Low Voltage 2.5KWH 5KWH LiFePO4 Ultra Thin Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage Battery

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100 watt
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1000 watt/month
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Item specifice

Cell Type:

Essential Details:

Battery Type:


Brand Name:




Round-Trip Efficiency:



Natural Cooling

Cell Type:


Weight (kg):

28-46 Kg



Protection Rating:



15 Years


ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup / OFF Grid

Operating Temperature:

Input:0 °C to +65°C;Output:-20 °C to +65°C

Communication Interface:


Power Source:

Solar Panel, Grid

Special Features:

Internal Battery




Watt 1-S, Watt 1

Total Capacity


Cell Capacity


Nominal Voltage

25.6V, 51.2V

Nominal Capacity


Max Charge Current


Nominal Energy

2.5KWH, 5KWH

Dimensions (±2mm)

430*600*105mm, 570*690*105 mm

Weight (kg)

28kg, 46 kg

Enclosure Protection Rating


Operating Temperature

Input: 0 °C to +65°C

Output: -20 °C to +65°C

Round-Trip Efficiency



Natural Cooling

Maximum Number of Parallel Machines

Max 8 Units (5.3kWh to 42.6kWh)


RS485, RS232 / CAN(Optional)


ON Grid

ON Grid + Backup

OFF Grid




15 Years


Cell: UL1642/IEC62619/CE/ROHS/MSDS/UN38.3, Pack: MSDS/UN38.3

Packing information

Carton Packaging: 1 PCS a carton 

Carton Size: 697*247*795 mm 

Gloss Weight: 46kgs

4 boxes on one pallet 

Pallet size: 740*1110*945 mm


About 2000-6000 cycles, up to 10 times longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.

More Usable Capacity :  100% depth of discharge (DOD),25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries.

Lightweight :  Average 70% lighter than the same size traditional lead-acid batteries.

Fast &Safe Charge :  High charge/discharge rate, charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Built-in Protection :  Every battery comes with a built-in battery protection system.

Drop-in Replacement :  A variety of BCI standard sizes or custom solution for easy drop-in replacement.

Eco-friendly :  Ultimate clean energy, no gassing, no fumes, no pollution, on-hazardous batteries.






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Our company is a state-owned Fortune 500 company. We will serve you the best and ensure you the quality and warranty. We have many customers all over the world.


1.Q:What is your MOQ?

A:Usually it will be one container.Trial order is also available.
2.Q:Can you do OEM?

A:Yes,we can do OEM for you,just tell us in advance with the detailed requirements.
3.Q:What is your payment terms?

A:Usually for new customer,we will do TT or LC at sight.

Q:What are the technical parameters of the battery?
Usually the capacity of the power supply is expressed by kV · A or kW. However, as a power supply VRLA battery, the use of security (A · h) that its capacity is more accurate.
Q:How is the capacity of the battery defined?
100AH capacity of the battery, fully charged after the 100A current discharge can be an hour to put the power finished. 50A current is 2 hours put away! 20A is 5 hours! Of course this is the theoretical value, in fact it is impossible to have a constant current discharge.
Q:What is the meaning of the battery above 12v65Ah?
12V is said to be the voltage, 65Ah is the current. (A is the unit of current. H is the time unit .1 hours.)
Q:Battery 200ah / 104 what does that mean?
This should be refers to 2V200AH battery 104, power with the 220V.
Q:How does the battery increase the voltage?
With the same battery pack in series; if the required current is relatively small, you can use DC-DC module.
Q:What battery does the van use?
The most obvious feature of lead-acid batteries is the top of the plastic cover can be unscrewed, there are ventilation holes above. These fillers are used to fill pure water, check the electrolyte and the use of exhaust gas. In theory, lead-acid batteries need to check the density of each electrolyte and the level of liquid, if there is a need to add distilled water. But with the upgrading of battery manufacturing technology, lead-acid battery development for the lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and colloidal maintenance-free batteries, lead-acid batteries do not need to add electrolyte or distilled water. Mainly the use of positive electrode to produce oxygen can be absorbed in the negative oxygen cycle, to prevent water reduction. Lead-acid water batteries are mostly used in tractors, tricycles, car start, etc., and maintenance-free lead-acid battery wider range of applications, including uninterruptible power supply, electric vehicle power, electric bicycle batteries. Lead-acid batteries according to the application needs to be divided into constant current discharge (such as uninterruptible power supply) and instantaneous discharge (such as car to start the battery).
Q:How to determine the battery is good or bad?
Observe the battery electrolyte is turbid, turbidity that the battery positive plate softening. Observe the bottom of the battery whether there is sediment, if the plate off the battery capacity has been inadequate. Hand hit the battery two electrode piles If you hear an empty voice that pole pile and plate break. With a thick wire short-circuit positive and negative pile observation of the battery filling holes, such as the discovery of a bubble appears that the interval has been damaged.
Q:How to deal with waste batteries?
The old battery is ground and then sent to the furnace for heating, then the volatile mercury can be extracted, the temperature is higher when the zinc is also evaporated, it is also precious metals. Iron and manganese fusion after the steel to become the required ferromanganese alloy.
Q:Maintenance-free battery how to detect it?
Do not always check the color of the electric eye for maintenance-free batteries. Green for the full power; black for the lack of electricity, need to be added to charge; gray or light yellow for the electrolyte is insufficient, because maintenance-free battery can not add liquid, should immediately replace the battery.
Q:What are the hazards of battery over discharge?
Excessive discharge can seriously damage the battery's electrical performance and cycle life.

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