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1.Brand new Cummins and engine

2. AC brushless alternator

3.Ratings: 380V to 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500Rpm, 0.8PF, IP23.

4.Radiator 40º C. ambient temperature mounted on skid.

5.AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emegency Stop button,Voltmeter and selector switch,Ammeter and selector switch,Frequency meter

6.Circuit breaker

7.Rubber isolator for engine, alternator and control panel

8.24V Battery (maintenance free) with battery cables and rack

9.Industrial silencer

10.With 8 hours Fuel tank with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set

Disel Generator Set Widely use in shopping mall, ware house, factory, school, hospital for emergency power supply. Our generator use world famous engine cummins with stable running.

Q:I would just like to know if this generator can run no veggable oil. It's the ETQ Portable Diesel Power Generators
A diesel engine can run on any oil,even lube oil.
Q:If you were talking on the phone to someone and dropped the phone into a bathtub filled with water would they get electrocuted? Does it matter if it's wireless or not?
A Wireless is ran by battery so you may not get electrocuted. Instead of being wired to your house electrical line, most telephones are powered by storage batteries located at the telephone company's central headquarters. The storage batteries, of course, are themselves charged by the local electric company line, but when possible, the phone company, in its infinite wisdom, tries to connect to two different power sources--in case the generator supplying one line goes out, they can fall back on the other. If everything fails, the batteries can usually supply enough current to cover short breaks in service. Should there be a longer interruption, many of the central stations are equipped with diesel generators that can be pressed into action with a flick of the switch. All of this complicated re-routing of electricity is made necessary by the happy fact that the telephone runs on a much smaller current than that supplied to homes by the power company--a happy fact because that's what keeps you from roasting your eyebrows when you're phoning from the tub. It takes a mere 100 milliamps of current flowing through your bod to bring on a killer dose of ventricular fibrillation, as they call it in the trade. Your heart stops beating and starts to quiver like an emotionally distressed bowl of Jell-O, cutting off the flow of blood to the brain and other vital organs. The electrical outlets in your home pack a whopping 15 amps; your humble telephone carries less than a tenth of a milliamp. That isn't much, but under some circumstances it might be enough to do a little damage, so underwater telephony should still be approached with caution. No deaths have ever been reported from this sort of thing, but there's a first time for everything.
Q:I want to ask that how much fuel does a diesel generator consume in one hour?How can I calculate the fuel consumption?
Diesel generators are rated by size in watts or KW. The fuel consumption will be dependent upon the size of the generator and the load that is placed upon it. You should find the fuel consumption among the generator specs.
Q:A friend and I have been tossing around ideas about the future of the human race, and are coming more and more to the conclusion that we're all going to hell in a handbasket.Virtually ALL religious writings make reference to pockets of humans living past Armageddon even though civilization itself is pretty much gone. Humans will continue on the level we were on several hundred years ago, in small farming communities, doing most work by hand. The problem is to survive long enough to establish such communities.MRE's and other long-life foods are fine, but pretty expensive. If you're talking about feeding hundreds or thousands of people for several years, we have to get back to something like dried beans and rice. The government does it. How?What is the best way to store grains and beans? Metal drums rust. Plastic drums are succesptible to rodents. Are silo's necessary? If so, what is the LONGEST rice and beans will last? Years? A decade?What do you think?
KRAFT DINNER!!!! ravioli mr noodles pasta stuff you could even get a bunch of spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce (no meat though)
Q:ANDwhat kind is it? How many times have you had to use it? How many things could you run on it? How much did you spend? Would you buy one with more power next time, or is the one you have sufficient? What types of problems have you had with running it. Do your neighbors always ask to hook up to it?
If you have access to natural gas the best would be a unit that uses it as fuel. Advantages include - reliability, no refueling, automatic periodic testing, low noise, compact size, built-in weatherized cabinet. Disadvantage is cost. One must really think long and hard about installing a generator vs its cost/hassle. How many outages have you had in the last few years? how long have they lasted? how much inconvenience did you/would you experience? do you live in a winter area where you require heat? Do you have friends/family on the other side of town where you could seek refuge for a few days? I have lived in many areas of the world (including Florida)and never have felt the need for a generator. A refrigerator will hold food for about 12 hours - its freezer will hold food for days if unopened. If you do opt for a generator, I would size it to handle everything EXCEPT the air conditioner.
Q:Hello. we are installing a Diesel Generator for running our house. We are off grid. We are buying a Cummins 15 KVA/12KW Prime Power Generator. This generator can supply 23 Amps per phase in the standby mode with a PF of .8 With the normal set up, we can run only 3, single phase 18,000 BTU ACs, one on each phase. I read somewhere that by installing Power factor Capacitors, we can install more than one AC on each phase. Do you know anything about that? Is it an easy task or do I need to get an engineering degree for this? I'm some what comfortable with doing electrical work and can do minor calculations as well.Any help would be really appreciated.Greetings from Iran
I'm not an HVAC expert, but I am an electronics expert. the power factor caps are used to limit the huge power surge when the AC compressor kicks in. They do not give you free power or allow more load. They just smooth out the load to protect the genset. there is a saying in the AC world about ELI the ICE man. in an inductive circuit voltage leads current, in a capcitive circuit, current leads voltage. the compressor is inductive, so you add capacitance to adjust the power factor.
Q:I inherited a never used generator from a family estate with no motor. After a tornado here last fall I've decided to build a gen-set with it and I have a few questions. 1) Does the 1800 rpm generator mechanical specification mean that the required engine rpm must be a minimum, maximum 1800 rpm or both? Could it be more or is the chance to ruin it a possibility? I want to stay safe.2) Obviously I'm assuming the 25 hp engine requirement is a minimum but how much bigger can it be without wet stacking problems?3) With these generator output specifications can I power my household without damaging anything?I was planning diesel (still researching brands) and connecting direct. Thoughts?
The generator probably has to turn at 1800 rpm to maintain the 60 Hz frequency spec. Thisis important in a TV set but I can't think of any where else it would be important. Slocks will be edpendent on line frequency but in an emergency you don' really care if you have a watch. Reet the clocks after the power returns. You will probably use minimum power during a blackout. You need light heat and a book which doesn't use much power. No Alfred Hitchcock or Ray Bradberry.
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That no new information is ever created through evolution. It's either very ignorant or an outright lie, like most creationists comments.
Q:I am very curious after watching quite a few movies about the 911 conspiracy theories. Those movies did raise some good points, especially the theory of a missle hit the White House instead of a plane. Very strange! Did anyone here watch those movies?
Was 911 Staged
Q:I know they are more expensive.
Yes. But they also burn much hotter in the SOFC.

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