Soundproof Enclosure Cummins Generator 300K Watt

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China Main Port
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1 Set set
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20 Sets per Month set/month
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Technical Parameter





Generator Power






Control Panel




Standby Power

Pirme power














          HCI 444FS






     Cummins Engine

In-line, 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, water cool turbocharged engine

Compression: 16.8 : 1   Displacement: 14L





3 phase 4 wire, brushless, self-exciting, synchronous


     HGM6110 Panel


English interface, intelligent control and protection

Q:I would just like to know if this generator can run no veggable oil. It's the ETQ Portable Diesel Power Generators
Using vegetable oil as a diesel fuel can and almost will always cause some sort of damage in the long run. But to answer your question, yes it will work. You might want to thin it out a little with some kerosene or a little diesel fuel since vegetable oil is a little thicker.
Q:I am wondering did water go over these reactors, and if they did is that what caused the problems, and if not, what in fact really happened?Could the devastation have been worse if water washed over it?
It probably helped with the overall catastrophe. It wasn't the tsunami, or the earthquake that caused the problems. It was during , and after the shut down procedure of the reactors, they had explosions and loss of power, backup generators, and eventually battery power that there having to deal with. Overheating big-time.
Q:i am BSEE student, my project study is to synchronize the generator of an hospital, it have a one 313KVA standby-power diesel gen.,and three 100kva transformer.The generator system is operated manually and no ATS or UPS. one more new building is being build so the transformer will be upgrade to a higher vale.1)what is the new gen. to be buy?(rating, etc.)2)how i can connect the new gen. to the old gen.?3)what is the controller so when the new gen. attains its full load the old gen. will start.These is my title: To synchronize the generator system of the ____ Hospital.Anyone have a good title?Thanks.
The only thing I can think of is watch the second Thomas Edison Bio film and pay careful attention to when he is working on lighting up the city using his electric light bulb. He had to synchronize two generators at that point. I'm sure you can find the answer there.
Q:3 mi Island and Chernobyl catastrophies were also results of buffoons operating the plant. Is nuclear energy going to die because humans are too greedy, lazy, and stupid?
I okorder
Q:Hi -- looking for specifically Lister Petter Diesel Generator parts distributor in central Cal. Electrical parts -- cycle timers, a/c disconnects, etc.,. The main company (ListerPetter)is closed until after the 5th, and this machine powers my home, in the process of battery conversion project, and looking to finish this project between th holidays. THis is my hubbys endeavor -- I am just the messenger -- so I hope these questions make sense, please feel free to email me more details or anyhelp you think useful. Thanks everyone
Depending on where you live try the on line yellow pages. Especially in large farming areas, like Fresno or Bakersfield, Stockton etc. Their will be equipment parts shops that will help you find what you need if they do not have it.
Q:i have a 7.5 onam diesel generator that runs for 15 min and shuts down i get a code 33 (overheating)I change coolant,cap and thermostat also checked air flow Still no luck.any ideas anyone
This may sound stupid, but check the belt. Make sure it's actually on there. The Onan QD's sometimes throw a belt. I have seen them break too. Make sure that's on. You may have an internal water pump issue as well - impeller fell off, etc (rare but possible). Another issue could be a blocked radiator. If your radiator is blocked with sludge, you may not even know. I usually check various spots on the block, thermostat housing and radiator while running with a infrared temperature probe to see if it's actually getting hot BUT BE CAREFUL doing that because there's a risk of damaging your unit. That's actually a last resort thing. It may just be a bad high temp switch. But make sure everything else is right first. Full radiator, belt, t-stat (you already did). Oh, I just thought - make sure you have the right temp t-stat in there. The one I have in the shop (1997 7.5 Kw HDKAJ Spec D) takes a 71 Degree C (160 degree F) one. Anything higher will set off the high temp system I believe.
Q:I am leaving a career as an aviation electrician after 23 years and have applied for a job as a diesel locomotive electrician with Union Pacific. I was notified about a skills test and was hoping to brush up a bit before the test. Which areas should I focus on studying? Also what can I expect on a day to day basis working in this field? And lastly, although I can troubleshoot and wire a jumbo liner in my sleep I don't have specific experience with large generators and motors. How will this affect me in the hiring process. Thanks in advance for any help.
Well, two others have answered, and I consider their reputation to be good. I do not have railroad experience nor have I ever worked for the railroads. However, you did ask what you should brush up on, so I'll use my lay knowledge. Just realize, I could be completely in the weeds with this. Chief skill - Safety. Before anything else, railroads are very much into safety. Review anything you can find on high power high current safety procedures. Brush up on AC/DC/AC inverters. AC traction is replacing DC in locomotives now to some extent. (More on BNSF than UP) It isn't clear if this is a fad or a movement in some views, but I think it's a movement. I could be wrong. You will want to look at alternator technology (as opposed to generator but don't ignore that), you will want to brush up on your power thyristor theory, AC theory, and computer control skills (most loco's have PC's on board. It isn't entirely clear to me at this remove how much of that is simply reporting (I suspect a great deal) versus control (I suspect very little - as evidenced that a loco will keep going even if the computer is totally trashed.) Study power factor and correcting it. (This is more a design issue than maintenance, but you may want to know the basics on how that works so you can keep it working.) Know how to affect the speed of an AC motor (frequency, number of poles), vs. how to affect the speed of a DC motor (voltage or current). Study back EMF and why that is important to a maintainer. (DC systems.) Again, I can be completely in the weeds here and giving you bogus tips. Use a search engine to look up Locomotive maintenance and the like. Final note: Railroads are death on any drug or alcohol use. (Rule G). If you use, don't bother. Some railroads will use hair snips, which will tell the tale more than 6 months back.
Q:has there been any long term tests on the effects on the engine from running it on hydrogen produced from a hydrogen generator and your ordinary gasoline/Diesel?also has anyone attempted to hook a hydrogen/H2O/Brown's gas generator up to a actual diesel generator like wisperwatt or any kind of diesel generator?any help would be great thanks!
you can win $1,000,000 if you can get one to work. There is a site that has the money waiting for you, have at. personally I'm getting tired of scammers that post questions pretending to be curious, but they in fact are trying to perpetuate the scam. Go out a do serious research from real places, not just testimonials which are lies from fictitious people.
Q:I live what i consider near a nuclear generating station in NJ.The site is Toms River Nuclear Generating Station, how would a melt down effect Rahway,NJ or the surrounding areas in general? How wide would the radius be? Or how much damage would be expected? Not stupid answers and no, You don't live in the ring of fire b.s. so don't worry about a tidal wave. Im questioning the unknown and the unexpected.
The answer depends entirely on the kind of accident or incident. It is not possible to predict without the hypothetical accident type, since not all accidents result in a core meltdown, and there are different ways for the core to end up in melt down situation. The danger zone also depends a great deal on the wind and weather conditions at the time and immediately afterwards. Obviously, if the wind is blowing from your location toward the plant, then there is less likelihood that you will be contaminated.
Q:I want to buy a portable generator for power-outages and need some advice on which to buy. I want to run: at least one refrigerator possibly a stand-alone freezerbasic lightinga few outlets a sum-pump. I also need to provide power to my heat in the winter Our heat is natural gas but it needs to be lit with the pilot light and I guess the thermostats need power. Preferrably diesel so we can store fuel safer. How many volts and watts do I need, what price range should I look for, and how many gallons of fuel would I need to be prepared for a good 2 days without power? Thanks- best answer gets the 10!
Your idea of a diesel is good. Look on the back of both all appliances and find the plate that tells how many watts and amps they use and copy them down. Make a list of what will be plugged into the outlets and if possible get the amps and wattage of those and add it to your list, same with sump pump. Now take that list to a dealer and show it to them and they will figure out what size generator you will need. Do not guess what size generator you will need, most underestimate The size and often by a large amount. Let an expert that is in the business do the figuring. Most answers on here go by widely varying assumptions and uneducated guesses, depending on any of them could result in your system watts being way off. You might be paying for a system several times too large or small if you rely on these answers. Either way it could get very expensive and wasteful.
Our qualified specialists ensure that strict standards are maintained for raw materials and semi-finished and finished products as well as prefabricated products. We are willing to work in partnership with our distributors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 10.00% Mid East
10.00% Eastern Asia
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Africa
10.00% Oceania
10.00% Domestic Market
5.00% North America
5.00% Western Europe
5.00% Central America
5.00% Northern Europe
5.00% South America
5.00% Eastern Europe
5.00% Southern Europe
5.00% South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO/TS 16949

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Foshan
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average

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