YANGDONG Series 8-30kw Diesel Generator Sets

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500-700 unit/month
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YiHua YANGDONG Series 8-30kw Diesel Generator Sets

Technical Date

Model: GF: Open type &GFS:
Soundproof /Silent/Supper silent type
Speed: 1500/1800rpm
Stamford /Leroysomer /Marathon/ABB/YIHUA YHG

IP &Insulation Class: IP22-23 &F/H
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Controller: Deepsea/Comap/Smartgen/DKG/Others
ATS  System: Smartgen/ABB/SOCOMIC /Others
Silent&Supper silent  Genset Sound level: 63-75db(at 7m side)
YIHUA  10KVA -40KVA  Series Diesel Generator  adopting Yangdong , Quanchai , Laidong engines etc

YIHUA YANGDONG Generator set Technical specification
generator set performanceEngine PerformanceDim.L*W*H
Prime powerStandby powerFre.ModelPowerFuel
Open typeWeightSilent typeWeight
KWKVAKWKVAHZ g/kw.h(mm)(Kg)(mm)(Kg)


1.Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A: 1-10 piece

2.Q: What is the lead time?

A: 25-35 days after receiving your L/C or T/T deposit.

3.Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

A: We can be your OEM manufacture with your authorization of brand.

4.Q: Where is your Loading Port?

A: China Port.

5.Q: What are your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit and balance T/T against copy of Bill of Lading or L/C at sight.

6.Q: What is your company's available production capacity?

A: 3000-5000 pieces against your orders.

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Q:How can I use my car's engine as a generator?
For emergencies? Yes, absolutely with a F350 Ford Diesel engine you have a great powerplant. Just buy a 1000 watt Trace Inverter and connect to your car batteries and you can have 110 or 220 Volts AC to power small items, tools, Tv and emergency lights. They even have a 3000 watt version called Prowatt 3000.
Q:if i become a diesel technican were could i work?
you could work for car Dealerships, boat service centers, commercial truck centers, heavy equipment companies, Family Fun Centers that utilize diesel generator systems (like ski resorts), and Power utility companies. All pay pretty well. The starting pay will be dependent on the state, job duties and the competition in the market place. The best pay will be in Heavy Equipment, Commercial Trucking, and then vehicle Dealerships. My Step-Son went to UTI in AZ. He started out working for Sea Ray boats, but the pay wasn't great, about $15 per hour to start. His buddy went to work for a car dealership and started making $60k per year and now is earning $100k per year after 6 years in the same dealership.
Q:What is the story behind the Diesel-Electric Concept?
GM's okorder
Q:diesel generator maintenance checks schedule?
Hi It is the same as a gas engine to maintain. Except for the fuel has to be water free. There will be a bowl some where to empty the water. Changing the oil etc. depends on how much you use it.
Q:What ways of transportation use electrical energy?
Subways, street cars, trains, elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, scooters, Electric buses. Most locomotives run on electric motors but they have a massive diesel generator built in.
Q:What happens if you put diesel in a generator that is unleaded?
Probably will not run. Diesel fuel will not burn unless under high compression and heat. That is why diesel engines use glow plugs instead of spark plugs and run a much higher compression ratio. Drain the fuel tank and refill with proper fuel.
Q:Why would someone say that a GENERATOR can run on BioDiesel ??
if it is a diesel powered gen set it could run on bio fuel as long as it has been processed correctly a diesel gen can run on several different types of fuel
Q:what is a the cause of a reverse power on a diesel engine power generator?
Reverse power shutdown, can be caused by to low of a frequency or hertz setting,below 60hz., for example 30hz., or cycles.It also can be caused if several generators are on the same line, and one has a much lower output,It will shutdown or trip off on reverse power.Hope this helps
Q:need help for safety hazard for diesel motor?
If I understand correctly ? You have a 12 HP deisel generator delivering 120 volts- mounted inside a structure 1 Make sure all belts and controls are propertly protected and filtered air is provided to the engine. 2 Pipe the exhaust through the roof and outside the building 3 Provide proper electrical wiring and fuses 4 Provide a fire extinguisher (corbon Dixoide) near by 5 Provide safety shut-down switch on corn grinder 6 Mount Generator as far from grinder as possible.
Q:Are generators or transformer or something else used above ground to power utilidors?
Utilidors is an acronym for Utility Corridors. This may be a tunnel system that contains all the necessary utilities to support a community, business of some other area needing electric, gas, water, sewer, communications, etc. These are found both above and below ground level depending on environmental concerns, costs, etc. The generators and transformers used to supply various points along the corridor and may be located above or below ground depending on design. A UG designed transformer for instance could be used below ground. A generator needs to be driven by something, gas engine, turbine, diesel engine, etc. these may be located below ground but it will have to have an external exhaust port somewhere. Hope this helps, Newton1Law

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