WeiFang 10-220 KW Open Type Diesel Generator Set

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WeiFang 10-220 KW Open Type Diesel Generator Set

Technical Date

WEIFANG series generator sets adopt 2100,495,4100,4105,6105,6113 series engine produced by WEICHAI HUAFENG, WEIFANG TIANHE, WEIFANG HUAYUAN which devoted themselves to the research of diesel engines all the year round . They are all development , manufacturing, sales of specialized high-tech enterprises. The engines have more fine performances including reasonable price, low oil consumption, high reliability , easy to maintain etc.

Power coverage from 10kw~220kw
Model: GF: Open type &GFS: Soundproof /Silent/Supper silent type
Speed: 1500/1800rpm
Alternator: Stamford /Leroysomer /Marathon/ABB/YIHUA YHG

IP &Insulation Class: IP22-23 &F/H
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Controller: Deepsea/Comap/Smartgen/DKG/Others
ATS  System: Smartgen/ABB/SOCOMIC /Others
Silent&Supper silent  Gen-set Sound level: 63-75db(at 7m side)

YIHUA WEIFANG Generator set Technical specification
generator set performanceHUAFENG Engine PerformanceDim.L*W*H
Prime power
Standby power
Open typeWeight














1.Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A: 1-10 piece

2.Q: What is the lead time?

A: 25-35 days after receiving your L/C or T/T deposit.

3.Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

A: We can be your OEM manufacture with your authorization of brand.

4.Q: Where is your Loading Port?

A: China Port.

5.Q: What are your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit and balance T/T against copy of Bill of Lading or L/C at sight.

6.Q: What is your company's available production capacity?

A: 3000-5000 pieces against your orders.

Q:I know I take for granted that I have indoor plumbing but where does the water pressure that causes water to flow come from when I turn on my sink? Is it a pump. Where does the energy come from?
Sometimes pumps are used to maintain water pressure, sometimes water towers which still needs pumps. The energy to run the pumps almost always comes from the power grid although there is no reason you could have diesel (or some other fuel) engine driven pumps in locations where there's no electricity. uh.edu/engines/epi2578.htm
Q:i work in a big company and our subcontractor responsible for DAC system design and installation and now they want to handover their work .now we are in the SAT (site acceptance test) so can anybody tell me about any procedure to to test this system with them for not cheating me I'm electrical engineer and has a good experience in instrument but it is my first time for commissioning of data acquisition control system what are the steps should i follow with them and what are the questions should i ask to them any sequence should i follow for this testit's a big project consists of surge protection system and felwmeters (electromagnetic type) , control valves ,ups ,diesel generators ,pumps, PGC, PCU, PPLC ,CHEMICAL SYSTEM and interface with other sites with microwave PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZANY ONE CAN HELP?????? THANKS VERY MUCH
Q:I have 6,500 gas generator to run two 12,500btu roof a/c units on my bus.Nothing but problem after problem with generator.I was advised to change unit out to diesel unit! Any advise on what size i should be looking for?
If you love the roar of a diesel engine and the smell of diesel fuel then I guess that's the way to go, places like Camping World have technicians that can answer all your questions and will also sell and install the perfect unit for you.
Q:Hi GuysOkay i have been given the task of fitting a 240v generator to an RV in to one of it's closet spaces.It needs to power one 240v socket, charge the RV battery (standard battery on trickle charge) and power the shower which doesn't have a boiler as such it heats the water on a 'as and when' basis. Low wattage lighting also two 40W lightsThere is plenty of space. so I thought how about try and fit a generator than runs on renewable energy.I just need to know what direction I should be looking in. HydrogenSolar (Doubt it)Bio-FuelAnything else?Also, is it best to convert an existing design of generator, buy a new one or build one from scratch to fit?Any help would be truly awesomePeace
You need the power level, and I suspect it is very high. The shower is the problem, as it will use several thousands of watts only for a few minutes, then zero power for the rest of the time. Everything else is a hundred watts or so. If you could switch to a tank hot water storage system, where you can heat the water slowly, with perhaps 500 watts over hours of time, so it is ready for those showers. Perhaps even less. Hydrogen is not practical, as it is not readily available, neither is bio-fuel. Your best bet is solar, as you have plenty of space on the roof for the panels. You will need a charge controller, a few sealed deep-discharge 12 volt batteries, and an inverter. The batteries can store up power for the times you need it. The number of batteries will be determined the needed power levels. Again, the shower predominates. Get readings of watts used and time lengths, so you can calculate the number of batteries. .
Q:How to correctly select oil for diesel generator
The disadvantage is that the low temperature fluidity and heat resistance than mineral oil.
Q:Diesel generator BOC alarm is what
the exhaust pipe smoke, gas door cannot work for this condition is caused by poor diesel combustion environmental protection machine,
Q:What is the difference between a diesel generator and a super silent generator?
Ordinary diesel generator noise than super silent diesel generator noise
Q:An advertisement for a portable electrical generating unit claims that the unit's diesel engine produces 28,000 hp to drive an electrical generator that produces 30 MW of electrical power.
I seriously doubt that such a powerplant is 'portable', unless it is mounted on a naval vessel.
Q:Hi everybody. well I buyed a welding machine, and I need a portable generator for use the welding machine, but I dont know the generator capacity to use it, if the welding machine is 50 to 250 amps, but I just use from 100 to 200 amps, Can I use a 6000 watss Generator? or I need more power?
Look on the welder spec plate it should be rated in amps. it needs to run watts amps, X volts from a old timer
Q:I know that various types of locomotive's produce different amount of horse power. Here's the question: A single locomotive (any type) about what would be the average speed it could gain in 0 to 4 seconds on take off. Any smart A** answer will be reported for abuse, Thank you.
Others here with more knowledge on diesel locomotive mechanics and operations can give a better answer but because most diesel locomotives, particularly road-switchers, are not rated/geared to accelerate that quickly in that small amount of time (now an electric locomotive is an entirely different story), I would guess no faster than between 10-20mph in the timeframe you noted, 0-4 seconds. Perhaps something like an EMD E-series locomotive (which is rated for speed carrying passengers) could make the best time but again, I would guess no better than maybe 20 mph in 0-4 seconds.

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