Generator Power MTU Diesel Generator Set W6

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Germany

  • Model Number: Mxxx

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Speed: 1500RPM

  • Frequency: 50HZ

  • Rated Power: 520KW to 2300KW

  • Rated Voltage: 380/220V

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Export standard package
Delivery Detail:35 Day


Power Diesel Generator Set 
1) MTU engine 
2) Stamford alternator 
3) Fast delivery time 

Power  Diesel Generator Set



This series generator set adopts German MTU engine, with advantage of strong power, energy efficient, low noise, low emission, global service network etc.


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Q:Why do my lights flicker with my portable generator?
You haven't told us the generator wattage. Your generator must have enough to power the house properly, or the unit they bought is defective.
Q:what are th types of diesel generatore?.?
Of course diesel-fueled engine generators can be used a backup, i.e. standby or emergency power. They can also be used as prime power (on all the time). If you need to supply a single phase load, either use a single phase generator (only available for small loads), or use a larger three-phase generator and make sure it has a Y-grounded connection. Even better, get an electrician or electrical engineer to choose the right device for your system.
Q:An electrical power system consists of identical diesel generators?
Some basic stats. Assumptions: each of the cases are independent problems. The constant .5/year failure rate is linear throughout the year (normally a failure rate curve of machinery is like a V w/ a chopped off left side. P(Failure @ 3 Months) 0.5 / 4 .125 1) P(1 failure @ 3 months) 0.125 1-P(failure) reliability 1-.125 0.875 2) P(First fails AND seconds fails) 0.125 * 0.125 0.015625 Reliability 1 - .015625 .984375 3) P(First fails AND Second fails AND Third fails) 0.125* 0.125 * 0.125 0.00193 Reliability 1 - 0.00193 0.998047
Q:How does a portable generator work?
A generator has a gas or diesel engine that turns a motor that makes electric. It runs until it burns up all the fuel in the tank.
Q:question on solar energy?
What are the environmental benefits of photovoltaics? Because they burn no fuel and have no moving parts, PV systems are clean and silent. This is especially important where the main alternatives for obtaining power and light are from diesel generators and kerosene lanterns. As we become more aware of greenhouse gases and their detrimental effects on our planet, clean energy alternatives like PV become more important than ever. The burning of fossil fuels degrades our environment. It even is managing to change the climate of the Earth itself. The supply of these fossil fuels is finite. Just, in the last century, humans have consumed nearly half of all of the oil that will ever be produced. Consider this in the context of 5000 years of human history. The hidden costs are immense, including tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, increased health costs, the long-term costs of climate change. Rising fossil fuel consumption (releasing carbon emissions) was once favorably looked upon as a measure of economic growth and development. Carbon emissions, estimated at 93 million tons in 1860, jumped to 525 million tons by 1900, and to 1.62 billion tons by 1950. At the end of 1994, the atmosphere contained 4 billion more tons of carbon than just 12 months earlier. Violent weather cost the world a record $130 Billion in the first eleven months of 1998- more money than was lost from weather related disasters from 1980 to 1990 ($82 Billion). Researchers from the Worldwatch Institute and Munich Re blame deforestation and climate change from Earth warming for much of the loss. The previous one year record was $90 Billion in 1996. Source – Associated Press, November 28,1998. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels to meet some of our energy needs reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. When solar energy displaces other energy sources with higher emissions levels, it produces a benefit in the form of reduced emissions of pollutants.
Q:what are some cool things to put in a tree house?
Hey, firstly this is a very broad question and I'm not quite sure where to start but here goes. There are several different types of generators, petrol are the cheapest (you could get a cheap one for $500-800) this is probably all you would require for a tree house. Diesel generators are more expensive but they are more reliable and diesel fuel does not deteriorate over time as petrol does. (I know this is too much information) For a 15 year old I would suggest: Plenty of couches, chairs beanbags etc. A easy way to get into the tree house, stairs around the trunk for example. A swing down from the tree house. If you have a pool or a trampoline you get organize so you could jump from a low platform.
Q:Fuel Oil Generator w/ diesel backup 150~250 Kw?
What the heck is the question?!
Q:How is solar power obtained for a 220 waterwell pump?
i know you are interested in producing solar energy. I'm going to be your solar mentor and show you step-by-step how to make a solar panel. I'll also teach you my other secrets to renewable energy in an easy to follow format. Did you know? A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 30 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000?
Q:El.-Generator (asynchron)?
Because it lacks a separate field circuit, an induction generator cannot produce reactive power. In fact, it consumes reactive power, and an external source of reactive power must be connected to it at all times [1]. So you are right that you will need a three-phase capacitor bank at the output terminals (delta-connected). How to size the capacitors? That depends on a few things. Namely what kind of loads are going to be attached to it. I presume this is going to be an emergency generator operating alone (most induction generators are used this way nowadays). In that case, your capacitor bank will need to account for the generator consuming reactive power and the loads consuming reactive power. So, if you know what you are going to connect to the generator, figure up an estimate of the total reactive power of your loads. Then estimate how much reactive power your generator consumes (not sure how to do this; maybe estimate from your 7.5kW and 9.4kVA ratings?). Finally, to size your capacitors equate the total power consumed by gen and loads to this formula: estimated_3phase_power_consumed 3*(line-to-line_volt)^2/X where X 1/(2*pi*freq*C) Solve for C and there you go. My source indicates that the output voltage for an induction generator can vary quite a bit with varying inductive load, so bear that in mind and maybe oversize the caps a bit. Also, the types of capacitors should be able to withstand AC obviously and be rated within your expected operating temp, etc, etc. Good luck.
Q:What are some advantages and disadvantages for nuclear fission?
Advantages: does not release greenhouse gases, requires little fuel, fuel source is extremely abundant (there is more energy in recoverable and fertile thorium that in all other source of energy combined, except for hydrogen fusion, which we do not know how to do yet) Disadvantage: delicate to implement, can be missused to produce nuclear weapons components, leaves radioactive waste that remain radioactive for centuries and millenias, scares people and is thus costly to build because of all the multiple redundancy safety systems. You're felcome

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