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Q:Why every two hours my electric Generator turns off alone?!?
REASONS FOR PERKINS GENERATORS TO SHUT DOWN (according to Ehow): 1. Not putting out correct voltage (too high or too low). 2. Wrong frequency 3. Wrong speed 4. Wrong oil pressure (too high or too low). ///////// Other sources of failure: High current, battery won't charge, speed sensor not working,
Q:Quiete Generator in the balcony?
It sounds like a really bad idea. Not just noise-wise, but storing petrol or diesel in your apartment is a significant fire risk and possibly breach of your tenancy/lease agreement or giving an insurance company a let-out in the event of fire. Are you sure you don't mean 700va ? this is about the smallest, quietest generator.
Q:Will Hydrogen Generator work for diesel engines. How does the valves and cyclinders get lubed.?
I'd suggest that you learn how a diesel works before you damage something. Note that the fuel is only introduced into the combustion chamber at the top of the compression stroke. They do this on purpose, because if any sort of fuel gas was in the cylinder during the compression stroke it would detonate before the piston reached the top of its stroke. This happens frequently enough in a regular gasoline engine to have a name: engine knock, and it wrecks the engine. Note that the 'cooking oil' you speak of is not there to lubricate the engine: it's the fuel. The lubrication is provided by the motor oil in the crankcase, and I do hope you've changed yours lately.
Q:What kind of fuel does a honda generator use?
Kind of depends on the actual generator you are buying. MOST generators will run on regular gasoline. Your owner's manual will tell you the proper type Other types of fuels generators can run on: 2:1 stroke engine requires a mixture of oil and gas. Diesel Gasoline, Propane, Natural gas.
Q:what's the 1 step in diesel generator while we just switch on ?
I am trying to figure out what you are asking? Step 1 is guess is to press start? What are you looking for? One last guess,, did it start?
Q:What type of diesel engine diesel
Temperature 0 degrees - minus 10 degrees with -10# diesel.
Q:Does the diesel generator work with all power or according to load?
according to load. It typically measured output voltage and adjusts throttle to reach an aim voltage. When output voltage drops due to load, it indirectly increases throttle.
Q:Generator engine parts?
Sounds like a ford industrial unit. There SHOULD be a number or number plate somewhere on the block, generator, and/or frame. A possible search, assuming it is a generator unit, would be the GENERATOR manufacturer.
Q:I want to start a web host!?
You should consider a data center if you are going to do anything more than low traffic personal web pages and brochure-ware web pages. Data centers provide more reliable connectivity with a massive economy of scale. They also provide physical security, cooling, and power reliability you would not be able to achieve as economically. While you will eventually want to own the hardware, starting out you may not have the volume to justify it. How dose the cash flow series of buying compare to leasing at the beginning of your business? Depending on where you add value it may even be worth while to start as a reseller. Before you decide to host locally talk to your telco about leased lines, Service Level Agreements, and minimum committed bit rates. I hope this helps.
Q:how can we set the timing of QSX15G8 cummins diesel engine?
Not really an answer, but I would assume just like on a regular diesel engine, so you could ask a diesel engine mechanic or ask Cummins directly, because I'm coming up with mostly misses on trying to find exactly hot to set timing on that particular engine and I assume it's on/for a generator?

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