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Q:I want to start a web host!?
well if your starting a host shoudnt you know this? call dell there help da works ther lol
Q:feasibility of going off the grid?
We are off grid in ky. Look into extremely efficient appliances, led bulbs, passive solar as well as solar hot water and active solar storage. You ALWAYS need more batteries than you have. Increase insulation to decrease heat/cooling losses. Install a cistern with a large rainwater catchment. 2500 gallons is not too much. Purchase property that has a woodlot and year round spring. Best to buy the whole watershed to ensure clean water.
Q:Electric Power Generation by Diesel generators?
Here is a sample answer for gasoline generators to run a SINGLE HOUSEHOLD. Multiply the answer by 250 but just remember that diesel costs a lot more money. NorthStar Trifuel Generator — 614cc, 13,000 Surge Watts, 10,500 Rated Watts Fuel consumption is as follows: Gasoline:1.72 gallons per hour @full load. 1 gallon per hour @1/2 load. 1.72 gal @ $5 gal 41 gal $205 per day $1,435 7 days ($0.143 Minute) 1 gal @ $5 gal 24 gal $120 per day $840 7 days
Q:Why don't hybrid car makers just run the gas engine to power a generator at constant speed? More efficient.
Currently Volvo is experimenting with this idea, using the additional caveat that the car use rim motors to ditch the heavy and complicated transmissions. The problem is that you are limited by your motor as to power. Generally an hybrid is a large electric motor(say 50 hp) and a small gasoline engine(also about 50 hp(ease of calculations)). When you want to accelerate faster than 50 hp can provide, both engine and motor work to drive the wheels(combined 100 hp). The motor then can be used as a generator, as mentioned by other answers. There is limited space in a car, and you would then need a more expensive, larger, heavier (100 hp) electric motor if it cannot pair with the gasoline engine. This means more weight for the car, though some would be conserved due to simpler transmission design. As you probably know more weight in the vehicle means less efficiency, all things equal. I am thinking of trying a similar design to what you mention with a motorcycle due to it's smaller power requirements.
Q:Did The Tsunami Wash Over The Nuclear Reactors in Japan?
It probably helped with the overall catastrophe. It wasn't the tsunami, or the earthquake that caused the problems. It was during , and after the shut down procedure of the reactors, they had explosions and loss of power, backup generators, and eventually battery power that there having to deal with. Overheating big-time.
Q:1 mw generator head price?
Steve and Frank are nicely suited, yet do no longer incredibly get to the hassle-free answer to the question. the electrical powered company quotes you for the flexibility you utilize, that could desire to be billed in terms of Joules, yet isn't. that's billed in terms of kW-hours or kWh. If a a million kW generator generates that is max ability for a million hour, then it has produced a million kWh of ability. fairly trouble-free. A 5 MW generator will produce, 5,000 kW * 24hours * 31days 3.72e6 kWh, of ability in a month.
Q:How deep do US Navy submarines usually go? How long can they stay without coming up for air?
For the best answers, search on this site
Q:How to determine value of used diesel generator?
$8,000-$15,000 depending on the exact model and much more information. Generators have as many options as cars, and that is why the prices vary.
Q:Christian / Anti-Christian propaganda?
Here's okorder
Q:What is the conversion equation for machinery that is in Work Hours to Mileage is it Hours*2 miles?
Conversion? They are calculating two different things. The reason something would be measured in work hours instead of mileage is for the fact the equipment does not in fact travel under its own load or it spends more time at a stand still. Work hours tend to be used on a lot of construction equipment and other things that stay stationary for long amounts of time thus creating wear on the unit though it is not moving and adding miles so they use hours to calculate how old the unit is or when it needs to be serviced next. You can never get an actual equality from these two different units as one measures time usage/fuel and one measures distance/fuel if you were calculating to find a run time for example. ***additional*** There would be no equation for MPG that you are looking for if converting from hours. Are you looking for how much fuel is consumed over a length of time? That's the only way to calculate fuel consumption would be over time vs. over a distance as MPG is.

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