Low Noise Diesel Generator Set 5KW to 12KW

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Product Description:

Low Noise Diesel Generator Set  5KW to 12KW

1.Twin-cylinder engine Air-cooled twin-cylinder engine has strong power, sufficient horsepower, low emissions and large-bore stroke, stable performance.

2.Closed appearance design, two major noise reduction devices: built-in soundproof cotton + carbon steel muffler, which can effectively reduce noise;

3.The universal caster is equipped as standard, and it is easy to move.

4.Full copper wire large motor Full copper wire large motor, with sufficient power and more stable performance; suitable for different harsh environments, quick start and strong load.

Genset Model

Low noise diesel generator set



Engine Model




Four stroke air cooling




Start system





Oil capacity(L)



Fuel capacityL



Fuel type





Rated powerKW



Rated voltage(V)



Rated current(A)



Power factor(cosΦ )






Packing dimension(cm)



Gross weight/Net weight(kg)



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Q:Any Air Conditioning experts out there?
I'm not an HVAC expert, but I am an electronics expert. the power factor caps are used to limit the huge power surge when the AC compressor kicks in. They do not give you free power or allow more load. They just smooth out the load to protect the genset. there is a saying in the AC world about ELI the ICE man. in an inductive circuit voltage leads current, in a capcitive circuit, current leads voltage. the compressor is inductive, so you add capacitance to adjust the power factor.
Q:Why was there smoke comming out of a generator?
What kind of generator and how is it fueled? A diesel generator will smoke at start-up, and if it is an older unit burning old fuel, it will smoke in operation as well. That would be smoke from the exhaust. If you are writing about smoke from the windings - that is the generator itself - that would be due to an overload and/or winding failure, and caused by the system overheating. If you are writing about smoke coming off the engine - that could be from an oil leak, or debris falling onto the engine and being combusted by heat. Only the first of these is 'normal'.
Q:Does anyone else see the importance of diesel engines in the coming years?
They've always been popular in Europe as they have ridiculous fuel taxation. And diesels have traditionally gotten better fuel economy. But these days with direct injected turbo gas engines becoming more prevalent the diesel's fuel economy edge is diminishing. Case in point, the BMW 335i and the BMW 335d. The gas engine gets almost the same mileage as the diesel as you can see here fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?a same deal with the MB 350 as you can see here fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?a Diesels are still quite important for cargo transportation, industrial use, and agriculture, as they have always been. But no offense, but if you're just now finding out about diesel cars, then you've missed the boat by a few decades, diesel cars have been around for a long time.
Q:Was the 9/11 attack staged by the government?
There okorder
Q:Home Generator Trouble!!?
What would probably work best would be to contact your local diesel engine service centers (Detroit Diesel, Cummins) That's who supplies back up generators for businesses, hospitals etc. They can also do homes. The price is going to be extremely high compared to the ones sold at home improvement stores but those are only capable of powering a few things and are intended to only run for a few hours at a time. The diesel generator could be built big enough to power your entire home for days. These can also be integrated right into the power board of the home doing away with the need to run extension cords everywhere.
Q:Automatic diesel generating set how much money?
configuration and power as the unit is equipped with a fully automated system.
Q:Industrial generators, how do they work?
You are asking about backup generators? They have a gasoline or diesel engine driving the generator.
Q:CAT diesel engine trouble.?
you are getting water in the combustion chamber you have a leaking head gasket or blown head gasket or a cracked head smoke coming from exhaust that is white is actual steam from 1 one cylinder there is where you problem lies and my be a bad turbo oil leaking from it and exhaust
Q:if a car can run on biofuel or vegetable oil, can a generator?
yes bio-fuels are capable of running generators, just in order to make it usable it needs to be subjected to a process of trans-esterification, this will make it like diesel and then can be used easily in the generator. it too depends from which plant u have derived the oil. oil from some plants can be directly used in generator.
Q:What type of generator do I need to power a 180amp mig welder.?
It will probably take something like 6.6 KVA's to run it. Similar one's take a 220 VAC, 30 amp circuit. The Model 180 MIG welds up to 1/4 steel. 6 heat settings and infinitely adjustable wire speed control welds a wider range. Max. output 160 amps with 30% duty cycle. Requires 220 Volts 60 cycle 30-amp circuit.

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