
This sounds like a bad shutdown. Are you sure it's shutting down and not hibernating or sleeping? As it's new, you should call Dell, but you can try this. Close all your programs and shut it down by holding the power button in until it's off (Just 5-6 seconds.) See if it starts up after that. Edit:What happens if you try shutting down with the On/Off switch?
That is a power-saving feature to conserve battery charge.