Disel Generator Set Cummind Engine

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1.Brand new Cummins and engine

2. AC brushless alternator

3.Ratings: 380V to 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500Rpm, 0.8PF, IP23.

4.Radiator 40º C. ambient temperature mounted on skid.

5.AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emegency Stop button,Voltmeter and selector switch,Ammeter and selector switch,Frequency meter

6.Circuit breaker

7.Rubber isolator for engine, alternator and control panel

8.24V Battery (maintenance free) with battery cables and rack

9.Industrial silencer

10.With 8 hours Fuel tank with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set

Disel Generator Set Widely use in shopping mall, ware house, factory, school, hospital for emergency power supply. Our generator use world famous engine cummins with stable running.

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Q:what will I need to wind power my sail boat?
For me boating is a lot like lifemore about the journey than the destination. Thus a sailor I am. I started sailing in high school racing dingies - then sailed in college and now enjoy the occasional weekend cruise. It is great to get out on the water and go where ever or no where and just enjoy the time on the water.
Q:I have a diesel engine that will not start, new fuel, and either but it will not fire, any ideas?
TO; answer your question Iam need to know if by accident you filled fuel tank with gasoline / or any other liquid//
Q:if a car can run on biofuel or vegetable oil, can a generator?
If its disel, of course. a disel generator with biodisel is an excellent way to recharge batteries in an electric vehicle.
Q:Is it possible to see the difference between an electric train and a diesel train?
One of the most obvious differences is that usually, (with the exception of DMU's, or Diesel Multiple Units, and railmotors, railcars, etc), is that Diesels don't have windows, except for the cab windows. Another obvious diffence is Diesels (as said above in previous answers) do not obtain power from overhead wires, or Catenary as they are called. Electric trains are a lot quieter, they don't have a sort of diesel smell about them, they accelerate faster, and they don't emmit any exhaust. Electric trains can also be pointed out easily if the Pantograph, or current collector can be seen. The Pantograph is a moveable frame on the roof of one or more carriages in an electric train that makes contact with the Catenary (electric wires above the track) and takes the power to the train, hence making it go. Electric trains can also receive electricity from a live third rail, or in some cases (such as the London Underground), 2 additional live rails (forth rail). A confusing point - Diesels can operate on track with and without Catenary, however, (overhead) electric trains can ONLY operate on track with Catenary. Likewise for thrid rail electrics, they can only operate on track with an additional live rail. Hope this helps.
Q:What are the legalities in Western Australia to feed fuel to a generator (diesel) from the vehicle fuel tank?
its depend upon the sector u going to invest
Q:how can i write this in good English?
A factory operating from 8 am to 4 pm uses 80kWh or 10000w of electricity per day generated by diesel. It is possible to use a small diesel generator to generate enough power to run a motor. If that motor is connected to a large power generator, it will generate enough electricity to power the entire factory.
Q:Can you convert a non diesel vehicle to a diesel vehicle and how?
You really need a new engine altogether, one designed to reliably run while providing the high compression ratios like 22:1 necessary to support combustion of diesel or other oils. Gasoline engines are only good for 10:1 compression these days. If the car is already a regular diesel car, I believe all you need is some additional fuel filtering to run on so called bio diesel.
Q:Recent Applications of DC Shunt generator?
Well you already said it was a DC generator. By nature all generators generate their output voltage in cycles as they rotate, or even as they go back and forth for a linear generator. Therefore they generate AC, but the commutator converts this to DC. The commutator is a rotary switch that reverses the connection at the correct part of the rotation so that the current always flows one direction. That is DC, direct current instead of AC, alternating current. Sometimes AC generators may be called an Alternator. A shunt generator simply means it is self excited, that is the field magnet is connected across the generator's output, rather than having a separate DC generator for the field.
Q:What will be the effect of ambient temperature on diesel generators
Here the user should pay attention to the configuration of the unit, the unit needs to configure the optional billing
Q:How many amps does it take to power a freight train motor?
Power would be measured in watts (volts x amps) and for a diesel-electric loco it is going to be several thousand. A surge on starting to take up the train, then settle to optimum level as the train gets under way. Can't give you an exact figure as it varies according to different loco classes, load requirements, etc.

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