ISUZU 16-38KW Soundproof Diesel Generator Sets

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ISUZU 16-38KW Soundproof  Diesel Generator Sets

Technical Date

The isuzu serious diesel engines , whose cylinder-bore diameter is 93 millimeter, and the displacement is small, so the fuel consumption could get a high point and the fuel consumption could reach 213 g/kw.h.

Power coverage from 15kw~36kw
Model: GF: Open type &GFS: Soundproof /Silent/Supper silent type
Engine: ISUZU
Speed: 1500/1800rpm
Alternator: Stamford /Leroysomer /Marathon/ABB/YIHUA YHG

IP &Insulation Class: IP22-23 &F/H
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Controller: Deepsea/Comap/Smartgen/DKG/Others
ATS  System: Smartgen/ABB/SOCOMIC /Others
Silent&Supper silent  Gen-set Sound level: 63-75db(at 7m side)

YIHUA ISUZU 16-38KW Soundproof Generator set Technical specification
generator set performance
Engine Performance
Prime PowerStandby powerFre.ModelPowerFuel
Open typeWeightSilent typeWeight


1.Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A: 1-10 piece

2.Q: What is the lead time?

A: 25-35 days after receiving your L/C or T/T deposit.

3.Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

A: We can be your OEM manufacture with your authorization of brand.

4.Q: Where is your Loading Port?

A: China Port.

5.Q: What are your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit and balance T/T against copy of Bill of Lading or L/C at sight.

6.Q: What is your company's available production capacity?

A: 3000-5000 pieces against your orders.

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Q:How to connect fuel line for a marine diesel genset for 2 ENG, 1 TNK?
If your tank has another port on it for a fuel line that is where you hook up. If not go to the supply line at the tank and put in a T fitting and then a shut off valve for each engine. Run the supply line to the generator from that T. You will also need a return line from the generator that you can T into at the return line from the engine at the tank. Many people that convert from gas to diesels run into these same problems. Often a fitting is made up that is put in the fuel fill line to allow for the return line. The generator supply and return lines will be smaller then the engine fuel lines. Running the engines will not cause the generator to start.
Q:How does a portable generator work?
A generator has a gas or diesel engine that turns a motor that makes electric. It runs until it burns up all the fuel in the tank.
Q:How to determine value of used diesel generator?
$8,000-$15,000 depending on the exact model and much more information. Generators have as many options as cars, and that is why the prices vary.
Q:What pulley sizes would I need?
If the engine is likely to be running for a long time, fuel consumption is likely to be important. You want to find out at what RPM the engine produces maximum torque.(If it's a car engine that will likely be related to the cruising speed of the car in top gear) All IC engines are most fuel efficient at the rpm for peak torque. If the engine can make enough power for your requirements at the rpm for peak torque, that's the rpm you should aim to run the engine at. Will depend on the engine of course, but peak torque is usually around about 1/3 of the rev range, I estimate that to be aprox 1800rpm [ie (3600-800)*1/3 +800 ] If aiming for 1800rpm for the generator, with an engine speed of 1800rpm, you don't need to change the rpm at all. That means the pulley's can be the same size, unless the belts slip (flat/ribbed belts slip aprox 3%- probably not enough for you to worry about) So that's the ratio sorted out. Physical size of pulley. All belts have a minimum diameter pulley which they can go around, so long as the pulley is larger there's no problem. Minimum size pulley depends on the thickness, and construction of the belt- and that depends on the power you're transferring via the belt. If you give some indication of the power you're wanting to transfer I'm, sure you get some additional help you'll probably need a governor for the engine to generate at 60Hz give or take a bit. Many diesel engines just have a max/min governor relying on the user to governing the rpm under varying load . You'll need fairly good control for electrically generation, but it needs be nothing much than releasing the throttle a little if the generator is running fast, and if the generator is running slow pressing the throttle. Hope that helps
Q:My neighbor runs a generator almost all day, is this even efficient?
Well it does cost more to constantly run the generator you are right there, unless it is on natural gas then probably not. What has happened is the electric company probably won't let him have service again because he owes them money for the unpaid bills, and he will have to pay the owed money plus late fees to get the power back on. So in his feeble mind he thinks running the generator is sticking it to the man so to say, when really he is only costing himself more money in the end and annoying the neighbors in the process. Sorry but if the HOA or town has no rules on owning and operating a generator there might not be much you can do. He is operating it within what I would call respectable time frames. I am not in support of him running it all the time but it is what it is. You could call the police and see if they could do something but don't expect it to be much.
Q:Do I take my new Job Offer or stick with my current job????
I could be wrong, but it depends on how many years you've been working there and how many people depend on your steady paycheck. I don't know the industry your working in, but it's possible that those hours could be the norm for a person in your present position. Sometimes, casual promises, of better pay or hours are worth what you pay for them and are not a guarantee. If you aren't having trouble communicating with your boss, have a talk, tell him how you feel about it. He might surprize you!. Good Luck!
Q:I am build a permanent magnet generator for diesel engine.questions to ask?
In AC side connect a series high current Choke with less no of turns take the out put use a High current bridge Diodes with suitable heat sink.For regulating out put ,In the series choke place a Dc winding that can be excited by a separate dc circuit, Increase saturation will give same voltage decrease excitation will give drop in voltage.It is like magnetic Amplifier.Set the out put voltage with pre set point or a regulating circuit.I have given rough Idea If you want further detail PM me (This only cheapest method unless you have use thyristor or others to con troll may be expensive)
Q:Should I buy a home standby generator?
I decided to have a portable generator with manual transfer panel while my new house was being built. It uses a deep well for water, and without electricity we can't even flush a toilet!
Q:50/60Hz Diesel Generator Set?
this might take place by using any form of motives. 23.4 volt isn't a low voltage to start the engine that expects to artwork on 24 volt. however the battery won't be charged nicely, even then it exhibits 23.4 volts, because you're trying out it with out load. So connect some resistance (that would desire to take comparable modern by using fact the starter motor modern) and then verify the voltage. If voltage drops to critically,then the battery is discharged or has issues like dry condition, or battery existence over and so on. If battery is solid, then verify for any loose connection as much as the motor terminals. different issues might desire to be interior the burnt motor or heavy load by using mechanical ailment on the IC engine (verify whether the diesel engine flywheel may well be circled easily- with out connecting to motor- yet that's feasible in elementary terms in small turbines)
Q:What is the purpose of a governor/actuator on a diesel motor?
Governor Actuator

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