Disel Generator Set Cummind Engine

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Product Description:

1.Brand new Cummins and engine

2. AC brushless alternator

3.Ratings: 380V to 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500Rpm, 0.8PF, IP23.

4.Radiator 40º C. ambient temperature mounted on skid.

5.AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emegency Stop button,Voltmeter and selector switch,Ammeter and selector switch,Frequency meter

6.Circuit breaker

7.Rubber isolator for engine, alternator and control panel

8.24V Battery (maintenance free) with battery cables and rack

9.Industrial silencer

10.With 8 hours Fuel tank with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set

Disel Generator Set Widely use in shopping mall, ware house, factory, school, hospital for emergency power supply. Our generator use world famous engine cummins with stable running.

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Q:stand alone power plant at the individual house owner level?
well, okorder
Q:generator carrier for 5th wheel?
I would like to help--but I need to know what size of generator you want 2.8 k-12 k ; and what type of fuel Gasoline, propane, diesel. I would ask why don't you mount a Onan Micro quite or light into the side or front of your fifth wheel---but with out seeing your trailer I have no idea what to recommend
Q:How deep do US Navy submarines usually go? How long can they stay without coming up for air?
For the best answers, search on this site
Q:Is there any way I can run electricity outside home for long periods of time (cheaply)?
There are only two real choices, batteries, or a gasoline/diesel driven generator. To store that amount of power via batteries, you would need about 11 large auto batteries. A 100 amp-hour lead acid battery can store about 1 kW-hour, and you need 0.6kWx18hr 11 kW-hour. You need marine deep discharge batteries and they cost about $300 each, plus charger costs, so a generator would be cheaper. You can get a 800 watt generator for $300. OR if outside home is literal, you can run a long extension cord.
Q:want to build an electric generator from an electric motor, how do I do this?
Very simple. You need an electric motor of the same wattage as you need to generate. You will need to spin the motor a little faster than the rated RPM of the motor. (pick your pulleys carefully) Hook a small load up to the motor, spin it, hit it with a jolt of voltage. (try your 12 volt battery)It should start to generate and you can hook up a bigger load to it. Too simple? Try it.
Q:Why don't more SUVs and Trucks have electric motors?
Have you check the price of gas lately??? It has gone up over $.45 cents a gallon since August by memorial day gas will over $3.75 for premium gas. The, muscle cars and trucks will be built lighter and more fuel efficient. Gas. will be reaching about $4.50 a gallon in about 1 1/2 years. Government standards are also having effect on gas mileage of future cars and trucks. Back in the old days! muscle cars were getting around 8-12 mpg and then there were gas stations on every corner and gas was selling for $.18-.25 cents a gallon. About 1974 gas hit and all time price record of $.50 cents per gallon. There were gas lines and gas shortages etc.
Q:CAT diesel engine trouble.?
you have either a cracked cylinder sleeve or a blown head gasket. engine teardown in the forecast sorry to say.
There is very little equipment made for one frequency that won't work just fine on the other frequency, (50 vs 60 Hz). The only problem you would run into is where a synchronous motor needs to run at an exact speed, such as tape recorders. But almost everything made today will function just fine on either 50 or 60 Hz. Actually, a 60 Hz generator can be made to put out 50 Hz by re-adjusting the governor to run the motor a little slower. For instance, if it is a 2-pole generator operating at 3600 RPM, the motor could be adjusted to run at 3000 RPM. If the generator was 4 poles, designed to run at 1800 RPM, readjusting the governor to run at 1500 RPM would do the trick. The only problem you might encounter would be slightly lower voltage - 100/200 Volts - but the the automatic voltage regulator should handle that just fine by increasing the field voltage/current.
Q:How much diesel would you save per year by switching from incandescent to CFL?
1 Kwh 3.6 MJ. If you use each light 4 hours per day, and each was 100 watts, that is 4 x 100 x 10 x 365 1,460,000 watt hours per year. That requires 1,460 x 3.6 MJ 5,256 MJ. / 0.4 efficiency 13,140 MJ. So you need 13,140 / 36MJ/L 365 Liters of diesel. If you used CFLs, at 25 watts, the answer is 1/4 of that, so 365 / 4 91.25 Liters of diesel. So the savings is 365 - 91.25 273.75 Liters savings. At $1.25 per liter, that is $324.19.
Q:Is it possible to convert a diesel car engine to CNG ?
you incredibly choose a sparkling engine altogether, one designed to reliably run whilst offering the intense compression ratios like 22:a million mandatory to assist combustion of diesel or different oils. gas engines are purely sturdy for 10:a million compression presently. If the vehicle is already a ordinary diesel vehicle, i've got self assurance all you pick is a few further gas filtering to run on so reported as bio diesel.

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