Diesel generator set 15kv

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Q:Can I working on computer while power supply from Generator?
ups will steady current, wont damage pc
Q:Whats the best Fuel economy (in mpg) you can get from a Diesel Electric car ?
Probably - with serious optimization - about the same as from gasoline/electric hybrids, maybe a little worse. Most people are as surprised as I was to find out the maximum theoretical efficiency of a diesel engine is about 50% while the maximum theoretical efficiency of a gasoline (otto cycle) engine is about 65%. It has to do with the diesel adding heat at constant pressure while the otto cycle engine adds heat at constant volume. Anyway, gasoline engines typically fall behind because the theoretical maxima are at infinite compression ratio with perfectly insulated cylinder heads, cylinders, and pistons. Diesel engines are capable of much higher compression ratios than gasoline engines, and the method of throttling gasoline engines has the effect of reducing the compression ratio even more. That has given diesel engines a reputation for efficiency and they are more efficient than turbine engines (about 40% max) and rockets (about 12% max). However, hybridization has allowed gasoline engines to reach efficiencies that are not very practical for diesels. The current generation Prius spends a lot of engine operation at 38% efficiency - the 2016+ is supposed to reach 40%. Diesels can't compete; although that represents only 61% of the theoretical max for gas engines it is 80% of the theoretical max for diesels, and that last bit of efficiency is the very devil to achieve. It would require entirely new materials and other major improvements. As the source says, Conventional gasoline engines have long run about 25 percent, diesels at 30 to 35 percent.
Q:for lighting 4000 watt lamps how much power input requires?
You want to connect a 4 kw load to a 6 kw generator. As long as the 6 kw (6,000 watts) rating of the generator is accurate it should power the lamps fine. You're only using 66% of the generator capacity. There aren't any significant losses to worry about and no point in doing any calculations. They were done for you in the kw rating of the generator. Just don't use any extension cords that are too small for the lights.
Does the Esab welder have high frequency? If so the high freq. is feeding back into the generator and frying the electronics. You may need to have the generators repaired. The only way to prevent damage is to turn the high freq. off, or drive an earth ground as close to the welder as possible and you have to run a wire to your grounding clamp to this ground and the machine ground needs to go to this also. You have to get the high freq. out of the circuit as quick as possible. (I have a Hobart Champion Fabshop that is notorious for this.)
Q:End of the world Shelter?
Well. I don't see the point. If the earth is destroyed, as so many of the 2012 lies say it will be, then the only thing that your bomb shelter will accomplish is to allow you to live 5 seconds longer than all the rest of the people on the planet. Seems like a steep price to pay for an extra 5 seconds of terror. On the other hand, since none of the doomsday predictions will occur, you might make a tidy sum if you market it correctly. There are people who are doing exactly that. Converting old Minute Man missile silos into survival condos, and many other things. Good luck with that, but stay prepared for buyer's remorse when Jan. 1, 2013 rolls around and the world is still here, and your clients are each out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars - and they know you have it. Watch your back.
Q:MOS Training Length??
Light Wheel? Track? Generator? There are a lot of different Diesel Mechanic MOS's Just look up 63 series (63B, 63H) MOS's on the internet and you can get a rough estimate
Q:What are the procedure of pre-start up of AC generator?
Before check all fluid levels and turn off all breakers before starting or stopping!
Q:how much diesel a railway engine consumes when started ?
I have never heard. But it can't be very much. There's a primer button back in the long hood area. Priming is necessary because the fuel runs back down into the fuel tank when not running. After priming for about 6 to 10 seconds, a start switch is flipped that turns the generator into a magnetic starter motor. The engine only turns over just a couple times (usually) before it fires and is pleasantly idling on its own. Starting can't require very much fuel. On the newer GEs and EMDs with auto shut down, these starting functions are all automatic electronically of course.
Q:Is there out there tri -fuel 15-20kw stand by generator?
Well i think all stand by generator require large propane tanks, its always for optimum performance
When I starts my gen.it works okk after so minute it stop by itselfI waited I start it again after some minutes it goes offand av just change the oil.what could av happened

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