800-1800KW China JDEC Generator desiel 700

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This Generator powered by cooperating with AVL 

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Q:Why was there smoke comming out of a generator?
What kind of generator and how is it fueled? A diesel generator will smoke at start-up, and if it is an older unit burning old fuel, it will smoke in operation as well. That would be smoke from the exhaust. If you are writing about smoke from the windings - that is the generator itself - that would be due to an overload and/or winding failure, and caused by the system overheating. If you are writing about smoke coming off the engine - that could be from an oil leak, or debris falling onto the engine and being combusted by heat. Only the first of these is 'normal'.
Q:How deep do US Navy submarines usually go? How long can they stay without coming up for air?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How deep do US Navy submarines usually go? How long can they stay without coming up for air? I would like to know how deep US Navy submarines usually go, how deep they can go without damage, and how long they can stay underwater. How do they obtain fresh air? Are most submarines today nuclear or diesel? Why don't subs have windows? How do they get supplied? What are qualifications
Q:Remote, high altitude generator, 10 kW?
Well, okorder
Q:Which fuel could be used to power electricity on a small scale?
Diesel or propane are good for long term use on small scale. You want a generator that runs at a low RPM to give a reasonable longevity between rebuilds. A diesel engine with a large storage fuel tank would be the best for small scale power generation. If you have a pipeline source for natural gas you can run a diesel engine on natural gas or propane. What makes a diesel the best choice is that it runs at about 1200 RPM and will run possibly for years without a snag other than oil and filter changes. A gasoline engine runs closer to 4000 or more RPM which causes far more wear and friction and isn't good for long term use. Gasoline is far cheaper and good for temporary generation like for normal power outages. Natural gas or propane generators, especially ran in a diesel style engine, burn very clean and can be cheaper if you have natural gas pipelines in your area, plus you wouldn't need a storage tank for fuel. Even a 10 KW generator could go through 20 gallons of diesel a day, so you would need at least a 500 gallon tank to last a month. Pipe line would eliminate this tank and truck delivery of fuels. If you are looking at off grid power, like solar or wind, it is best to combine the two. Solar heating is the cheapest way of heating water which could be used to heat a house and/or bath water. Wind is the cheapest for DC generation of electric which is stored in big banks of lead-acid batteries. Using LCD lights and low power equipment will minimize the amount of electricity you need to generate and store
Q:how an alternator generates power?
The principles for power generation are the same for self excitation generation and permanent magnet generation. The only difference is that the self excited is more common and uses an electromagnet that gets power from the power that is generated. The principle is to change chemical energy into thermal energy and into kinetic enery. The magnet rotates inside three coils which induces a current.
Q:Where does yacht power come from ?? does it use a diesel generator ? or diesel engine?or batteries ? inverte?
Most non-sailboat yachts longer than 40 feet (and up to 300 feet or more) are diesel powered using one or several large Caterpillar, Man, John Deere, Detroit or other similar large diesel engines. A yacht shorter than 40 feet is often gasoline powered. None are battery powered. All large yachts have diesel generators which are used to generate electric power for the on board electrical systems. When a yacht is docked it usually obtains power from the shore using a large cable that connects to shore power supply systems. Yachts with sails usually also have a single small diesel engine that allows them to maneuver in harbors and other places where sailing might be dangerous or impossible.
Q:How to silence a very loud Diesel Generator ?
You need to provide a space with good air flow for cooling with baffles on the air path so that sound following the air path is absorbed. The walls need to be built with absorbing material between the inner and outer surfaces to reduce transmission that way. You need a good muffler on the exhaust. Unfortunately, all this adds volume to the generator. A properly sound insulated generator with air space maintained is likely to take up 3-4 times the volume of the generator itself just standing there - baffled ducts themselves take up twice the space of the inside volume or more. As others have said - inside is a bad idea.
Q:Know anything about Diesel Engines?
the worst thing for a diesel motor bore is for it not to work, but to run at a constant revs but the electricity is not used. They need to be loadedsay 70% and they will run forever. just stop them to chage the oil. note they cost a fortune in diesel to generate power.
Q:Is it possible to convert a diesel car engine to CNG ?
you incredibly choose a sparkling engine altogether, one designed to reliably run whilst offering the intense compression ratios like 22:a million mandatory to assist combustion of diesel or different oils. gas engines are purely sturdy for 10:a million compression presently. If the vehicle is already a ordinary diesel vehicle, i've got self assurance all you pick is a few further gas filtering to run on so reported as bio diesel.
Q:Where are diesel engines used in civil construction?
Just about every piece of equipment powered by an internal combustion engine found at a civil construction site is powered by a diesel engine. Things such as scrapers, loaders, track hoes, dozers, dump trucks, rollers, and even electric generators are powered with diesel engines.

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