Cummins Generators 250K Watt

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Machine parameters:

*Rated voltage (V) 400/230

*Wiring three-phase four-wire

*Power factor 0.8 (lag)

*Cooling System Water cooled

*Highly elastic rubber shock absorbers damping system

*Integrated settlement of purchase

*Steady state voltage regulation rate% ≤ ± 1

*Voltage transient adjustment rate% ≤ ± 20

*Voltage stabilization time S ≤ 1.5

*Voltage fluctuation rate% ≤ ± 0.5

*Current steady-state adjustment rate% ≤ 5

*The current transients adjustment rate% ≤ ± 10

*Current stabilization time S ≤ 5

*Current volatility% ≤ 0.5

*The warranty period is one year or one thousand hours, whichever occurs first. (GB)


The  engines of various parameters:

*Model: MTAA11-G3 Power (KW): 310

*Fuel: diesel Speed mode: Electronic

*Diesel consumption (kg / H) 59.6 Oil Consumption (L / H) 0.24

*CC (L) 10.8 Speed (m / min) 1500

*Compression ratio 15.0:1 Bore / Stroke: 125/147

*Type: Four-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line cooling method water-cooled

*Start way: electric start Power DV24V

*Intake: exhaust gas turbocharger, air-to-air intercooled ignition sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4


The alternator  parameters

*Model the: HX4ES power (KW): 250

*Excitation mode: brushless excitation frequency (HZ) 50

*Cooling: cooling voltage regulation system: AVR automatic voltage regulator

*Protection class: IP Insulation class: H

*Overload capacity: 1.5IE not less than the a 2min

*short-time overcurrent: 3 ~ 5 le not less than 5S


Q:I would just like to know if this generator can run no veggable oil. It's the ETQ Portable Diesel Power Generators
A diesel engine can run on any oil,even lube oil.
Q:Im building a new house, and I would like to go totally off the grid in South-Central Oklahoma.Id like to be able to run the tv, freezer, refrigerator, and minimal lights and water well.Im looking for information on a complete system.Any ideas/? Im looking for the pros and cons of this way of life from homeowners that have actually done this.
photo voltaic is the most uncomplicated thanks to bypass. the most inexpensive is small hydro, yet you go with a always flowing bypass or artesian properly. We run our residing house lights, pcs, leisure center, and an ability-celeb refrigerator on 800 watts of photo voltaic panel with 10 deep-discharge marine batteries for storage. undesirable climate ability I quite might want to apply a generator about 10 days a 365 days to correct up the batteries, used 15 gallons of gas very last 365 days. I plan on including yet another four hundred watts of panel and six extra batteries when I get a freezer later this 365 days. The generator is likewise sensible to run a welder and a table observed that take extra ability than my 2500watt inverter can placed out. universal, I quite have extra solid ability than my grid-depending acquaintances 2 miles down the line. in the adventure that your properly is windmill-pumped, keep on with it. we would want to haul water immediately, use a propane tankless heater gadget for showers. at the same time as the properly is for sale in we will be doing photo voltaic water heating. Many states have photo voltaic ability rebate courses, the feds actually have ability rebate and loose insulation courses. construction insulation is truly major in conserving heating criteria down. the nearest application organisation for your area would have information in case you are able to't turn it up in a Google seek for.
Q:has anyone ever heard of a 50cc diesel engine? if so, where could i get one and how much is it?also, i just want the engine, i dont want the rest of the scooter, bike, etc.
diesel motorcycle engines were made for the military. They are about 700 cc's and very expensive and rare. 50cc diesels were never made.
Q:husband is looking for something that he can use for power that is more economical. (no natural gas lines)
You will not be able to use a home generator to make electricity cheaper than the utility sells it to you. There is substantial economy of scale that the utility puts into play and frankly you just cannot compete. Typical utility cost of generation is 4 - 8 cents / KW hr; typical larger home generator cost of generation is over 20 cents / KW hr.
Q:Hi, I am trying to find a video or text based tutorials for backup generator on internet but i was unable to find a single. i am trying to find complete tutorial of mechanic and how to fine tune generators. hope here anyone knows about it.
I am generator technician, what specific things are you looking for?
Q:Every time i go to the pawn shop i always end up craping my pants. I crap em so hard that i got to leave to change and come right backnext time i best bring a diaper because the pawn shop always does it to me. Everything is pretty much stolen and new so i get 50% off pawn price because they know me for years.The last time i craped my pants was when i got this really nice 2000$ diesel generator for 400$ and BAM!Didn't even feel it coming, reached in my pocket to count my cash and the next thing i knew was i got a landslide running down my leg filling up my work boot. I bought it there and then anyways with crap on my leg because it was too good a deal to let some other guy steal it, that's my job!I do it at home on the computer sometimes when i'm looking at tools on harborfreight. It never happens with anything else, why only tools?
lmao this has to be a joke, made me lol in real life though, good one xD
Q:1. are backup generators constantly running, so when the lights go out to the people inside it seems like they have not?2. what do they run off?
They are not normally running. If power fails there will be some automatic emergency lighting powered by batteries which should allow the backup generators plenty of time to get started. They are often diesel powered. You can hope that they are reasonably maintained and tested from time-to-time.
Q:Hello, I am putting an HHO generator, which is metal plates in water in pvc pipe, into my small pickup truck. I am having a bit of trouble finding an EFIE unit though, which is the boy that goes in line in front of the 02 sensor, to give it a bit more juice and stop it from dumping more gas in when it thinks there is not enough air (but way too much HHO) in the system.Are there any automotive forums that you all would direct me to? And if not, are there any manufacturers of finished EFIE units, or even kits to build them, on the internet or elsewhere for me to utilize?I want to get this done before I leave for college. Gas prices suck!
first off, there is no such chemical called HHO, if you paid for plans to get HHO, you bought a scam. You might be able to get your money back if you report it to the FTC. These scammers put you on a wild goose chase looking for all kinds of things that will make their scam perform. They hope you will get tired of trying. An EFIE is a system that attemps to bypass a pollution control system. If you bypass it, you could recieve a $25,000 fine a jail time, so go ahead. I'm forwarding your questions about bypassing the device to the EPA, they may contact you in the future.
Q:I live in a town home community. The person who loves immediately behind me (the backs of our homes face each other,) has been running a generator from 8am to 10pm every single day for the last two weeks. It is driving me up a wall. It's right outside my bedroom and kitchen. I have complained to the HOA and the town but nothing has been done. He is using a generator to power his whole house because they ran up their electric bill over the winter, didnt pay, and now can't afford to have it turned back on. Is running a generator even efficient? I imagin e spends more on gas every day then he would electric. Why not just sell the generator to pay the bill???
They are in a catch 22 situation. If they have to buy street fuel to keep it running it is very doubtful they are saving anything by doing this. If they can get access to fuel that road tax was not paid for, it might be a break even thing. Generators can be found that use a lot of different fuels besides gasoline, propane, diesel and natural gas to name a few. The odds are that there is no law that can be used to prevent this and more then likely there are no restrictions in the covenants for the development either. So trying to get intervention will not work. About the only solution would be to help them get the electricity back on. But this might only encourage repeated financial problems in the future. Good luck- maybe look into a white noise generator to low the irritation factor.
Q:I know that various types of locomotive's produce different amount of horse power. Here's the question: A single locomotive (any type) about what would be the average speed it could gain in 0 to 4 seconds on take off. Any smart A** answer will be reported for abuse, Thank you.
That's an interesting question. They vary so much, dont know if there is an average speed that would be of any relevance. I cant really improve on what has been said except to add a few comments. as you might have guessed acceleration, all you can possibly get is very important at times. Newer locomotives have taken most of the fun out of switching, too much computer controls. With the older ones, that is what made the difference between just an engineer and a hoghead. 8 throttle (all you got) full independent brakes, relaese the brakes and close the generator field switch all at once was about the quickest move, not sure the speed you would get in 4 seconds but it would be too fast for a switchman to get on. When I started on the Milwaukee in the early 70's, we still had the old electrics. If a switchman started getting cocky an engineer would make him a bet, he would say you stand right here at the front of the engine and i will take off, if you can catch the rear footboard I'll give you $10.00. With a light engine he couldnt do it, those things took off like a rocket, they didnt have to build up any amperage waiting for the deisel engine to rev , the full line voltage was immediatly available overhead. P.S., this has been very difficult for me not to be at least a tiny little bit of a smarta**, takes a lot of self control. LOL
Our company wins markets with honest working style, outstanding service attitude as well as business idea of perfect quality and competitive prices. Our products are deeply renowned by perfect quality, best aftersales service.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets 16.00% Western Europe
12.00% South America
10.00% South Asia
10.00% Southeast Asia
9.00% Mid East
6.00% Oceania
6.00% Africa
6.00% Eastern Asia
6.00% North America
6.00% Northern Europe
5.00% Eastern Europe
5.00% Southern Europe
2.00% Domestic Market
1.00% Central America
Company Certifications HACCP;ISO 9001:2000;CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average

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