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Q:How to connect fuel line for a marine diesel genset for 2 ENG, 1 TNK?
If your tank has another port on it for a fuel line that is where you hook up. If not go to the supply line at the tank and put in a T fitting and then a shut off valve for each engine. Run the supply line to the generator from that T. You will also need a return line from the generator that you can T into at the return line from the engine at the tank. Many people that convert from gas to diesels run into these same problems. Often a fitting is made up that is put in the fuel fill line to allow for the return line. The generator supply and return lines will be smaller then the engine fuel lines. Running the engines will not cause the generator to start.
Q:Pros and cons of Air cooled Engine Vs Liquid cooled Engine in Diesel Generators of Higher Capacity?
Air cooled is simpler and cheaper. Water cooled can be longer lasting. If you planned on waste heat recovery , water cooled would make that easier.
Q:Does any one have experience with kubota generators?
Kubota diesel plants are being used more and more in industry, replacing some of the old standbys like Kohler, Perkins and even Caterpillar in lighter applications. I don't think you will regret buying a Kubota.
Q:diesel engine VS gasoline engine?
Diesel engines ignite the fuel by compressing the fuel to a point where it combusts, instead of using a spark like gasoline engines. That's because diesel and gasoline have different properties: Diesel isn't easy to ignite with a spark, but gasoline is, cause diesel has a higher flashpoint. So because diesel engines have to have higher compression, they have longer strokes, so more torque. This helps increase how much weight the engine can pull, which is why all tractor trailors, ships, or anything heavy duty has a diesel engine. Only ships that don't have diesel engines have electric motors because they have a lot ot torque as well, but even those ships have diesel generators. Diesel engines are used in VW's because they use a lot less fuel. Also they last longer because diesel helps lubricate the engine. So in regular cars, they help acceleration (more torque), fuel economy, and engine life. In heavy duty vehicles, they also help fuel economy (but still use a lot), towing capacity, and engine life.
Q:how much voltage required for electric furnace in steel industry ?
Arc furnaces are normally powered straight through a pylon connected to a transformer and the voltage is normally thousands of volts and normal takes about a hour to melt the bale of scrap steel before poring into a ladle
Q:What industrustry uses 2 cycle Diesel engines?
Detroit Diesel's (Penske) 53, 71, 92 and 149 series diesel engines are 2-cycle. Applications are primarily highway vehicles (semi-tractors), off-highway vehicles, marine and power generation. Electro-Motive's (Greenbriar, formerly General Motors) 567, 645 and 710 series diesel engines are 2-cycle. Applications are primarily locomotive, marine and power generation. Fairbanks-Morse (Coltec), although they no longer manufacture new 2-cycle engines, still support the 8-1/8 and 5-1/4 Opposed-Piston 2-cycle engine. Applications are primarily marine and power generation.
Q:How many miles per gallon does a diesel engine train get? (not the hybrid kinds, the old school kind).?
Try gallons per mile
Q:what electric generators can i buy for my home?
I'll assume you have a typo in there and you really need only 2 kW! Are you looking for something with 120/240VAC or 120VAC only? Do you plan to install a transfer panel or connect with extension cords as needed?
Q:How to start Coleman Generator.?
Generally to start any begin with (for gasoline engines) 1 put the appropriate fuel in the tank 2 open the fuel valve 3 activate a partial 'choke' 4 pull the recoil rope 5 let it run for a minute to warm up 6 move choke to off position(zero choke) 7 plug in your power cords as needed. If your unit is diesel or propane, the procedure is the same , with alteration for the choke, and possible 'glow-plug' heat for the diesel. If you have an electric start unitat #4 above, activate the start switch. Best way, is to locate that USER MANUAL.and review. PSan aid that never fails in assisiting a hard to fire engine, is to open the spark-plug and squirt a little bit of starting fluid into the plug-hole, replace the plug and retrythis can be done via the air-filter also.
Q:1,can you give details for 1000kva generator, how much get current.?
OK - You have elaborated - At that voltage you will have about 2400 Amperes. I P/E You have a generator putting out about 1 million watts. Divide that by the voltage and you get the usable amperes at rated voltage. Drop that to 380 3 phase Y would transformer. With loss through this you will have about 2352 amps. But the voltage has dropped from 415 to 380 so the amperes will go up. You will have about 2500 amps available at the output side of the transformer. Remember this is TOTAL amperes across all 3 legs of the windings. Remember that The Power is ALWAYS equal to the VOltage X the Amperage. If one goes up the other goes down. That will NOT change. Transformers are 98% efficient so you must calculate the initial loss through the primary transformet before you calculate the oiwer available for your main buss. If you have 1000 KVA before the transformer you will have 980 KVA at the out side. At 380 V, 3 phase you will have 2578 Amps. 980,000VA/380V 2578.94A OK So far? For safety you have to derate the system by 20% to prevent overload and burnout of the Generator or transformer. you have 2000 amps at 380 volts. That is on your main buss in the master control panel. You have a master breaker there feeling smaller buss lines. On each of these is one breaker per machine OR you can take sub feeder lines to sub panels throughout the factory. From these sub panels you can distribute 3 phase for motors and secondary panels for 110 or 200 single phase for lighting and hand tools. This is so complex and I want to tell you so much. How about I go there and do it.

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