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Q:i have 45 kva Perkins diesel generator cranks, battery is ok,does anybody know why the engine doesn't start?every think looks clear!!!please help!!!
Good, a general diesel engine similar to a Lister-Petter naturally aspirated will produce about 20 HP for an hour from one gallon of diesel. You will have acquired a few 45 gallon tank and about 28 horsepower. I`m no longer going to get my calculator out presently of night however i might advise that it might well run for 33 hours at full chat, but when the weight on it is small then greatly longer because it runs at consistent revs regardless of load, except the load is immoderate. As another be aware; A two stroke petrol is considered to produce 10 HP per hour per gallon. A 4 stroke petrol is regarded to supply 15 HP per hour per gallon. A gallon is 4.Fifty four litres. Engines with turbos equipped are an utterly exclusive story, as are latest lean burn engines. Hope that helped, high-quality of luck, Bob.
Q:How much power does the generator from the diesel need to produce in order to bring the train up to running speed?
I'll add to what Rango said here. It really does depend on the locomotive. It depends on the train too, as well as the terrain. It's a careful manipulation of the throttle sometimes. There are times where a train of empties will follow you around with no problem. And sometimes in those cases you have to watch the amp guage because the amps can creep up on you and you gain unwanted speed. This may be in throttle positions 2, 3, or 4. Then there's times when you may have 100 plus loads, and one of your three engines had to be shut down for mechanical problems. Then you wish there was something you could do just to squeeze out a few dozen extra amps while in number 8 position. One engine I really miss is the old SD-9. That was the engine I learned on even though it was older than me. It held on to the track very well, could pull all day long with no maximum amperage load times, and allowed you to feel what the train was doing as if you had your hands on it.
Q:I am planning to buy a 20 KVA Diesel Generator. Both the vendors are confusing me over Air cooled and Liquid cooled engines. Can anyone help me to understand the pros and cons of the said engines for a commercial requirement.
Air cooled: bigger, noisier, hotter, dirtier, simpler to maintain, more expensive, no freezing risk, burn more engine oil. Liquid-cooled: all the opposite than above.
Q:I need a flowchart of the endergy conversions while popping popcorn. Example: Chemical energy to physical energy to nuclear energy, etc.
Starting from the pop and moving towards the energy source The kinetic energy of the popped kernel converting to heat when the kernel comes to rest. The kinetic energy of the kernel from the explosion due to steam and the steam escapes with kinetic and heat energy that transfers to the ambient air as the steam condenses and then the droplets fall and convert kinetic energy to heat. Potential energy in the steam as it builds pressure inside the kernel The transfer of heat from the burner into the popping vessel to raise the temperature of the moisture inside the kernel to make steam Where did the energy come from to heat the burner? I will assume it is electrical energy created from a diesel generator peaker plant nearby There is resistance in the burner heating element that converts the electric current to heat. There is also resistance in the wires and transmission lines and transformers that carry the electricity from the power plant to the burner, which is all lost to heat. The electricity is created from a generator where there is an wire-wound aperture spinning in the presence of a magnetic field. The kinetic energy of the aperture gets converted to the electrical energy and sent out on the transmission lines. The kinetic energy of the aperture is created inside a diesel engine by connecting it to the crank shaft - some friction losses due to bearing surfaces. The kinetic energy of the crank shaft is created from an explosion inside a piston. The explosion creates an expansion of gases that push the piston, which spins the crank shaft. Some of this energy is lost to heat dissipatin and friction. The explosion was from the conversion of the chemical energy in the diesel fuel to heat. The pressure in the piston caused the fuel and oxygen mixture to explode. How's that? j
Q:I have been given a cheap diesel generator made from china. It starts alright, but seems to be reving very high and poping and spitting until it has ran for a while. It surges some times as well. I don't really like it much and haven't used it to power anything other then to load test it a bit. I have checked the motor and all it has is a simple governor on it with no adjustments? I am not sure even where to start adjusting anything on this. Any body have one of these and same problem? Please I was given it, I would like to get a little service out of it , not just junk it Fuel, oil, air filter are all new.so? help?
So what did you want to do with this engine? It sounds like a stationary engine used to power a generator or pump or similar application at a constant RPM.
Q:What are the faults of diesel generator
no excitation button with the battery to magnetize
Q:Hello,I'm doing a research project that requires me to report on five ethical missteps made by engineers/staff at the Fukushima plant that caused the disaster. I'm having trouble with this research because most of the information i'm finding centers around the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused so much damage.Can anyone point me toward any human errors that centered around poor ethical judgement?
If you just google human error fukushima you're going to get (a) a few articles from the summer of 2011; (b) a rash of articles from July, 2012; (c) a rash of articles from Oct-Nov, 2013; and (d) a rash of articles from last week (Feb 2014). Whether all will cite ethical missteps is unknown to me.
Q:Why not samoto diesel generator power
the magnetic pole of the generator loses its magnetism.
Q:I have two steel jerry cans that i used to carry gasoline in, now I want to store diesel fuel for an emergency generator in them. after I empty them will residual gasoline contaminate the diesel beyond usefulness?
The most common problem is pouring the wrong fuel from the can into a vehicle. Repaint the can and Mark the the type of fuel .
Q:How to calculate fuel average consumption hours/liter?
that's not how fuel consumption is measured, unless you were to drive at the same speed for an hour. It is measured in MILES or KM per liter. That way you just fill your gas tank, pay attention to how much is in it, look at your odometer, and see how many miles until your tank runs out. Then divide number of miles by liters in your tank.

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