Diesel generator set 15kv

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Q:can i run a 40kvh generator on a water wheel?
(Assuming kvh is a misprint for kVA) If you can (1) get a big enough water wheel (40kVA 40 000 Newton-metres per second: you would need about 4000 kg of water per second falling through a height of 1 metre to run it at full capacity, increasing the fall or reducing the maximum load will reduce the required flow rate) and (2) ensure that you can get the generator to spin at 3000 rpm (to get 50 cycles a second) then yes.
Q:What is the dominant fuel used in back up generator systems? Can you estimate the amount each year in CA.?
I don't know about CA but where I live the predominant fuel for permanently installed back up generators is propane. Propane is used because generators can sit idle for weeks or months between power outages. Gasoline and diesel have limited shelf lives and fuel systems can clog with varnishes when not used. Propane has an unlimited shelf life and does not gum up in the carburetor. Natural gas is not available here. In places where it is available natural gas might be preferable to propane. Its impossible to estimate how much fuel you would use in a year. It depends how big your generator is and how many power failures you go through. Most generator manufacturers will tell you how much fuel their products use in an hour.
Q:What refrigerator uses the least amount of electricity. (domestic or foreign)?
the one with the lowest wattage rating, either domestic or foreign. just make sure it is made to work with the output of your generator ie; voltage and cycles
Q:portable generator efficiency?
First, nothing operates at 100% efficiency. You are converting angular rotation into electric power and in any conversion of power, you lose efficiency. 59% efficiency isn't that bad. Second, generators are measured at continuous power and peak power. Check your owners manual or look on the side of the generator. At peak power, you will find that the efficiency is greater.
Q:Generator prices? Diesel generator prices?
Unit configuration (optional unit configuration on charging) is an important factor affecting the unit price, unit optional configuration: split the daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank, battery charger
Q:Heavy diesel mechanic vs smaller diesel mechanic?
Q:Automatic diesel generating set how much money?
configuration and power as the unit is equipped with a fully automated system.
Q:How does a DC generators throttle actuator’s sensor work?
If you use an automobile generator you can use an automotive regulator to provide a constant DC voltage. These alternators are made to operate at varying RPM's and load and the regulator can be made adjustable to produce any desired voltage. (up to 40 or so volts)
Q:How to Calculate a Diesel Locomotive's Power?
1. Determine the diameter of the cylinders and piston stroke of locomotive engine 2. Determine the wheel diameter of the locomotive 3. Find the mean pressure of the piston for the generator engine 4. Multiply the cylinder diameter by itself 5. Multiply 324 by the stroke length 6. Multiply 7,776 by the mean pressure of the piston 7. Divide 622,080 by the diameter of the locomotive wheel.
Q:Any one know about China Nitchen Equipments Group Limited? I heard it is a great business agent in china.?

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