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CUMMINS series diesel generator power coverage from 16kw~220kw 。
Adopting  DCEC Cummins, it's manufacturing base invested by Cummins in China, who is specializing in low or medium power diesel engine .The prime products are 4B,6B,6C,6L series diesel engine Gen-set. with globally uniform quality standard, compact structure ,reliable capability, high ly durability, safety and emission. 


Power coverage from 16kw~200kw
Model: GF: Open type &GFS: Soundproof /Silent/Supper silent type
Engine: DCEC Cummins
Speed: 1500/1800rpm

Alternator: Stamford /Leroysomer /Marathon/ABB

IP &Insulation Class: IP22-23 &F/H
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Controller: Deepsea/Comap/Smartgen/DKG/Others
ATS  System: Smartgen/ABB/SOCOMIC /Others
Silent&Supper silent  Gen-set Sound level: 63-75db(at 7m sid


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Q:Christian / Anti-Christian propaganda?
Only the Bible claims Jesus existed. The Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus confirmed his Existence. Actually, most historians would never deny His Existence.
Q:would someone tell me how a onan generator works?
Onan is the name of a company that manufacturers generators. Usually small generators for emergency / camping /RV's. A small 8 - 15 hp gasoline engine and a generator. Either electric start or pull rope start.
Q:My neighbor runs a generator almost all day, is this even efficient?
They are in a catch 22 situation. If they have to buy street fuel to keep it running it is very doubtful they are saving anything by doing this. If they can get access to fuel that road tax was not paid for, it might be a break even thing. Generators can be found that use a lot of different fuels besides gasoline, propane, diesel and natural gas to name a few. The odds are that there is no law that can be used to prevent this and more then likely there are no restrictions in the covenants for the development either. So trying to get intervention will not work. About the only solution would be to help them get the electricity back on. But this might only encourage repeated financial problems in the future. Good luck- maybe look into a white noise generator to low the irritation factor.
Q:how can i test a generator?
The correct way to test it would be to hook it up to a load bank, which can place a full load to what the generator is rated for. You can do that by hiring a generator company to test it for you. You could hook up as many power tools to it as you can get your hands on to see if it is putting out, but it will not match a load bank.
Q:how can we synchronize two alternator current generated by two diesel generating sets?
you will need to govern them together, other wise if one is running slightly slower than the other the slower one will act as a motor and not a generator/ alternator. so both must turn at the same rpm speed. then its just wiring configuration delta - delta or Y - Y configurations.
Q:what electric generators can i buy for my home?
I'll assume you have a typo in there and you really need only 2 kW! Are you looking for something with 120/240VAC or 120VAC only? Do you plan to install a transfer panel or connect with extension cords as needed?
Q:I'm looking for a mechanical IP switch that would allow me to remotely toggle a tangible switch.?
Should be doable, except I can see a problem - How will you know if the thing started or not ??
Q:Can someone tell me about the diesel electrician job?
I apologize for not being able to give you specifics but from past experience I can guess it will not be anything specifically about locomotives, just general electrical principals. Railroads expect you to need training, as long as you are currently working in an electrical field, have good work record, and are drug free they will provide all the specific on the job training you need. Good Luck!
Q:An electrical generator without an engine?
your generator just needs to have the valves cleaned and maybe adjusted, gennies run at an even pace for a long time which builds up soot in the valves,,allowing to much air in ,, or the valves may need adjusting which would cause the same thing,,,
Q:how much diesel does an 5MW generator use?
the rule of thumb is that an efficient diesel, working continuously burns 1 gal/hr for every 15hp developed. A 5MW generator therefore requires about 6,705 hp. 6705/15 447 gal/hr in 30 days30 * 24 *447 321,840 gallons. Given that very large engines can be extraordinarily efficient, which will make up for some of the mechanical and electrical losses, a good guess would be 300,000 gallons

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