250KVA Cummins Diesel Generator set as Standby power

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1. Specification of genset
Gensets modelKH-200GF
Prime power250KVA/200KW
Rated Voltage400/240V
Rated frequency(HZ)50
Rated Speed 1500rpm
Power Factor(COS¢)0.8(lagging)
Dimensions(mm) (L×W×H)3330x1450x1950
Net Weight(kg)3200
2. Specification of diesel engine
Engine brandCummins
Engine model6LTAA8.9-G2
Number of Cylinders6
Cylinder arrangementVertical in-line
Cycle Four stroke
Fuel SystemP7100 type fuel pump
Bore×Stroke (mm×mm)114 x 135
Displacement (Liter)8.9
Compression Ratio16.0:1
Speed GovernorElectronic
Cooling SystemForced Water Cooling Cycle
Total lubrication system capacity (L)27.6
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load (L/H)32
Starting MethodDC24V electrical starting
3. Specification of alternator
Alternator brandStamford
Alternator modelUCI274K
Number of Phase3
Connecting Type3 Phase and 4 Wires
Number of Bearing1
Protection GradeIP23
Exciter TypeBrushless ,Self-exciting, AVR automatic voltage regulating,100% Copper winding wire
Insulation ClassH
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)≤50
Voltage Regulation, Steady State≤±1%
Transient State Voltage≤-15%~+20%
4. The components of the generator set
1)Cummins engine              2)Stamford alternator        3)AMF control panel                                      4)Soundproof canopy with base fuel tank
5.General Features: 
●Cummins Engine 
● Radiator 40℃ max, fans are driven by Belt, with safety guard
● 12V charger alternator
● Stamford Alternator 
● Absorber 
● Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter
● Main line circuit breaker
● Standard control panel 
● Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphone, flange, muffler  
●12V*2 batteries, rack and cable  
● User manual
6. Specification of control Panel(with (with GU620A controller)
The control panel is AMF control panel, with the display of voltage,current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure. The genset with low oil pressure、high water temperature、over speed、over load protection function.
The features of GU620A controller:
GU620A is a new generation Automatic control module for single Genset, which adopts bran-new
outline configuration, focus on the requirements of customers, and perfectly improves the performance of controller. It fully meets the auto control requirements of different kinds of Genset for user or special assembly factory.
The module also monitors and protects the engine, indicating operational status, fault conditions and
metering on the front panel LCD and LED’s. 
• True RMS measure of voltage and current.
• Multi-Language menu.
• 128 x 64 pixel LCD display.
• 4 analog inputs for kinds of optional sensors that can be used for measuring oil pressure, coolant
temperature, fuel level and so on; parameters can be configured by user.
• More outputs of configurable auxiliary control relays.
• More configurable isolated digital inputs.
• Buttons on control panel are used for selecting control modes, starting and stopping the operating
procedure, displaying data and modifying the parameters. LED indicators are used for indicating
the operation mode of controller and the running status of Genset, and LCD displays each
measuring parameter and status.
• Flexible equipped with RS485, RS232 and USB, realizing remote monitor; or communicated with
PC, fully realizing functions of remote signaling, telemetering and remote control, can read and set
the running parameters of controller.
• With GPRS-DTU or Ethernet-DTU for remote communication instead of RS485, RS232, or USB
port for remote communication.
• Optional CANbus, read and control the parameters for ECU engine.
• All connections of the controller are by secure plug and socket, for ease and convenience to connect, move, maintain and replace the device.
Pls check the following picture (AMF control panel):

Q:Also Onan generator Diesel Fuel filter# 149-2513 ?Also Onan generator Air filter#140-2897 ?
napa gold 1064 for an oil filter or Wix 1334 (replacement for the Onan filter) and Onan 122-0833 are physically the same. fuel filter 3063 napa I'm having trouble with the air cleaner
Q:I live in a remote location and my power bill is just ridiculously expensive -- I did the math and it seems like it'll be way cheaper for me to use my solar panel (which currently supplies DC power to a few parts of the house) and a diesel/oil/propane generator (which I have yet to purchase), and just cut off all mains power.Question is, which of these configurations is better?1)-Solar panel-DC generator-Large battery bank-High-wattage inverterResult: AC power throughout the house, using both solar panel and generator to charge the batteries as needed2)-Solar panel-AC generator-Smaller battery bank (for solar panel only)-No inverterResult: AC power when generator running, DC power from solar panel and batteries (I use DC right now for lights and a few basic appliances so I can live without AC power)Or should I do a combination of both, like using an inverter for the solar panel to always provide AC power?Thanks.
u ought to apply it with out batteries yet u'll choose batteries if u prefer to save electricity for whilst there's no sunlight or in case of a potential failure. grid linked PV platforms would possibly no longer particularly require batteries, so as that way it is going to become greater low-fee. so yeah i assume u ought to do away with batteries. if u do choose a battery(for potential cuts or nighttime time) i assume u ought to get one in each of those united statesbatteries (120V in line with threat) ,the greater moderen batteries dont certainly choose that plenty maintenance. with admire to a wind generator, i'm no longer particularly specific, so i'm unlikely to purpose and answer that one.
Q:If a 13L big diesel engine can produce 400 hp at 1800 rpm, and a 7L diesel can produce 400 hp at 3600 rpm, but the 13L produces twice the torque, which would produce more electricity?
The 13 L of course, but in the case of a generator its usually limited somehow, also its more about fuel efficiency with power generation then anything, you want it to last through a storm or power outage for as long as possible and a 13 L will chug way more gas then the 7L, also what kind of engine are these a thirteen liter diesel engine only putting out 400 hp is a joke and it could go higher then 1800 RPM. So yes the 13l would produce more electricity quicker, but the 7L would be more useful and practical.
Q:I have a Diesel generator using leroy sommers alternator and which uses intelilite MRS 11 controller , it is 380 V , 50 Hz , yesterday i started having problems , after running the genset for like 12 seconds it shuts down and i get two error msgs the first one is : Shutdown Level for Phase 1 under volts the second error msg is : Shutdown Level for Gen voltage Unbalance .in the first 12 seconds the voltage on 3 phases got no problem and after 12 seconds the generator auto shuts down and i cannot seem the find the problem , any help will be appreciated
As a rule of thumb, the first alarm is the one which triggers the rest, so, concentrate on that one. If you have only one phase with a low voltage alarm, a) there is a short somewhere on that phase. Check the phase currents before shut down. If everything looks ok , probably a generator winding is shorted. b) Check the phase voltages before shut down, if everything looks ok, the relay is faulty, have it checked. -
Q:What is the most important parameter of diesel generator?
Rated power (PE): refers to the diesel generator set rated output in the case of the maximum power output, the unit is kW (kw) or MW (MW)
Q:I have to distinct between these generator. Do any website provide detail of all type of generator for purpose of study? My main intention is how to differentiate mobile generator from others.
There is no significant difference. Any generator suitable for one of these uses could be used without change for any of the others. The term standby generator usually implies a machine which is too large to be easily moved.
Q:Ford fomoco four cylinder diesel engine with a symes pump ( i think ) is there anyone out there who knows anything at all about them or has found a web site or knows anywhere to get parts or has any engine numbers i would be very great-full.
Sounds like a ford industrial unit. There SHOULD be a number or number plate somewhere on the block, generator, and/or frame. A possible search, assuming it is a generator unit, would be the GENERATOR manufacturer.
Q:Can anyone help me figure out where I can find a diesel motor that can be used in a motorcycle? Can I take the motor out of a diesel generator or should I buy a new/used one made specifically for a motorcycle?
The military has some Kawasaki KLR 650's converted to diesel, try hunting for one of them at army surplus stores. You do realize that bio-diesel takes more energy to produce than gasoline right? That's why it has been abandoned as an alternative fuel. But by all means go ahead, a diesel bike would be cool!
Q:has there been any long term tests on the effects on the engine from running it on hydrogen produced from a hydrogen generator and your ordinary gasoline/Diesel?also has anyone attempted to hook a hydrogen/H2O/Brown's gas generator up to a actual diesel generator like wisperwatt or any kind of diesel generator?any help would be great thanks!
It okorder
Q:If I am living alone in a studio. Any help appreciated :)
if your home more than normal and or not conscious about your usage (keeping lights/tv on, leaving things plugged in, using your AC a lot, keeping fans onyou get the picture) it could be as high as $200 but since i'm assuming your working to live there you'll be gone most of the day so it could be as low as $90 to $150. It just all depends on your usage.

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