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Q:How big of a generator should I buy? Anyone with any electrical experience out there?
Plugging a generator into an ordinary wall outlet limits you 15-20 amps of single phase power, or less than 2000-2500w. And it would only energize one leg, or about half the circuits in your house. You'd also want to throw your main breakers to prevent you from backfeeding the neighborhood and/or electrocuting a lineman. Overall, it's not a safe or efficient way to connect a generator. You want a generator plugin that will safely allow more power to fed into your house along with a transfer switch that will properly isolate your house from the grid whenever you want to connect a generator. As for sizing, you need to figure out what you really need vs. what you have, and for how long. For most storm-related outages, you can probably get by with a relatively small amount of power (refrigerator, a few lights, etc) for the few hours or at most 1-2 days that power will likely be out. If you want to cover longer outages or you have higher level of necessities, then you'll need a larger generator. Also, you need to worry about a fuel supply especially if you're planning for a long outage. Fuel transportation and storage can both be problematic, although the problems vary by fuel type (gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane).
Q:can I add more starting wattage to a small power generator by adding more starting capacitors ?
The old style, pre- electronic wash machines used that same principle. They had a relatively small motor and used one or two huge capacitor's to get the motor going. Those capacitor's save up the maximum amplitude on the voltage sine wave (120V) and bleed out the power when the amplitude reverses each 1/60 th of a second. You might luck out, but I'm not sure if the AC compressor motor is an induction motor like the wash machine motors are so check out how to wire the capacitor in the circuit first and if it works with a compressor motor. It should, come to think of it, a lot of compressor's have capacitor starts s I can't see why a refrigerator compressor would be much different. You did say the running wattage of the generator is enough to keep the fridge going.right?
Q:How is all the electricity generated that's used in ships, ferries, etc?
I know that on ships it is deisel generators.
Q:What energy conversions exist when popping popcorn?
Starting from the pop and moving towards the energy source The kinetic energy of the popped kernel converting to heat when the kernel comes to rest. The kinetic energy of the kernel from the explosion due to steam and the steam escapes with kinetic and heat energy that transfers to the ambient air as the steam condenses and then the droplets fall and convert kinetic energy to heat. Potential energy in the steam as it builds pressure inside the kernel The transfer of heat from the burner into the popping vessel to raise the temperature of the moisture inside the kernel to make steam Where did the energy come from to heat the burner? I will assume it is electrical energy created from a diesel generator peaker plant nearby There is resistance in the burner heating element that converts the electric current to heat. There is also resistance in the wires and transmission lines and transformers that carry the electricity from the power plant to the burner, which is all lost to heat. The electricity is created from a generator where there is an wire-wound aperture spinning in the presence of a magnetic field. The kinetic energy of the aperture gets converted to the electrical energy and sent out on the transmission lines. The kinetic energy of the aperture is created inside a diesel engine by connecting it to the crank shaft - some friction losses due to bearing surfaces. The kinetic energy of the crank shaft is created from an explosion inside a piston. The explosion creates an expansion of gases that push the piston, which spins the crank shaft. Some of this energy is lost to heat dissipatin and friction. The explosion was from the conversion of the chemical energy in the diesel fuel to heat. The pressure in the piston caused the fuel and oxygen mixture to explode. How's that? j
Q:We are moving to Oahu. What part of the island will offer the lowest electric bills? Any advice is great!?
Yeah, gotta agree with LT, we pay really hi rate hea cause most alla lectricity generate by diesel generator, and very spensive, plus the power company make lotta money too, ok? Gonna be the same any where onna all islands, for me, to save money we just live with what eva temperature we got outside, neva heat or cool house, just change how we dress, use ceiling fan rarely, open house bout daylite and let cool off, then close up wen day get hotter, got xtra insulation to hold heat/cool depend onna time of year(during rainy season can get too cool for older people, we just put onna long sleeve shirt/sweater, then no problem, and for cook we use electric, but go easy on that, like cook big amount wen we cook, then store, have Viking fridge and Viking freezer, but put them onna timer to run less during no use time, only open fridge maybe 2, 3 time during day, use solar panels for heat water, only use water heater wen we have guests, also use solar perimeter lite, that sorta thing, ok? Gas available here, but not much mobetta than lectric for cost, ok? Now, at nite we only lite room we in, watch small tv leave big screen off, and try to keep bill unner 800 a month, ok? Smaller place mean smaller lectric bill, but most alla place for rent hea not include electricity, ok? Hope this help, peace an aloha to you!
Q:Is it possible to see the difference between an electric train and a diesel train?
An electric train will have either overhead cables or a third rail which feeds the current to the traction motors. In the case of a train which draws its power from overhead cables, there is a device fixed to the roof called a pantograph which picks up the power. Typically it looks like a diamond-shaped frame or an angled arm with a bar on top which makes contact with the electric cable. Edit: Also clearly visible are the rows of masts and gantries alongside and over the track, which support the overhead wires. A diesel train is self-contained, in other words it does not rely on any external power source. Noise from an electric train is minimal. You may hear whining from the motors and a cracking or clicking sound from the switch banks and circuit breakers, but not much else. A diesel train on the other hand has a noticeable exhaust sound, which can vary from one train to another but is clearly audible and fairly loud, the exhaust is visible as it is expelled from the outlet vents, and the exhaust can also be smelt. The tang of diesel exhaust is unmistakeable. Other than that, the body design of diesel and electric trains tends to be similar, so in telling them apart you will need to look for the details as above. Edit: re Mitchey's answer, last paragraph. Mostly right, but there is one type of locomotive in use in the UK called the electro-diesel which can operate on a third rail system, or under its own power using a built-in diesel powered generator, over tracks where there is no third rail.
Q:Should I buy a home standby generator?
particular. incredibly costly. at the beginning they must have starters and the coolest judgment to fireside them up, at the same time with attempting back. 2d, till you purchase a monster which could run something you have gotten on on your place, you need to rewire your place panel so the circuits which you come to a decision are needed - like freezer, frig and heating would be on the gadget that switches over from line ability. and you need to have a gadget that switches over so as that a million. you're actually not attempting to feed ability to the entire grid 2. you're actually not powering lines that electric enterprise everybody is working on, subsequently adverse them. And in case you elect on the spot change over, it gets lots greater costly - that's greater fee-effective to place Uninterruptable ability factors on the few issues that choose it to hold on an identical time as the generator comes as much as velocity.
Q:Will the U.S. phase out commuter trains that use diesel and switch to electric trains in the future?
I'd like to think that the US will catch up with Europe in terms of rail electrification. Unfortunately it seem unlikely. As has been hinted, electrification works best when there are high passenger densities together with a high frequency service. The set-up costs are initially high, but the running costs compared to diesel are generally lower. Besides, an electrified rail network can be as green as the power supply it's hooked up to. Sure it could be supplied from a dirty great coal-fired power station, but there is nothing to prevent the energy being generated in greener, more environmentally responsible ways where such facilites exist (or can be provided).
Q:On modern Tourist Cruises, How is electricity generated?
Electricity would likely come from a generator, running on the same fuel which moves the ship. Diesel, bunker oil, or maybe coal. The bad of water pollution depends some on the kind of pollution. Mercury tends to concentrate as it moves up the food chain, until people who eat lots of fish become at risk for brain damage. Enough carbon dioxide in the water makes it more acid, which kills lots of things in the ocean and means less for people to eat. Lots of nitrogen (nitrates nitrites) may lead to overgrowth of plants, which then die and make a dead zone where not much of anything lives. Besides dead oceans not making any fish to eat, there is the possibility that a large part of the world will not be capturing carbon dioxide, which would increase global climate change (the greenhouse effect)
Q:how many litre of diesel is need to run an hour of generator in india?
Why would the numbers for India be different from those for Lesotho or Poland for a comparable generator? Beyond the size of generator you need to figure the efficiency of the diesel. A modern one in good repair will require less fuel than an old, worn-out one.

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